5 Tools for Discovering Where Your Time Went

Justin Pot 25-08-2015

Have you ever wondered how many hours of TV you’ve watched, or how much time do you actually spend playing games? How Much Time Do You Actually Spend Playing Games? It's always surprising - or not surprising at all - how quickly time can fly when gaming.These tools will show you for just how long you've been playing. Read More Are you curious how much of a time commitment a particular book might be? How about a hike?


Today Cool Websites and Apps is going to help you understand your relationship with time Work Better by Understanding Your Relationship with Time If you're feeling constantly busy but never moving forward, it helps to take a few steps back and change the way you relate to time. It will help to define your life. Read More by showing you a bunch of sites and apps that help you find out what you’re spending that time on. Let’s get started.

How Long to Read This: How Long Will Reading a Book Take?

Reading is profoundly relaxing and strengthens the mind, but there’s something intimidating about a stack of books. If you’re curious just how much of a time commitment a particular book might be, How Long to Read This can help by estimating how many hours a particular book will take you to read.


The site first estimates how fast you read by giving you an excerpt and timing you. With this information it guesses how long it might take you to complete the full text. The estimates might not be dead-on, but it’s a good starting point, so if you’re curious about a particular book give it a shot.

Oh, and just a reminder: you can download classic books for free 6 Kindle Book Classics You Can Download for Free Very recently, we gave away a Kindle Fire, but did you know that you can start reading on Kindle right away without spending any more money? Fortunately, Amazon has provided quite a few classic books... Read More .

Advertisement How Long Will Binge Watching a Show Take?

If this makes it seem like reading is a time sink, remember: watching TV shows takes up a lot of time too. In our short guide to binge watching A Short Guide To Binge-Watching [Weird & Wonderful Web] Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video have turned binge-watching into a mainstay of the mainstream. Before you begin binge-watching TV you should arm yourself with some important information. This short guide helps. Read More we briefly mentioned, a site that makes it easy to find out how much time watching the entirety of a particular show will take. Whether you’re planning a marathon session or just want to know how much time you’ve already spent watching things, it’s a quick way to calculate things.

Just search for a show and enter the number of seasons – the site will add it all up for you. You can even add multiple shows, as seen above, to get a comprehensive total. It’s a quick way to find out how much time you’ve spent, or plan to spend, watching TV.

How Long To Beat: How Long Will Beating a Game Take?

How long a book takes depends on your reading speed; how long a season of TV takes is pretty static. If you want to find out how long it takes to beat games 3 Ways To Find Out How Long It Will Take To Beat A Video Game Thinking of getting a game, but want to know how long it will take to play first? A couple of sites have statistics from other players, so you can look this up. Read More , though, it’s going to be hard to find exact numbers. There are many factors: your skill level, whether you’re the type of player to explore all side quests, and whether or not you opt for DLC.


How Long To Beat is a simple site that averages user-contributed totals to give you an idea of how many hours you can expect to lose to a game.

Hiking Calculator: How Long Will a Particular Hike Take?

That’s enough time indoors; let’s climb a mountain. If you’d like to know how long a particular uphill hike might take you, hiking calculator is here to help. Just enter how long the climb is, how much elevation you will gain and how athletic your slowest hiker is.


You’ll end up with a rough estimate, pretty useful if you’re trying to plan your day around a particular hike.


We’ve outlined a few Android apps that every hiker needs 6 Android Apps Every Hiker Needs How can your Android device improve your next hiking trip? These six apps can challenge you, help you explore, and provide incredibly useful information. Read More ; consider the above web app an addition to that.

TimeRabit (Windows): How Much Time Do You Waste on Facebook?

Wondering how you’ll ever make time for all this reading, watching, playing, and walking? There’s probably a pointless activity taking up your time, and it might be Facebook. No, seriously: you’ve no idea how many of your hours this app might be stealing from you, and TimeRabbit can give you a glimpse.


This Windows app monitors how much time you spend on Facebook, then reports back to you with the numbers. If you want a more complete time tracker, consider using RescueTime to track all of your computer activity Accurately Keep Track of What You Do on the Computer and for How Long With RescueTime If you spend a considerable amount of time working at your computer with no Corporate Big Brother to monitor what you're doing, you may find yourself spending a bit more time than you should be... Read More – it can be pretty eye opening.

Know Where Your Time is Going

Spending 20 hours watching a TV show or reading a book might seem like a waste, but that depends entirely on what you get out of it. If you enjoy yourself, and possibly learn a few things, it’s a worthwhile investment. Tools like these don’t make judgments: they just let you picture what you’re investing more accurately.

So I want to know: what are you using your time on? Let’s talk numbers in the comments below – no judgment here.

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    I didn't know how to use TimeRabit so i uninstall it,

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      Fair enough, look into Rescue Time maybe – it tracks everything and gives you really useful information.