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6 Apps Every Aspiring Poet Should Have On Their Device [iOS]

Dave LeClair 11-05-2012

poetry apps for ipadPoetry is one of the most beautiful ways to make use of written language. A skilled poet can take a group of words that are not at all significant by themselves and put them together to make something that feels like the written form of a painting. I fancy myself a wordsmith, but poetry always seems to be the type of writing that I cannot get a handle on. However, that does not mean that I will not try.


It seems like there is no hobby or topic a person could be interested in that does not “have an app for that.” For poetry, I was shocked in regards to just how many iPhone apps are available and how many different things they can do. There are apps for writing poems, finding words that rhyme, reading other’s poems for inspiration, finding writing prompts and even watching videos of people performing their poetry live. If there is something you want your iPhone to do that is related to poetry, an app can handle it.

Poetry Daily [No Longer Available] [Free]

poetry apps for ipad

Before you can write great poetry, you will need to read great poetry. Poetry Daily is a free app that gives you one new poem every day. It is a simple app that does one thing and does it well. You boot it up, read the poem and move on with your day. It features a wide range of styles and poets, so if you are looking to read a variety of poems, this app is a great choice.

POETRY from the Poetry Foundation [Free]

poetry apps for iphone

This is another great free app for reading the inspiring work of others. It grants you access to thousands of new and classic poems from your iPhone or iPad. Unlike the previous app, this one allows you to search and view the poems at your convenience. If you have a lot of time, and you want to read more than just one poem, this is the app for you. Some poems are even recorded, so you can listen to them aloud.


Poetry Everywhere, Free

poetry apps for iphone

This app is made for watching people perform their poetry. It features a large collection of poems in video form, ready to be savored and enjoyed. Reading poems is awesome, but sometimes it is much more valuable to hear the person who wrote the work speak it. You get to hear the emotion and feel what they felt as they wrote the piece. This app is a great option for anyone who likes to watch poetry.

Writing Prompts, $1.99

poetry apps for iphone

If you are stumped, and trying to come up with a topic to write about, Writing Prompts is a smart choice. It is only $2, and features well over 6,000 different prompts to help you get those creative juices flowing. Sometimes all a writer needs is that little nudge to get them moving, and Writing Prompts is a great choice for iPhone users.


RhymeNow [No Longer Available], $1.99

iphone poetry app

Are you writing a poem that requires rhyming? If so, you may find it difficult to come up with words that rhyme and make sense in the context of your poem. That is where RhymeNow comes in. Simply type in a word, and it will show you a huge list of words that rhyme with it. If you are in a rhyming pinch, this is a necessary application.

This app would also be useful for songwriters and rappers, as they often need to find words that rhyme.

PortaPoet, $2.99

poetry apps for ipad


This is the app you will come to when you want to write your poems. It has everything a poet needs to write quality poetry from their iPhone or iPad. It is $3, and is well worth it if you want to write poetry from your iOS device. It helps you rhyme words, count syllables and even lets you share your work with others. It is one of the nicest looking, easiest to use poetry apps available on iOS.


With these apps, you will be ready to take the poetry world by storm. They will help you read others poetry and write your own. Some of these apps are useful for writers of other types of literature and even songwriters.

What are your favorite poetry apps on iOS? Would you like to share a poem you wrote with these tools? Use the comments below!

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