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The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free

Dan Price 06-11-2017

Although Facebook’s timeline cover photos created an uproar when first introduced, they are here to stay.


If you’ve failed to create an enticing cover photo for yourself or your Facebook Page, don’t worry. It’s never too late to start.

Lots of people use a photo of themselves or cool snap they took, but it can be any image you like 10 Tools to Create Incredible Shareable Social Media Images The web is awash with tools to help anyone create their own professional-looking, shareable images. Here are our favorites. Read More . It could include multiple photos, your name, your logo 3 Free Ways to Create a Quick Logo With Zero Effort If you don't have graphic design skills and can't afford to hire a graphic designer, you could use a free online tool to create your logo. Read More , graphics, or almost anything else you can think of.

If you want to “wow” the visitors to your profile or page, you might need some help. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to six web apps for creating a unique timeline cover picture for free.

1. Timeline Cover Banner

Timeline Cover Banner provides a vast library of backgrounds for you to choose from, but also lets you design a timeline cover using your own images.

You can upload your own background and photos and arrange them exactly as you want them. You can also add text, shapes, drawings, and play with your photos’ saturation, brightness, and contrast. Additionally, the app includes a tool that lets you seamlessly integrate your profile picture into the cover photo.


The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free timeline cover 577x500

When you’re done, the app will let save the Facebook timeline cover and profile picture as PNG files, which you can then manually upload to your Facebook profile. This is a useful feature – it means you don’t have to grant the app permission to access your Facebook account.

(Note: The web app requires Adobe Flash to run.)

2. Canva

Canva is a free-to-use app, but you’ll need to make an account with the company to use it.


Using the app is easy. To begin, log into your account and select Facebook Cover from the list of design types.

For a quick solution, select one of the professionally designed layouts. There are a couple of hundred to choose from.

The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free canva

For a more personal touch, you can either upload your own photos or choose from Canva’s library of more than a million stock images. When you’re happy with the picture, you can add effects and filters.


As you’d expect, the app also offers a wide variety of fonts This Site Has 50+ Free Monospaced Fonts to Preview and Compare The tricky thing about programming fonts is that everyone has different standards. Using this website, you can preview and compare the best of the best and pick the one that's right for you. Read More (more than 130), and the color of the graphics and text is fully customizable.

3. InstaCover

If you’re an Instagram addict, this one is for you. InstaCover lets you create a timeline cover photo out of either your own or other people’s Instagram photos.

The interface is simple and surprisingly versatile. You can decide to include only photos from a single user, photos that meet a specific category or a particular tag, or just mix up random photos from across the social network.

The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free instacover 1 670x328


Once you’ve picked your photos, you can choose between different layouts, change the background and text colors, and choose to include dates and number of likes for each photo.

When you’ve finished your masterpiece, click on Preview and see if you like the results. If you do, you can upload it straight to Facebook. Unfortunately, the app requires access to your Facebook account.

4. Fotor Facebook Cover Maker [No Longer Available]

Keen photographers and digital creatives will already know about Fotor. It’s one of the best web-based image editors Four Excellent Image Editors For Your Chromebook Do you like editing and tweaking images but find the Chromebook's default editor too limited? Here are some alternatives. Read More out there.

However, many people might not realize that Fotor also offers a wonderful Facebook cover image tool.

To get started, open Fotor Design (you’ll need to make an account first) and select Facebook Cover from the list of templates. As with the other tools we’ve discussed, you can either use one of the pre-made templates or drag-and-drop your own photos. You can also start with a blank canvas and build up your image from scratch.

The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free fodor 670x394

The templates on Fodor are particularly attractive due to their themes. For example, you can find an Easter- or Father’s Day-specific template that you only use for a short period.

When you’ve finished tweaking, check out the preview to make sure you’re happy with the results, then save it.

5. MyFBCovers

MyFBCovers is not as complex as some of the other tools we’ve discussed.

It provides lots of ready-made covers which you can use without editing them. Use the list of categories on the left-hand side to find something you like. Categories cover everything from nature and animals to celebrities and TV shows.

The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free myfbcovers 1 670x379

When you’ve found something you want, click on the image and select Click Here to Make This Your Cover.

The app will upload the new cover to your Facebook account. For that, it needs access to your account.

6. PicScatter

PicScatter is an easy-to-use collage tool Turn Your Wallpapers Into Collages With Wpmaker There are two kinds of people: those who don't care about their desktop wallpaper and those who obsessively search for the perfect one. Which one are you? Read More which can do a lot more than just create Facebook cover photos.

The free version lets you fill a collage with photos of your Facebook friends, photos you’ve Liked, or photos from one of your Facebook photo albums. You can give the collage a title, which will appear in white on black on the collage, along with the small PicScatter branding which is mandatory with the free version.

The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free picscatter

When you’re done, download the cover as a PNG file and upload it to your Facebook account. The app requires access to your profile to pull Facebook photos into the app, but it won’t post on your behalf.

Which Free Online Tools Do You Use?

Each of the six tools we have introduced you to serves a different purpose. Whether you want to use Instagram snaps, existing Facebook photos, or just start a new cover image from scratch, one of the tools will definitely meet your needs.

Now it’s your turn to add your recommendations to this list. Which online tools and web apps do you use to design a Facebook timeline cover for free? What makes the tool so unique?

As always, you can leave all your tips and suggestions in the comments below. And remember to share this article with your Facebook friends to help them design a stunning cover image too.

Originally written by Yaara Lancet on 17th April 2012

Image Credit: photocreo/Depositphotos


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