6 Deals That’ll Make Your Next Vacation Amazing
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Do you like to travel? Do you hate to travel but need to do it anyway? Today we’re going to look at six deals that’ll take a trip from average to incredible. There’s a discounted DSLR camera, phone chargers, battery backups, Bluetooth speakers, eBooks, and much more!

Pentax K-S1 DSLR Camera + 18-55mm Lens Kit & 16GB WiFi SD Card

If you want to take quality photos while on vacation, but you don’t want to spend an obscene amount of cash on a high-end camera, you can get a Pentax K-S1 DSLR with an 18-55mm lens kit and a 16GB WiFi SD card. You’ll have everything you need to get out and capture those memories.

It comes with a 20MP APS-C CMOS Sensor that’ll make your photos look great. It can also capture 1080p video, high ISO, high-precision SAFOX IXi+ autofocusing, and plenty of other features that you get with high-end cameras, but for a fraction of the price.

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Instead of spending over $700, you can get this camera and the accessories for only $299.95! That’s a tremendous deal that you just can’t miss.

Here’s everything that comes with this bundle:

  • Pentax K-S1 Camera body
  • 18-55mm lens kit
  • Li-ion battery
  • AC plug cord
  • Strap
  • Hotshoe cover
  • Eyecup
  • Body mount cover
  • Software CD
  • Lens front ring
  • 16GB Flucard WiFi SD card
  • LowePro Format 120 multi-device shoulder bag

Fuse Chicken Titan Plus MFi Lightning Cable

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Not only does this MFi Lightning Cable have one of the funniest names out there  (Fuse Chicken Titan Plus), but it’s also a cable that’ll take a beating. The 1.5-meter (~5-feet) cable is all wrapped in flexible steel, so you don’t need to worry about it ripping or fraying when you throw it in and out of your luggage. And more importantly, it’s certified, so you don’t need to worry about it randomly not working!

Instaread: Lifetime Subscription

Sometimes, you just can’t find the time to sit and read a whole book. Nowhere is this truer than while traveling. You’ll have a little time to kill here, and few minutes there, but unless you have a long flight, reading a whole book is unlikely.

6 Deals That'll Make Your Next Vacation Amazing product 13961 product shots4 image

That’s where Instaread comes in. It’s a cool service that gives you the important points of tons of books, so you can take away the important knowledge without spending hours reading. And, you can get a lifetime subscription for only $49! That’s a crazy price that can’t be missed.

G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox

This Bluetooth speaker is all about delivering thumping sound without wires. It features a battery that’ll run for about six hours, meaning it’ll get you through a day hanging out on the beach. It has two full-range speakers and one tweeter. It won’t sacrifice the high notes, but it’ll still push the bass you want.

Normally, this speaker would sell for $100, and it’s solid even at that price. However, for a limited time, you can get it for $79 from MakeUseOf Deals. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t give up power and sound quality, this is the one for you!

Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank

The last thing you want when you’re traveling is for your phone to die. What if there’s an emergency? What if you have a long wait somewhere and need to kill some time? With this massive battery bank, you can charge all of your devices multiple times over. And, if you own a phone with QuickCharge 3.0 support, you can fill them up incredibly quickly.

Part of what makes this device so great for travelers is that it won’t lose a charge even if left idle for an extended period. In fact, it will hold around 95% of its charge even if left untouched for six months. This means that if you forget it in your luggage and go away later, it’ll still have the power to keep your devices running!

‘ExoMount Touch’ Universal Car Mount

If you’re moving from car to car through rentals, or you just need a way to use your phone as a GPS while you’re in unfamiliar territory, this mount is perfect for you. It’ll grip to just about any surface and expand to accommodate even large phones. Oh, and it’s only $18.75!

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