5 Special Edition Video Games That Every Collector Wants To Have

Craig Snyder 22-08-2013

My fascination with abnormal video games started with the NES 4 Websites To Play NES Games For Free & Through The Browser Just recently, I put out an article outlining some of my favorite RPGs for the SNES and showed MUO readers how they can experience those games through a web interface. Not everyone has the time... Read More . I was never big on baseball, but I remember playing R.B.I. Baseball simply because it came as a special black cartridge, and it was easy to find in my pile of games. Although it was no special edition, the cartridge for The Legend of Zelda was gold in color and had a glittery texture to it. I’m unsure if it was the intention, but the aesthetic differences between games such as these two, and others, probably worked really well as a marketing strategy. It made them look important, and it made me feel like I had to have them.


As gaming has grown, there have since been some pretty impressive bundles and special/collector’s editions. Another of our authors, Dave, put out a great article outlining some of the most quality collector’s editions of video games Video Game Collector's Editions That Actually Held Value [MUO Gaming] One of the biggest money makers for video game companies is collector's editions. Generally, companies include a junky art book, a soundtrack, and some form of cheap plastic that no one really wants. The price... Read More . It’s a great list of popular games, all worth playing, but there are many more out there that could impress you. In this article, let’s look at five more of them.

Saint’s Row IV “The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition”

Seeing this edition of Saint’s Row IV is actually what inspired me to write this article.

5 Special Edition Video Games That Every Collector Wants To Have saints row iv super dangerous wad wad edition

This is something that you’ll probably never see again, and it should start the list off in a big way. Some have even said that this edition of the game is just a joke, but Volition seems serious about it. They are known for awesome pre-order bonuses, but this?

This $1,000,000 edition of Saint’s Row IV comes with a Virgin Galactic Space Flight, a hostage rescue experience, a 7-night stay at the Royal Suite in Dubai, plastic surgery, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Toyota Prius, and more. That’s on top of a special edition of the video game. Worth it?


GRID 2: Mono Edition [Broken URL Removed]

Up until the unveiling of the aforementioned edition of Saint’s Row IV, GRID 2 sported the title of “world’s most expensive video game” at £125,000. It still holds the official Guinness World Record.

Codemasters offers this edition of the game with a copy of GRID 2 featuring exclusive packaging artwork, a BAC Mono supercar (shown in the video above), a day at the BAC factory, a GRID 2: Mono Edition branded Bell Racing suit and helmet, and a PlayStation 3 console.

BioShock Limited Collector’s Edition

This limited edition of BioShock doesn’t come attached to a car or any elaborate external goodies, but it’s still the holy grail of a game stuck in between the FPS, RPG, and action-adventure genres.

5 Special Edition Video Games That Every Collector Wants To Have bioshocklimited


In March of 2007, fans created a petition begging for a special edition of the game. That petition was answered by 2K Games stating that if it reached the modest total of 5,000 signatures, they would plan such a release. Just a few hours later, the signatures nearly tripled that. This release of the game comes with a limited edition game case, two discs full of bonus content (a “making of” DVD and the official soundtrack), and a 6″ tall Big Daddy figurine. It retailed at $650.

Resident Evil: Revelations Unveiled Edition BSAA Watch Set

This special edition of Resident Evil: Revelations was only available in Japan and was priced at ¥39,900 (roughly $430).

5 Special Edition Video Games That Every Collector Wants To Have biohazard revelations bsaa watch set

Capcom put together this bundle to include a copy of the game, an arranged soundtrack CD, a BSAA card case, and a BSAA wristwatch made by US Agency (a company known for making tactical military timepieces). The Resident Evil series has an excruciatingly long history of coming up with special releases of their games, and this is one of the cooler ones. Many of these special releases come with an even “more special” release. It never ends, and we’ll always love these terrifying games 4 Video Games That Will Actually Terrify You [MUO Gaming] Video games are able to capture much of the emotion and feeling that comes with movies and other forms of entertainment. That being said, video games always seem to struggle with making people laugh and... Read More .


Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition

Fighting games are known for releasing with special editions. Tekken Hybrid’s “extreme” special edition is a bit different and more expensive.

This edition of Tekken Hybrid comes with a Mad Catz fight stick, soundtrack, art book, Tekken Tag Tournament, a demo for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and the Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D movie. The bundle retailed at $250 and was only sold to 1,000 buyers. Namco actually received quite a bit of flack on this release due to the staleness of the centerpiece of the set (the fight stick). Doesn’t it seem a little plain? Nonetheless, fighting game enthusiasts see this as a huge asset to any collection.


A lot of special or collector’s edition game bundles have been released, but very few of them offer perks that are unique enough to capture the average gamer’s attention. The ones listed above were able to do so for me. Are they worth it or should they just be considered overhyped and overpriced pieces of gaming history The Most Overpriced Products In Video Game History [MUO Gaming] I think at this point, all gamers have accepted that playing and buying video games is an expensive hobby. Between the cost of games, consoles, and accessories, it's easy for a gamer to drop a... Read More ?

I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Let me know what you think of this list and other special video game editions and bundles in the comments below!


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