5 Websites That Alert Book Lovers About New Book Releases

Saikat Basu 19-07-2011

Any book lover will tell you that there’s nothing that beats the pleasure of browsing the aisles of a bookstore and leafing through new books. Discovering new books and new authors (and liking them) is akin to El Dorado for a book lover. But just like everyone else, the digital age has given the book lover another set of eyes to find out what new books are getting released and where to grab them. Welcome to the world of book tracking and notification services.


Today, we have social communities built around books (Shelfari, GoodReads Track the Books You Have (and Want To) Read with Goodreads Read More ), online recommendation engines (e.g. What Should I Read Next What Should I Read Next: Book Recommendation Service Read More ), and online retailers like Amazon which can alert you when a book becomes available. All of them have their own way of notifying you of new book releases. Some are tailor made around your interests while some are broad based with weekly or monthly newsletters. The five book recommendation websites mentioned below belong to the former and are like homing missiles when it comes to alerting you about new releases.

Track New Book

new book releases is one of those neat book discovery websites that helps the book lover stay informed with a timely notification service. You can track a book by its author, subject, or your own keywords. You can track books across all formats from hardcover to audio books. But it’s the option of Seed Book (beta) tracking that had me interested in their offering. Seed Book lets you pick any book as a ‘seed’, and then you receive alerts on other books that are similar to the one you picked as the seed. It’s great for stumbling into new books and new authors, especially if your reading habits are very selective.

The Book Discovery service is also a unique install that you may not find elsewhere. It’s a browser plug-in supported for most browsers that recommends books that are related to web site you visit. For instance, if you visit you can expect to receive recommendation related to computers. It’s not always perfect though.

Book Buzzes

new book alerts


Book Buzzes is far simpler than the previous new book notification website. You just have to log-in and then enter your favorite author into the Author text box, choose what type of book you’re interested in and your locale, and thus create a ‘buzz’ which will land in your inbox as soon as it spots a new release. The book title in the alert is linked to Amazon.

Any New Books

new book alerts

This new book alert service also follows the same pattern. You have to select the genres you want to receive alerts for, and then they come into your inbox every week. You can select multiple genres of course for the once-a-week alerts. You can also opt for a general weekly email that will feature a generic selection of the best new books each week. You have categories for Kindle eBooks and audio books too. Sign-up is very quick with just your email address.

Author Alerts [Broken Link Removed]

new book alerts

Advertisement lets you create a watch list of authors whose new book releases you would like to be reminded about. The site uses news release information from Amazon. You get the information on new releases via email or a RSS feed. Ten alerts are allowed.


new book releases

Wowbrary treads a different path by focusing on U.S. libraries alone. You feed it your zip code and the service lets you know by email or RSS about your chosen public library’s newest books, movies and music. The service is free and U.S. specific.

Alert and notification services remove the drudgery from watching out for things yourself. Book lovers have more ways to keep track of books. Here are two more for you to read –


The only thing you have to keep your eye on is your inbox. Let us know the value of new book release alerts amidst all the other book web apps you may have encountered so far.

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  3. Jon Lundy
    July 31, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    I have a new ebook release blog that is sorta a combination of Any New Books and Author Releases.  I don't have a fancy web app, but instead post lists of all books released in a small set of genres in a blog which can then be subscribed to.  I was attempting to replicate the old Fictionwise New Release page, which was far easier to use than Amazon for finding new ebooks.  (I use the Amazon APIs to parse out data).

    My apologizes if this is a spam comment, in my case I created a tool that fulfilled my personal needs.  (I don't have specific authors, but I want to be able to quickly scan a long list of all ebooks for the smaller number of books that are of interest), so I naturally think that it is relevant and useful for this specific article.

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  4. R Ze
    July 19, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    A site called Bookdaily should also be put here

    • Saikat Basu
      July 20, 2011 at 5:27 am

      I am planning to include it in a different article on sample books. Thanks for reminding me about it again.