5 Ways to Make Use of Groupon

Ryan Dube 19-01-2011

groupon couponsI have to say right up front that I’ve never really been into coupon sites, shopping sites, or any other website on the web that is set up primarily to sell something. I really only resort to shopping online during Christmas to avoid the crowds. I rarely really find any deals that I would consider “amazing” online. Sure, you can save a bit if you purchase a computer or even a car through the internet, but usually those discounts are no different or more than you’re offered in-store.


With that said, my entire attitude toward online deals changed when someone recently pointed me toward Groupon. Groupon is a site that is really difficult to describe, because it’s different than most other sites devoted to selling you something. Groupon stands apart because it offers different things to different people, so I’ve decided to go over the 5 coolest ways that you can make use of Groupon.

Sign In & Instantly Earn Cash

The entire point of Groupon is more of a “group” deal than just a discount site. It actually reminds me a little bit of eBay because each deal is only up for a limited time. Once the set minimum number of buyers purchase the deal, everyone receives the discount.

groupon coupons

Once you sign up with your email, you can start adding friends. While I really hate referring my friends to any sort of sales website, Groupon really is worth it. It takes me a lot to admit that, but after watching a few of the discounts show up – I was really surprised by how steep many of them are. Most of them are 40 to 70 percent off of things like local dining, spa treatments, store discounts and a lot more.

groupon website


For every friend you refer and that signs up, you get ten bucks in Groupon coupons. Now, if you think about that, that means every ten friends you convince to sign up with you, that’s a hundred dollars just to get started buying deals on Groupon.

Save Money At Local Businesses

The part that sets Groupon above the rest in my opinion is the fact that the deals are tailored to your geographic location.  Of course, add in the excitement of a limited time offer (right down to the ticking clock) and the need to get at least the minimum number of buyers, and it can get kind of exciting.

5 Ways to Make Use of Groupon groupon3

This means that you’re not going to see discounts to just national brands or major store chains, these are impressive deals that local businesses are offering.


Save Money On Gifts

Once you sign up and start buying “Groupons”, you can organize those in your account under “My Groupons“. You can also purchase Groupon coupons as gifts and send them to your friends. The cool thing about this is that you can purchase some pretty impressive gifts but you don’t have to spend a fortune.

groupon website

Now, if you really want to offer your friends an awesome gift, then pass on the savings to them. At the bottom of the main Groupon page, you’ll see a link for “Give the Gift of Groupon.” Click on that link, fill out the details and the amount you’d like to give and send your friends a Groupon credit.

groupon website


Why are Groupon coupons better than cash? Because it goes further. Your friend will be able to stretch that $25 gift certificate into a purchase worth $50 to $100. And don’t be fooled by my choice of currency – Groupon is available in 35 countries across the world.

Use Groupon For Your Business

I think the magic that will make Groupon even more popular moving forward is the fact that it makes everyone happy. Obviously, customers that can save over fifty percent off the cost of anything are usually pretty happy, but the business model of Groupon is pretty impressive as well. Basically, businesses don’t pay until they get paid. When you sign up to advertise, Groupon simply takes a commission of the sale and gives you the rest.

Getting featured on Groupon is as easy as clicking the “Groupon for your Business” link at the bottom of the main page.

groupon review


Fill out the form and you’re good to go.  If you don’t have anything to sell, but you wouldn’t mind making money by referring folks to Groupon, then you’ll be interested in their affiliate plan.

groupon review

You can even have the color format of the ad match the theme of your own site. This is what the ad will look like on your site.

groupon review

What makes it unique and useful to your website visitors is that the ads will automatically check for the location of your visitor, and then try to deliver deals from their local area.

Access Your Groupons On Your Mobile Device

Using Groupons becomes a lot more useful when you can use “paperless redemption” to cash in your purchased Groupon using your mobile device. All of the deals you purchased are stored on your phone where you can access them quickly without printing.

groupon coupons

While you’re on the go and looking for local deals, just search for nearby deals using the built-in GPS feature – it’s a cool, fast way to save money while you’re on the road.

Have you ever used Groupon? Which feature do you use the most and did you find any impressive deals through the service? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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  2. Thiaghu
    January 31, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Groupon a great new site that gives consumers GREAT deals and sales on change, others stay the same for web sites, business social and daily life.

  3. Aibek
    January 21, 2011 at 9:21 pm

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  5. Michael Real
    January 20, 2011 at 10:59 am

    That is an awesome explanation on what is Groupon is all about. A lot of people does not know this and they are fixed into believing that Groupon is all about deals.

    • Aibek
      January 20, 2011 at 7:15 pm

      Groupon is awesome, highly recommend it to everyone, especially for those living in a large US and European cities. Lots of cool offers for those folks.

      • Tina
        January 21, 2011 at 6:54 pm

        I second that! I have taken advantage of several Groupon (and other) deals and it's not all about beauty, health / sports, and eating out. I mainly buy Groupons for activities.

        • Aibek
          January 21, 2011 at 8:21 pm

          Yeah, I was also referring to activities i.e. diving, go carts, wall
          climbing etc etc.

          The site currently valued at 17 billion! :-) Google offered them 6, they
          didn't take it.


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    January 20, 2011 at 9:52 am

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