5 Websites For Catching Movie Goofs & Bloopers

Saikat Basu 01-03-2011

Movies are scripted scene by scene and fattened with millions of dollars in production budgets. But just sometimes, a mistake creeps in and escapes detection. It could be an accidental slip up in continuity or something as “˜unpardonable’ as a gas cylinder on the back of a Roman chariot.


The makers of “˜Gladiator’ certainly made a lot of money while we made jokes. It wasn’t also the only embarrassing blooper in the movie. Now, you might think that I wasn’t enjoying the movie but was sitting eagle eyed to catch a scene gone wrong. I didn’t need to; because being a fan of the movies and a complete web junkie, I know the places to go and read up on all the movie goofs and bloopers that get made every year with each movie.

Thanks to these five websites that list movie bloopers, you will realize that even mistakes can become part of trivia 10 Cool Movie Trivia Games For Film Buffs Read More and movie folklore.


movie bloopers

A sample blooper: During the fight with the tigers, Maximus falls and rolls over, revealing Lycra shorts. (from Gladiator)

If it’s anything to do with movies then this premier site has to be head of the class. Each movie has a Did You Know section and one part of it is devoted to movie bloopers or goofs. Some movies (like Gladiator) have pretty long lists. Entries are labeled as Revealing mistakes, Continuity, Factual errors, Anachronisms, Incorrectly regarded as goofs, Crew or equipment visible, and a few more. Be warned that if you read up on the goofs before you watch the movie, you just might get hit by a few spoilers Spoiler Warning: 10 Spoiler Websites That Can Ruin A Movie Ending Read More too.


Movie Mistakes

movie legendary bloopers

This is a website devoted to spotting, collecting, and discussing goofs. It is also regularly updated, so you can catch the latest movie bloopers. The notable feature is that you can get to spy a lot of the scene mistakes in pictures instead of reading about them and then waiting for the movie to turn up on cable. The site doesn’t spare TV shows either. If there’s a page devoted to the Titanic, you will find one on Friends too (there are 980 mistakes in the entire show).

Slip Ups

movie legendary bloopers

The goof catching site has categories for movies, TV shows, books, and quotes. There are 14,000+ movie bloopers. You can contribute your own and even discuss it on the discussion board. Goof-also get rated by readers. The discussion board is a bit dormant now, but the goof-ups get updated by contributors. You can use the search bar on the top or go by the alphabetical listing. There’s a new section which has caught the gaffes in pictures.


Star Wars Blooper Guide

movie legendary bloopers

I am a bit of a Star Wars fan and so are many out there. The site is a bit dormant now, but when the goofs and bloopers have been documented, I guess it makes the collection of 200 bloopers from four (out of the total six) Star Wars movies timeless. The goofs are well organized with pictures and mixed up with loads of trivia. Unfortunately, the PDF blooper guides are no longer available on the site.

Bad Biology

movie bloopers

Inspite of presenting futuristic sc-fi flicks, Hollywood gets it wrong when it comes to science. Bad Biology catches these goofs and presents them using an alphabetical index so that you don’t get your scientific facts all mixed up. The list is not absolutely current, but again, you can enjoy reading about the howlers that you probably missed when you saw these movies the first time around.


What these websites show is that even blockbusters aren’t perfect. In fact, the bigger movies have a lion’s share of goofs to their names. But let’s not look them as mistakes. Instead, these flaws also have a hand in giving us lots more to talk about and enjoy when it comes to movies and films.

Is your eye good enough to catch movie goofs and bloopers? Which ones have you caught lately?

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  1. Jenniffer Eileen Vinson
    July 17, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    In the movie The Intern..... the scene where Jewel is teaching Ben how to do a facebook account.... She asks Ben who inspires him. He answers "Jewels Austin" after a few words from Ben, she responds, "I just knew that at the end of the day that a woman with a glass of wine and a laptop had real shocking potential." She does this while holding up her beer bottle of Stella Artois.
    That is a great line.... except she is not drinking a glass of wine but a beer bottle. Opps!