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5 Sites for Eye-Catching Animated Tumblr Backgrounds

Sandy Writtenhouse 03-06-2016

What is more eye-catching for your Tumblr Forget Medium: Tumblr Just Got A Facelift Spurred on by Medium's already-gorgeous writing interface, Tumblr has just rolled out a clean post creation interface designed to inspire more longform content on the site. Read More page than a moving background? But, if you are not a graphic designer or someone who knows how to create one, where do you turn?


Here are five websites where you can find the perfect animated background to fit your Tumblr page 8 Tumblr Blogs To Download Stunning Wallpaper Images Are you big fans of Tumblr? Here at MakeUseOf, we certainly are. The blogging platform brings together the idea of blogging together with social networking and has become home to some of the most creative,... Read More . Plus, we’ll give you a run-down on how to install your new Tumblr background or theme.



Giphy is a great resource for moving Tumblr backgrounds with a huge selection of GIFs. With almost anything you can imagine from sports to spooky scenes to snowflakes, this site has it all.


When you select a background, you have options under the Advanced tab for the Giphy link, HTML5 video, or GIF download. For having a matching Twitter page, you can also upload the image directly to Twitter. For one of the largest selections of animated Tumblr backgrounds, Giphy has you covered.



For another big selection of animated Tumblr backgrounds, SnazzySpace is a terrific resource. There are pages and pages of options with symbols like stars, butterflies, skulls, gems, and even popsicles. Although the backgrounds are free, you are asked to like the site on Facebook or Google+ before receiving the code.


If you decide that sharing the page is not a problem for you, just tap either Facebook or Google+ and then you will see the HTML code for the background. You can also check out previews of the backgrounds to see how they look when applied.

Dazzle Junction

Dazzle Junction has 12 pages of flashing Tumblr backgrounds with about five per page. With pink peace symbols, beating hearts, and even the Chanel logo, the site is geared more towards soft and subtle backgrounds.



With three different options, you can obtain the background plus the theme The 10 Most Amazing Free Tumblr Themes Read More or just one or the other, so you have good choices. You can then either download the background or grab the HTML code for it. You can also choose to see a full-screen preview of how the background will look before making a decision.

Glitter Joy

Glitter Joy offers 10 animated Tumblr backgrounds with HTML and CSS for Twitter too. From blue gothic or skulls to groovy purple skates or flowers, there are a good several options.



Once you select a background, you will see a link specifically for Tumblr which will take you to a page with instructions. You can either copy the HTML code to your clipboard or download the background image directly.

ThemesLtd. [Broken URL Removed]

ThemesLtd. provides backgrounds for Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The website also offers full themes From Minimalistic To Highly-Customizable: The Most Modern & Free Tumblr Themes On Tumblr, you're limited to the features that each theme has, and many of them are different. If you're willing to spend some money, there are some awesome Tumblr themes, but depending on your needs... Read More and a generator for you to create your own Tumblr theme The Top 10 Free Tumblr Themes To Create A Portfolio Read More , if you like. For finding the moving backgrounds, simply type Animated into the search box and then browse the results. Note that some static images will still display in the results.


With Spongebob Squarepants, dancers, and patterns, there are several cool backgrounds. When see one you like, select it for instructions that include code you can copy to your clipboard or the option to download the background directly. ThemesLtd. Does take a while to load, especially after the search, but it is still worth a look.


Adding Your Background to Tumblr

As mentioned and depending on which site you chose your background from, you will either be inserting the HTML code or uploading the image to Tumblr. Here is how to do both of these.

First, log into your Tumblr account and from the top navigation select My Account > Edit appearance. On the next page, scroll down and select Edit theme.


Inserting HTML Code

If you have chosen to insert HTML code for the background, please note location of the code from the website where you obtained the background. Then in Tumblr, select Edit HTML from the Edit theme menu.

Then, scroll to the location in the code where the HTML for the background needs to be inserted and paste it from your clipboard. Normally it will be placed directly before the close body tag at the bottom of the code as shown below. But again, you should double-check with the source site. You can then select Update Preview to make sure it looks awesome and then click Save.


Uploading the Image

If you have chosen to save the background image to your local drive and upload it to Tumblr, that is easy too. In the Edit theme menu, select the icon next to Background under Theme Options.

When the window opens, browse for the image on your computer and click Open. The background will then pop into place and you will then select Save.


Do You Like Animated Tumblr Backgrounds?

You have to admit that moving backgrounds can certainly add some pizzazz to your Tumblr How to Use Tumblr: 12 Useful Tumblr Tips for Beginners Here are the most useful Tumblr tips you need to know, including what is Tumblr, how to use Tumblr, and best practices for Tumblr. Read More page. But, they are not for everyone.

What are your thoughts? Do you love them or hate them? Feel free to share what you think in the comments below.

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