5 Web Apps for the Online Business Startup

Mark O'Neill 17-02-2015

New business startups are starting all the time online, and never a day goes by without an innovative entrepreneurial idea growing from an idea into reality. If you are a businessperson looking to make it big, then the Internet is your friend, as it provides you access to a worldwide market, with minimal overhead costs.


The Internet also provides you with a multitude of tools, in order to get the job done. Here are 5 tools to help you get your business empire off the ground The Cynical Guide To Your First Internet Startup [Opinion] Are you tired of your job and looking for a reason to bum around on computers all day? Do you have a lukewarm idea that you're hopelessly trying to monetize? It looks like you need... Read More and into the Stock Exchange.

Count Down to Your Big Moment with Launch Clock

5 Web Apps for the Online Business Startup launchclock

If you want to get people interested about your venture, you need to create momentum and excitement. And what better way to do that than a countdown clock?

Simply enter the date and time for the launch, and it will calculate the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. And…’re off!

Send Email Newsletters Via Amazon with Sendy

5 Web Apps for the Online Business Startup send newsletters


If you’re going to build a loyal customer base, then you’re going to need to set up and maintain an email newsletter. But sending out emails en masse is a very expensive proposition. Which is where Sendy comes in to save the day, backed up by Amazon.

Sendy is software which you buy for a one-time fee of $59. It gets installed onto your web server, and the emails are then sent out, using Amazon’s Simple Email Service. Using SES ensures that your emails actually get delivered.

And the savings are immense. The site says that if you send 500,000 emails with Mailchimp 3 Easy Ways to Start and Set Up an Email Newsletter If you write for the Web, building a good-sized readership is a necessary step in boosting your online authority. Starting a newsletter is one effective way to go about it. Read More , it would cost $5,000. With Amazon SES, it would cost $50. No, I haven’t missed out any zeros there.

Effortlessly Collect Credit Card Payments with Payzo

5 Web Apps for the Online Business Startup payzo


One of the biggest hindrances any new online venture faces is its ability to accept credit card payments. Many banks charge a horrendous amount of money in fees, which makes credit card payments unsustainable. Yet everyone wants to pay with plastic, so what do you do?

Payzo is one option to take a look at. Setting up a simple payment page takes mere minutes (here’s mine). Just fill in the details, add a company logo, customize your link, and you’re off to the races. Feel free to whip out your credit card and try out my payment page. No, really I insist.

Receiving up to $200 a month is free, up to $2,000 a month is $9, and unlimited transactions costs $15 a month. So as you can see, extremely affordable.

Talk Shop to Your Colleagues with Pie

5 Web Apps for the Online Business Startup piechat


If your colleagues are stretched out across different countries and continents, then you are going to need a chat program. There’s always Skype and Google Hangouts, and the MakeUseOf staff use Slack (our Slack review Slack Makes Group Communication Faster and Easier Group emails can really kill productivity. It's time to put mail clients to rest and use collaboration services like newly launched Slack. Read More ), but if you are looking for something different, then there is Pie (which won’t help your waistline if you’re constantly thinking about food).

Pie makes a mini­ chatroom for everything you want to discuss. This can be anything from news articles, videos, images, documents, or what’s for lunch. The usual hashtags feature is present, so you can track conversations. What is interesting is that you can also invite other people from outside your company into a chat, such as suppliers, partners, customers….

There is also a Chrome extension for starting a conversation directly from your browser.

Start Your Own Free Curated Newsletter With RefreshBox

5 Web Apps for the Online Business Startup refreshbox


Going back to the subject of email, the hot topic right now is curation 4 Methods To Curate Your Way To An Internet Following With the amount of information online, it often becomes hard to cut through all the noise and get straight to the stuff that you're interested in. If you want to generate relevant content online and... Read More . This is where people cut through all the “noise” of too much information, and present to you what they consider to be the best stuff to read. This is the “curating” part.

RefreshBox is a free service where you can create your own curated newsletters for anyone to sign up to. They also offer a Chrome extension to make adding links to your next newsletter extremely simple.

So tell us entrepreneurs! What tools have you used to make your millions? Fire away in the comments.

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  1. Ankit
    March 8, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    Mark, good to see Sendy on the list. I absolutely love this software for my startup, it is saving more than $3700 per month. Although, setup is little tricky, I got to use managed Sendy hosting service form
    All thanks to Sendy and Amazon SES :)

  2. carson
    February 20, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    most of the animation software are on windows so you cannot discount that because windows is an open sources software. if you want an animation software on the mac then you need to do your own research on youtube look for mac animation software Reviews. you say you have used animation in school then look that animation software up.

  3. Doc
    February 18, 2015 at 2:34 am

    Any integrated "shopping cart/payment" systems out there for a shoestring budget? I've tested Volusion, work on a daily basis with BigCommerce, and am working with Magento; do any frameworks/hosted offerings like this include offer free/nearly free payment options like Payzo, or integrate with it?

  4. Erik
    February 17, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    Mark, thanks for mentioning RefreshBox!
    Erik, co founder.

    • Mark O'Neill
      February 17, 2015 at 2:11 pm

      No problem! I love RefreshBox! :-)