6 Free Android Math Apps to Help You Survive Math Class

Dan Price 10-07-2015

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Jobs that are in some way linked to math typically pay more, are better for your brain, and have fewer potential applicants.

There’s just one problem: for the vast majority of children at school and students at university, math is a) very hard, and b) very boring.

So, what to do? Fear not! Android to the rescue! Here are some of the best free Android math apps (Android math games 6 Cool Math Games for Android Read More  exist too!) to help you survive math class.

Math Formulas Free

Trying to remember all your timetables is hard enough (quick, what’s 8 x 7?!) — so imagine how difficult it can be to remember formulas as complicated as calculus, the wave equation, or the Fourier transform.



Luckily, help is at hand thanks to Math Formulas Free. It brands itself as being perfect for “all students in high school or university and [for] engineers to look for any easy or complicated formulas”. Once you download it, it’s easy to see why.

It covers a wide range of formulas, including geometry, algebra, differentiation, integration, matrix, and statistics, and even includes a few “math tricks” to show you ways of simplifying calculations and remembering mathematical processes.


The formulas are all presented in a clean and neat style, making them easy to follow and comprehend, and the app also includes a unit conversion tool.


Mathematics Dictionary [No Longer Available]

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The beauty of the Mathematics Dictionary app is that it extends beyond the typical “pure math” terms and definitions to include phrases and meanings that are useful to students studying subjects that are linked to math but not specifically about math. Whether you’re learning about things as diverse as stockbroking or oceanography, you’ll still find this app useful.

The app boasts a dynamic search function (also known as fuzzy logic), a way to bookmark your key words, an offline function, and more than 8,000 definitions.

Math Expert

You know when a word is on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t remember it? A similar thing can happen in math — you can recall most of a particular formula or equation, but you can’t put your finger on the one missing term or function.


That’s where Math Expert steps in. Like Math Formulas Free, it stores a wide variety of mathematical and physics formulas, but unlike its competitor, it also boasts a special feature called “Tell me what you know”. It lets you fill in all the fields you can remember, and the app will automatically check which calculations are possible.

Math Tricks

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Math shortcuts are a holy grail, especially for high school students who are more interested in the latest soccer transfers and what Kim Kardashian did last night than they are in the relationship between a triangle’s hypotenuse and its area.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Math Tricks app has been downloaded almost 10 million times and has more than 100,000 four or five star ratings in the Google Play Store.


There are 23 tricks in the app and it includes simple addition and multiplication tips to more complicated stuff like finding the square of numbers between 50 and 59 and multiplying any number that ends in a one.

The app is also gamified – there are 15 timed levels for every trick with scoring based on a star system.


Calculators are either a lifesaver or the bane of modern students’ apathy — depending on whether you’re in school or a parent. I recall from my own school days that there was always an audible sigh of relief when my teacher told my classmates that they could use one in a test or exam.

In fact, the reality is that calculators are so 1990s 10 Videos Exploring The Internet As It Was In The 1990s The history of the Internet stretches back as far as 1969, but it didn't become popular until the 1990s when the whole thing became commercialized, ISPs started offering access, and the World Wide Web emerged... Read More . Smartphones are rendering them increasingly obsolete.

The latest fad is a photo calculator — and PhotoMath is arguably the best of the bunch.

As the name suggests, you just need to point your camera at a math problem, and the app will display the answer almost instantaneously.

It currently supports basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, and several complex functions like logarithms and geometry. According to their store listing, new features are being added with each update.

GMAT Math Flashcards

Despite the progress in smartphone apps, the truth is that when you sit down for an exam, you’ll still be limited to your trusty calculator and not much else.

That means that (unfortunately?), you’re still going to have to put your grey matter to work and do some revision.

One of the best Android apps for aiding you with that revision is the GMAT Math Flashcards app. It includes 425 flash cards written by actual GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) tutors, a range of questions and solutions to help you practice, and a wide variety of difficulty levels. It also comes complete with “smart algorithms”, meaning it monitors what you’ve already covered and performed well in so it can focus your revision accordingly.

Now you’ve got no excuses for failing that Monday morning test!

Your Favorites?

What are your favorite math apps? Are you studying in school? Did we miss out your must-have app? Perhaps you’re a parent who has discovered a fantastic learning aid for your child?

Have you used the apps we recommended? What were your experiences? Would you recommend them to family and friends?

Whatever your situation, we’d love to hear back from you. Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

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    My favorite as a student is "lalc" it's a calculator that works with matrices on androids