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5 Top Resume Builder Sites to Create Your Resume Online

Emma Roth Updated 14-05-2020

Applying for a job is an overwhelming process. Also, putting together your resume can make it even more nervewracking. Since it’s the first impression you make, make sure you’re hitting all the right notes with your resume.


With a few online services, the process becomes a lot easier. On the following list, you’ll find the best resume sites that offer a variety of professional resume creation options. Some of them also make it easy to share your resume with potential employers.

1. VisualCV

VisualCV Resume Creation Site

With VisualCV, you can either upload your information from an existing file or enter the information manually through an easy-to-use interface. The free version of the service gives you enough tools to create a single resume. But you’ll need the $18/month upgrade to get the most out of the site.

Upgrading to Pro allows you to remove VisualCV branding from your resume, get access to more CV designs, export your CV to Microsoft Word, as well as view advanced analytics on your resume performance.


VisualCV offers a clean and professional-looking final product, which you can send as a link to potential employers (as long as you have the Pro upgrade). The analytics that come with the Pro version also let you know how many times your resume has been viewed or downloaded.


Although the free version limits you in terms of CV designs and sharing options, it’s still a viable way to create a simple resume. The service also provides many example CVs based on the industry, so you can get some hints and ideas as to how your CV should look.


While it’s convenient to upload your CV rather than manually enter the information, I found that it didn’t map the information properly whereas other services are able to identify the sections and their associated content correctly. This means it will require quite a bit of editing on your part to fix.

The PDF download is also a useful feature, but the watermark doesn’t really make it usable in a professional setting.

2. Kickresume

Kickresume Resume Builder Online


Kickresume’s free accounts give users access to basic resume templates, as well as a limited number of entries and categories. When creating a CV using Kickresume, you can manually enter your personal information, or import it from LinkedIn. When your resume is ready, download it as a PDF.

For a $96/year or $19/month paid upgrade, you gain access to all the existing resume templates, unlimited entries and categories, full customization, an online resume website, cover letter options, and email support. You can also purchase a resume proofreading service, which comes at a price of $29 per resume.

Premium account holders can also publish their resumes online, choosing a unique Kickresume URL, which allows them to put their name in the link for a nice personalized touch. You can then share the URL with potential employers.


When selecting a template for your resume, you can filter them by profession. The interface is easy to use and takes away a lot of the hassles involved in creating a resume using programs like Word.


Kickresume also makes it easy to craft a cover letter using the same design as your CV. That way, you can keep all the documents in your applications consistent. US-based Kickresume users can also search for jobs on the site’s job board, powered by ZipRecruiter. Having quick access to one of the best job search websites The 10 Best Job Search Websites Searching for a new job or career change? Here are the best job search websites that can bring your desired job to you. Read More will streamline your application process.


The free version of Kickresume is handy, but most of its standout features are understandably reserved for Premium users. While you can filter templates by profession, you can’t sort them based on whether they’re free or not. This means you have to wade through a big selection of Premium templates that you can’t use if you prefer to stick with the free version of the service.

Some basic features are also only available as a paid upgrade, such as adding new sections to your resume, and customizing fonts and colors.

3. Canva

Canva Build Resumes Online


Not only can you create a resume from scratch on Canva How to Create a Resume From Scratch Using Canva In this article, we'll show you how to create a resume using Canva and make your resume stand out from the crowd. Read More , but you can also choose from dozens of customizable resume templates. This alone makes some consider Canva as the best site to make a resume.

If you opt for a pre-designed layout, you can just edit the dummy text and replace it with your own information. You can also add extra design elements (shapes, lines, icons, and more), change the background, and upload images.

Once you’ve completed your resume, you can share the link via email, or download it as a PDF.


Canva offers some pretty heavy-duty customization features that are simple to use. With a drag and drop interface, someone with little or no design skills can put together a professional-looking resume. You can also just use one of many great templates if the multiple options seem overwhelming.

Even if you don’t have a strong design aesthetic, Canva offers a lot of great features, such as font pairings and a huge library of free icons. While Canva has a number of paid templates and graphics, you can still create a stunning resume using nothing more than its free features, a rarity in online resume builders.


The most tedious aspect of using Canva is having to fill in your information. There’s no option to upload your CV or connect to your LinkedIn account, and there’s also no handy interface to enter your information. Instead, you have to carefully fill in the template as you edit it.

4. CV Maker

CV Maker Resume Builder Online

If you’re looking for a straightforward way to create a resume, CV Maker is the site for you. To get started, you don’t even have to make an account. Simply fill out a form detailing your contact information, qualifications, and experience. You can also opt to add custom sections to your resume or remove the standard sections by leaving them blank.

The free version of CV Maker gives you six basic templates to choose from. With a one-time payment of $16, you’ll gain access to the Premium version—the upgrade gives you four new templates, an advanced rich text editor, and the ability to quickly email your resume to a potential employer.


CV Maker is another service with plenty of robust, but free features. It’s one of the few options where you can download or share your resume as a PDF, HTML, or TXT file for free, with no strings attached.

It’s also one of the only services listed here that offers you Premium features for a one-time upgrade, rather than making you pay a monthly fee.


You have to manually enter information on CV Maker, which is tedious. Not to mention that there’s a “sameness” to the free templates, and you can’t make any major design changes even with the Premium version. That said, it’s best for quickly building plain and simple resumes.

5. Novoresume

Novoresume Resume Builder Online

Despite the fact that Novoresume is a freemium service, it’s still one of the best websites to build a resume. After you create an account, you can choose from several sleek templates.

You’ll have to manually enter your information into the template, but Novoresume’s fillable form for each section makes it easy. Novoresume also gives you the ability to save any entered information in the My Content tab, so you can easily copy and paste it into other templates.

For a one-time payment of $16, you can unlock the Premium version of Novoresume for one month. This gives you access to professional video tutorials, specialized sections, a full font library, as well as custom layouts. You can also use the Premium version to create a cover letter How to Write a Cover Letter Do you know how to write a cover letter? These tips will help you create your first cover letter that makes an impact. Read More to go along with your resume.


You don’t have to upgrade to the Premium version to get a stylish collection of templates and fonts. As long as you don’t choose any Premium elements, you can download your resume as a PDF for free. Novoresume also gives you helpful suggestions and revisions that you can view as you create your resume.

If you do choose to upgrade, you won’t have to pay a monthly fee when you get the Premium upgrade. You only get charged once, and it won’t renew automatically.


Novoresume only offers a collection of 16 resume templates, and most of them look similar in terms of design and style. Since the templates are optimized to make it past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you don’t have complete freedom over fonts, colors, and layouts that you’ll find in sites like Canva.

Which Is the Best Resume Site for You?

Ultimately, finding the best place to create a resume comes down to your preferences. If you want total control over your resume’s design, go with Canva. Otherwise, the other options on this list can help you quickly move through the creation process, as they offer preset layouts and convenient forms.

For even more resume-creation options, check out these free resume makers that will help your CV stand out 5 Free Resume Makers to Make Your CV Stand Out in a Job Hunt Need your CV to stand out? Use these free resume maker tools to bolster your job hunt and increase your success rate. Read More .

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