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5 Unique Ways To Browse Twitter On Your iPad [iOS]

Yaara Lancet 03-06-2013

twitter on ipadAre you bored of Twitter? Do you find yourself scrolling through another day’s boring feed, wondering why you even bother? What if it’s not the content that’s boring, but the way you’re browsing it? When the service first emerged (only 7 years ago!) Twitter was mainly about text, and very little text with its 140 character limit. As it grew, photos and videos joined the fun, with built-in previews for everything from images to articles.


Nowadays, most people browse Twitter for the actual content shared, not for the witty remarks placed next to them. Granted, there are some users worth following just for what they have to say, but mostly, it’s the content we care about, or the conversations we have with Twitter friends.

Below are five unique ways to browse your Twitter feed on your iPad, be it through images, videos, conversations, or even color codes. Happy tweeting!

Twizgrid (Free)

twitter on ipad

I first wrote about Twizgrid exactly one year ago, and time has only been good to this slick image browser for Twitter. Twizgrid is a Twitter client based around photos, letting you easily browse images, and only images, others have uploaded to Twitter. Twizgrid is searchable by users, keywords, hashtags, and location, and includes several curated Twizgrid albums such as cars, food, nature, fashion, etc. When you find an image you like, Twizgrid becomes an actual Twitter client, letting you reply, retweet, favorite, etc. You can also create albums within Twizgrid for your favorite images, or bookmark images to view them later.

Twizgrid supports multiple Twitter accounts, and includes a tweet option which you can use to tweet out your own images or albums, or just regular tweets. Read a full MakeUseOf review of Twizgrid Do You Know How to Create the Perfect Twitter Post? Almost everyone knows how to use Twitter. But what if you're trying to kickstart a new Twitter account? What if you're trying to break into a new field and need to meet some like-minded folk? Read More .


Tweetglass ($2.99, iPad only)

twitter ios

Tweetglass is a full-blown Twitter client, and while it’s only available in a $2.99 paid version, it has some very interesting features that make the price worthwhile. Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep tabs on Twitter conversations? Replies to conversations appear in your timeline whenever they happen to be written, and while some clients support some sort of conversation view, it’s usually uncomfortable to use, if it even exists.

Tweetglass is all about keeping up with Twitter conversations, aggregating all replies to all tweets, and brining them together in beautiful threads. For every tweet on your timeline, tap and hold the user’s avatar to collect all available replies, or if this tweet is itself a reply, all parent tweets as well.

twitter ios


Tweetglass also comes with an image browser for your Twitter timeline, a feed made up of only retweets, list support, and integration with Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability. That’s on top of all the regular features offered by any old Twitter client. Tweetglass is a beautiful, comprehensive and self-sustained Twitter client. Once you make the move, you won’t ever need any other Twitter app on your device.

Flipboard (Free)

twitter ios

Did you know that Flipboard can be used as a Twitter client? That’s right, the popular free magazine app Flipboard that’s used by most as a news aggregator, can become your new gorgeous Twitter client. If you don’t mind giving up some advanced features, that is.

To start browsing Twitter from Flipboard, all you need to do is connect your Twitter account in the app’s Settings, the same place you add all your other boards, and tweets will appear in Flipboard just like any other feed you follow. Tweeted articles will look even nicer, appearing in traditional Flipboard tiles just like regular articles. If your favorite aspect of Twitter is reading recommended articles, you’re going to love the way Flipboard presents your Twitter feed.


twitter ios app

Using Flipboard, you can also view your own tweets, your favorites, your lists, only tweets that contain links, your mentions, etc. It even acts as a Twitter client of sorts, letting you reply to tweets, retweet, follow users, mute users, and share articles on other networks such as Facebook and Google+, or via email and iMessage. All other Flipboard features such as saving for later are available for your Twitter articles, and, of course, you get to enjoy Flipboard’s famously fantastic interface.

No Name for Twitter (Free)

twitter ios app

I’ll give it to you straight: No Name is not the prettiest Twitter client you can find. In fact, it’s not even good looking, not by any standard. But an app’s looks is not on everyone’s priority list, and No Name does offer some unique features that can help you see Twitter in a new light. No Name is a feature-rich Twitter client offering all the regular elements of a Twitter app, but includes a customizable color-coding system, letting you give every user on your Twitter feed a different background color. You also have full control over text color and background color for regular messages and unread messages.


twitter on ipad

The app supports multiple columns, but the interface is far from intuitive, so be prepared for some sort of learning curve when you first start using it. To me, No Name is unique not only for its features, but also for its bare-bones, almost ugly interface. It’s reminiscent of old Windows programs, somehow, and definitely has that nostalgic feel. No Name is completely free, so give it a try. Worst case scenario is that you won’t like it!

Showyou (Free, iOS 6+)

If you’re into videos, Showyou is an excellent way to keep track of videos posted to Twitter. Showyou lets you keep track of videos your friends like from all over the Web, helping you find the things worth watching out of the thousands of videos uploaded every day. When you connect your Twitter account to Showyou, you can start seeing videos tweeted by your friends and watch them from within the app. You can also share videos you find with your Twitter followers, and much more.

The video above is a little outdated, but it’s a good explanation of how Showyou works.

Do you use any unique Twitter clients? Do you know of a really cool way to browse tweets? Let us know in the comments below.

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