5 Sites To Quickly Order Food Online

John McClain 12-02-2010

5 Sites To Quickly Order Food Online foodAre you still ordering food over the phone? C’mon, get with the times! With the Web, there’s really no need for all that pesky dialing or trying to find a phone number when you’re hungry. Whether you have a hankering for a pizza or some Chinese food, you can simply click and type your way toward satisfying your hunger when you order food online.


After all, you’re sitting in front of a computer right now, right? Relax and place your order easily and quickly without even getting up from your desk.

No more waiting in line, waiting on the phone, or waiting to pay. Here’s 5 sites to order food online.


You can get your breakfast, lunch, or dinner online at OrderLunch. Start out by searching for restaurants near you by entering your ZIP code and specifying if you’d like to either pick it up or have it delivered.

order food online


From there, the list of restaurants will be displayed, containing information like the food type, price, customer rating, and distance from your location. Hit the “Place Order” button to proceed to schedule your order and browse the restaurant’s menu to add any of the food items of your choice to your shopping cart. It’s as simple as that.

order food online

If you’re a frequent user of OrderLunch, the website also offers rewards for every order you place and you can redeem your points for prizes, including free meals or travel vouchers.


order food online


Foodler is another great site that allows you to order food online from local restaurants. Start by either entering your address or picking an area by choosing your state and selecting a city or school campus. Restaurants that are currently open and delivering are displayed on top. Below that are the places that are closed, but you’re still free to schedule a future order.

list of online food order restaurants

Next, enter your address if your order is a delivery and a comprehensive menu awaits you. Add your menu selections to the cart and proceed to checkout.


GrubHub is another way to conveniently order food online. Enter your location or browse restaurants by city or cuisine to place an order. The only downside is that the website only serves select U.S. cities, but the result is more in-depth restaurant information. Scans of the menus are even available.


list of online food order restaurants

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Live On The Go

list of online food order restaurants

Live On The Go is a free service for ordering and paying for food in advance. Simply type in your location to find a restaurant near you. The restaurant selection page lets you specify if you want pickup, delivery, catering, or curbside locations, along with cuisine type and distance.


where can i order food from online

The actual restaurant menus have a clean and simple layout, allowing for easy navigation and clearly displayed prices. Select a menu item to add it to your order and checkout.

Campusfood (broken link removed)

For students, you won’t have to study on an empty stomach again with Campusfood. Just select your state, campus, and you’re ready to start ordering from any of the restaurants near your school. Simply browse the online menu to build, specify, and schedule your order before checkout.

where can i order food from online

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Do you order any of your meals online? If so, where do you order from? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Don Braymer
    May 1, 2010 at 1:07 am

    To Samfoodie,

    I ltook a look at that site but don't see the appeal. One of the services discussed in the article, actually has a special site that functions on Iphone, BlackBerry and Android platform phones, so you still have the convenience of mobile ordering, but if you happen to be at a PC you have the more powerful set of tools available there. Zesto appears to be Mobile only, and I was suprised I could not see their Restaurant partner lists or place orders on their website. Its like they got the process backwards. I recomend for both Mobile Phone and Desktop Ordering of food online.

  2. Vivek
    February 12, 2010 at 10:34 am

    there are lot of easy way to order your food. Simply give a call back to the restaurant or a hotel they will send the dinner/food to your home without any delay

    • Anonymous
      April 29, 2010 at 6:59 pm

      Enough with these websites move on to the next level in Food Ordering. Guys have you tried Zestoserve's mobile food ordering application. Its way beyond what these whole bunch of websites have to offer. Just imagine Ordering on the move, without even calling and talking with the restaurant guys... its real cool application and moreover its absolutely FREE ! Advise: Non-tech sauvy users like our friend Vivek are requested not to use and rack their brains. ONLY FOR REAL FOODIES :)