7 Free Tools to Get the Best Keywords for Your Site

Dan Price Updated 07-03-2019

If you run a website, you are probably aware of the importance of using the right keywords. You need to know which terms and phrases people search for in your subject area, then tweak your content accordingly.


But how do you know which keywords to use? How can you find keywords for a website? And how do you know which are the best keywords? Here are several awesome free keyword tools to check out.

1. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner is principally designed to help users create Google ads that will find their target market.

However, because it’s free to open a Google Ads account and you’re under no obligation to buy ad space, the Keyword Planner is also a great free tool to help you optimize your site.

Head to to get started. Once you’ve signed in, click on Tools in the header and go to Planning > Keyword Planner.


Google has divided the tool into two sections: Find new keywords and Get search volume and forecasts. If you want a free keyword generator that’ll provide you with lots of ideas, use the first option.

Just enter a word or phrase and Google will return hundreds of associated keywords, along with their average monthly searches and competition.

2. Keyword Tool [No Longer Available]

SEO is a complex topic. If you’re trying to find the best keywords for your site, you shouldn’t only focus on single words or two/three-word phrases. You also need to think about the long-tail keywords.

You can use long-tail keywords to narrow your focus and target a more specific niche. The best example of long-tail keywords are the autocomplete suggestions you see while using Google Search.


Keyword Tool provides an easy way to search through Google’s autocomplete suggestions. The site also supports autocomplete on YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Apple App Store, Instagram, and Twitter.

The free version of the tool will provide up to 750 suggestions per search. You can set the Google location and language to find localized results.

3. Soovle

soovle results

Soovle uses the same approach as Keyword Tool, though the website is not as slick.


It is worth mentioning because of the sites it supports. They differ from the sites on Keyword Tool, so you should use the two tools to complement each other.

Soovle works with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia,, YouTube, and Amazon.

The tool is entirely free to use.

4. Google Trends

google trends comparison


Keywords don’t necessarily maintain the same level of traffic year-round. For example, people are less like to search for beachwear in the middle of winter, while the search volume for fancy dress peaks in the run-up to Halloween.

It doesn’t matter what your site is about; there are always keyword peaks you can uncover. Perhaps they’re related to a conference, an important day, the start of the sports season, the launch of a new product, or something else entirely.

One of the best ways to discover those peaks and troughs is to use Google Trends. To make sure and trends you see are consistent and not a recent blip, set the time frame to five years or longer.

You can also customize the country and whether you want to see results for web searches, news searches, image searches, YouTube searches, or shopping searches.

5. Answer the Public

answer the public results

Answer the Public is a unique long-tail keyword generator. The tool splits its suggestions into categories and sub-categories. They are:

  • Questions: When, how, which, will, who, can, where, what, are, why.
  • Prepositions: Without, near, to, with, for, is, can.
  • Comparisons: Versus, vs., like, and, or.
  • Alphabetical: The top 20 keywords for each letter of the alphabet.

If you are looking for a free keyword list generator, Answer the Public is a great tool. If you want to see some data and analyze your keywords, it is not as suitable.

6. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free plugin for Chrome and Firefox. It adds search volume, cost per click, and competition data to several websites, right below their search boxes.

The tool is especially useful when used with Google Search; just think how many searches you do in a day. If you can see the volume and competition for every query you enter, you’ll quickly start uncovering some hidden gems.

In addition to Google, the supported sites include YouTube, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and many more. The tool also supports some free keyword generators like Answer the Public, Soovle, and Keyword Shitter.

7. Keyword Shitter

keyword shitter results

Despite the vulgar name, Keyword Shitter is the best free keyword list generator on the list if you want a bumper-size list of suggestions to trawl through.

You need to enter a seed keyword and hit the Start Job button. The tool will not stop generating keywords until you instruct it to do so. You can download the results when it’s finished.

I let it run for about one minute and it racked up more than 2,000 keyword and long-tail keyword suggestions. Surprisingly, most of the combinations made sense in some context. The longer you let the tool run for, presumably the more likely it is start suggesting rubbish.

Remember, pair Keyword Shitter with Keywords Everywhere to quickly spot the keywords that are worth targeting.

Consider a Paid Option for Keyword Research

The tools we’ve discussed in this article are all free. But there are also plenty of paid options out there.

Naturally, many of the paid options have better and more extensive features than their free counterparts. If you are running a large site with thousands of readers, it may make more sense to test a paid option instead.

Making sure that you find the best keywords is only a tiny part of running a successful website; it can quickly become a full-time job.

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