6 Must-See Exercise Videos for Those of Us Who Spend Most of the Day Sitting [Stuff to Watch]

Tim Brookes 13-02-2012

6 Must-See Exercise Videos for Those of Us Who Spend Most of the Day Sitting [Stuff to Watch] stufftowatch logoPoor posture, not enough breaks and sedentary office behaviour can all have serious implications in the long-term. Chronic neck and back pain, stiffness and general discomfort are common complaints in offices the world over, and can often be avoided with regular, non-strenuous exercises.


This week’s Stuff to Watch focuses on a variety of techniques that can reduced the chances of an office-related injury, a phenomenon that costs employers dearly each year. Of course it’s not just your employer’s coffers that take a hit – your mood, energy and quality of life Play The Game Of Life & Get To Your Goals With Mindbloom What exactly is Mindbloom? Is it a mind mapping application? Is it a goal-setting motivational tool? Is it a social network? Or is it a game? Mindbloom is actually a bit of all these, but... Read More can be badly affected too.

Sedentary Office Exercises – A Timed Routine

Taking a no-frills approach, this silent instructional guides you through just over 7 minutes of basic stretches that are perfect for office workers or anyone who spends extended periods of time at a desk.

There are 12 types of stretches in total, starting with the hands and arms and gradually working up to neck and back. The video tells you what to do, how long to do it and when to move on to the next stage. This video is particularly good because unlike many “office workout” videos found online, these can all be done without acres of space or extra equipment.

Tips For Better Posture by Vodafone

Telecommunications and ergonomics converge in these rather splendid videos from none other than Vodafone. Purely visual with the odd sound effect and some music, both videos identify common mistakes often made whilst using modern technology.


Sure, there are a few Vodafone logos here and there and the whole thing is presented on an animated tablet, but the advice and observations are valid and will help prevent injury, especially if you regularly use your laptop on the go.

Exercise Routines For Office Workers –

If you’re keen on taking your office workout to the next level (i.e. not just preventing injury but improving your fitness 6 Free Online Fitness Programs to Help You Get in Shape If the weather is bad or you're stuck indoors, you can use an online training program to keep fit. Start with these today! Read More whilst browsing Craigslist 3 Free Apps For Using Craigslist On Your iPhone Or iPod Touch [iOS] Craigslist first graced the Internet in 1995, and after exploding in popularity soon established itself as an online mainstay for the foreseeable future. 17 years on, and the service is still the number one choice... Read More ) then eHow has a few tips in this video. Using two additional bits of equipment – a stability ball and exercise tubing – the host explains the various techniques and benefits to doing so.

This might not necessarily be ideal for your day job but should work in most home offices and provides a way to improve your fitness whilst remaining productive. Of course, there’s plenty of other uses for the stability ball and exercise tubing should you acquire them!

Health and Safety Authority – Office Ergonomics

In Britain the words “health and safety” are often followed by expletives and general disdain, but this particular video produced by the UK’s own Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is quite enlightening.


It lays down exactly what to expect from employers (in the UK at least) and identifies common bad practices we could all do with avoiding. In particular this video demonstrates to bloggers, freelance writers Top 6 Resources To Become A Better Freelance Writer If you're interested in pursuing work in freelance writing, there are a number of resourceful websites that provide real world tips and strategies. Read More and anyone else who works from home how to establish a better working environment.

It also might give you an idea what’s wrong if you think your current set-up is causing discomfort or worse.

5 Exercises To Fix A Hunchback Posture

Are you already beginning to succumb to bad posture? In addition to visiting your physician, chiropractor or sports therapist there are a couple of pro-active exercises you can do in your own time, as shown here.

These stretches are designed to relieve tension in the chest whilst strengthening upper back muscles. Some extra equipment may be necessary but it’s relatively inexpensive and probably worth it in the long-run, should your posture improve.



Remember that a trained medical professional will always provide better advice than YouTube or any other online resource. Of course, that’s not to say these videos aren’t rich in useful information that we could all probably benefit from.

If you have any favourite resources for preventing office-related injuries or exercises that have helped you personally then please share in the comments below, you never know how helpful they might be!

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