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5 More Tools for the Movie & TV Fanatic

Mark O'Neill 29-01-2015

With all the depressing stuff going on in the world right now — wars, economic depression, poverty, the weather — it’s good to indulge in a bit of escapism from time to time. The quality of movies right now is terrific, and we seem to be going through a period of great TV making. “Game of Thrones” is a series which instantly comes to mind.


But how do you discover the good stuff from the bad? How do you connect with like-minded individuals? How do you keep track of what you’ve seen and haven’t seen? We have discussed many movie sites 7 Interesting Free Movie Sites That You Might Have Missed What’s with the movies? Online movie sites may be bursting out from every nook and cranny of the digital world, but we cineastes never stop queuing up. Just as we have missed a few more... Read More and apps before, but here are 5 we haven’t previously covered, that you should take a look at.


5 More Tools for the Movie & TV Fanatic letterboxd

Letterboxd is a movie social network where you can say which movies you have seen, which ones you would like to see, your favourite movies, your reviews, and more. You can follow people who are in your Twitter and Facebook networks, and see all of their movie stats as well. This for example is my profile, which I set up a little earlier.

By being able to add movies that you have seen in the past, you can start to build up a movie watching history. Plus, by sharing movie lists, and watchlists, you are likely to discover new things to watch Make The Best Choices & Watch Movies You Love With Movli While Movli can't microwave popcorn, it can do something about your choice of movies. Movli is a personal record keeper of the movies you like, a movie recommendation service, and a social network. Read More .


5 More Tools for the Movie & TV Fanatic televisor


If you are looking for a TV recommendations site, then Televisor is the place to go. It has a search engine at the top of the main page, and you have to type in the name of a show. It will then give you similar shows. So to test it, I entered “Baywatch” (NO RESULTS!). Reeling from that shock, I tried the A-Team, Airwolf, Knight Rider, and MacGyver. Thank God they were all there.

Although their algorithm could use a little tweaking — when I entered the A-Team, it told me to watch Xena: Warrior Princess.

SynopsiTV [No Longer Available]

5 More Tools for the Movie & TV Fanatic synopsitv

SynopsiTV is another recommendations site, and despite the name, it also covers movies as well. It offers different choices, based on the previous viewing preferences that you inputted. The site operates on the assumption that all of your friends and family have horrific tastes in movies and TV, so the only person who can make an informed choice about what to watch next is you. It ignores all the hype about a new movie coming out, and instead only recommends stuff based on your tastes.


So you tell it what you like, what you hate (and rate each thing accordingly), watch trailers, and create playlists. The site will then do its best to provide you with viewing suggestions.

Cancellation Bear

5 More Tools for the Movie & TV Fanatic cancellationbear

I personally find Cancellation Bear to be an excellent account to follow on Twitter. Too many television series are cancelled before they have a chance to prove themselves, and Cancellation Bear helps to figure out which series are being killed, or which ones are heading for the chop. Plus I like bears, so it’s a win-win for me.

Note that CB is NOT a bot. It is actual people curating this stuff. They do a great job.


Anything After (iOS & Android)


We finish with an app which has found favour with my iPhone homescreen. It’s becoming more and more common these days to play a bit of extra movie footage after the credits have stopped rolling. But who wants to listen to 10 minutes of potentially boring soundtrack 10 Websites for TV Show & Movie Soundtracks Read More , only to find there is nothing there?

Or you may not want to see anything. So you perhaps should check to make sure if there are any unwanted surprises Spoiler Warning: 10 Spoiler Websites That Can Ruin A Movie Ending Read More in store.

Anything After is an app which tells you if there is any movie footage at the end of the movie. If there is, it is graded by the app’s users, telling you if it is worth the wait or not.


As movies and TV shows continue to get better and better, so will the apps and sites designed to track those shows and bring the fans together.

Have you come across any new great movie and TV sites recently? If you have, tell us about it in the comments.

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