5 Sites to Easily Start Your Blog Using Evernote, Trello or WordPress

Justin Pot 03-07-2015

Want to start a blog or website as quickly as possible? Here are a few sites that make it easy.


Blogger and WordPress Blogger vs. A Complete Comparison The two undisputed kings of the free blogging sphere are Google's Blogger and the content management system-turned-host While both offer what every free-thinking democracy-guzzling thought-cannon wants – a place to express themselves – there... Read More are arguably the easiest two platforms for starting your own blog, but we wanted to know if there was anything easier out there. And we weren’t disappointed. We found ways that Evernote and Trello could be used for fast and easy blogging. We also found a few WordPress tools that make customizing a WordPress site really easy.

Stop slacking and get to work on your sites, Cool Websites and Apps readers, because we’ve got exactly the tools you need.

Postachio: Use Evernote to Blog Quickly

What if you could publish a blog post just by creating a new note in Evernote? That’s how Pistachio works.


Just create a note, tag it properly, and you’ve published a blog post. It’s really simple, and the results look pretty good. If you’re a big Evernote fan, and you want to set up a site quickly, this is well worth trying out.



The downside: price. This option will cost you $9 a month, meaning WordPress or Blogger might be a better choice if you’re looking for a free option. But if Evernote is key to your workflow, the price might be worth it.

Websites for Trello: Use Trello To Blog Quickly [No Longer Available]

Trello is kind of hard to describe. You can create boards that contain multiple lists, which you can then use in many different ways. It’s an altogether unique project management system Trello - A Unique, Simple & Powerful Project Management System From A Good Home Does the name Joel Spolsky mean anything to you? If so, you’re going to want to read this post, because it showcases Spolsky’s latest and greatest project. And if not, you should know this is... Read More , an effective online collaboration tool 11 Trello Tips and Workflow Features for Programmers Do you use Trello for planning programming projects? The task management app can work wonders for your next coding challenge. We have some Trello tips to share. Read More and a whole lot more.

One thing it’s never been, however, is a way to build a blog – until now. Websites for Trello lets you build and update a blog using Trello as your back end.


Don’t expect anything too complex: you are using a todo list service as a CMS, after all. But there’s a surprising amount of flexibility here, as a quick look at the demo site can show you.


It’s worth playing with, if you’re familiar with Trello. Even if you’re not, it could be a quick way to set up a site and start writing regularly.

Themify Flow: Drag and Drop Custom Theme Maker for WordPress

The above two tools were very simple, and pretty much impossible to customize. If you really want full control of your site, you need to look into a Content Management System powerful enough for your needs. For most people, MakeUseOf recommends WordPress.

We offer an in-depth guide to setting up your blog with WordPress Set Up Your Blog With WordPress: The Ultimate Guide Want to start your own blog but don't know how? Look to WordPress, the most powerful blogging platform available today. Read More , but it doesn’t really get into creating custom themes – in part because getting into that is usually complicated. Themify Flow changes that.

This theme aims to make it very simple to customize every aspect of your WordPress site, with the ability to customize just about everything. With enough time, you should be able to make your WordPress site look exactly the way you want.

ThemeBro: Find WordPress Themes Easily

If you’d rather not spend the time tweaking a WordPress theme, your only option is to find one you like. ThemeBro is a search engine for WordPress themes, which makes it easier to look at the major vendors’ various options simultaneously.


If you know exactly what you want, ThemeBro can help you find it. Quickly Make a Website About Your Life

You can track your entire life with your phone The Quantified Self: How To Track Your Life With Your iPhone If you track your actions, you will be able to do them better. However, tracking can be tiresome if you don't have the right tools. Let's make it as simple as possible. Read More , if you want to. Some do this for health reasons, wanting their friends to monitor their progress and hopefully encourage their diet, exercise and more.


Whatever your reason for wanting to get into lifelogging What Is Lifelogging And Why Should You Do It? Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and more, we already document and share quite a lot about our daily lives, without really thinking about it. They are lifelogs of sorts, but without any sort of structure... Read More , aims to make that sharing easier. This site will combine data from social networks like Twitter, exercise apps like Strava, health monitors like FitBit and even your computer activity via Rescue time. It will then share everything.

This won’t be for everyone, clearly: it’s basically telling the world what you do day in, day out. But if that’s something you want to do, Gyroscope will help you do it.

Why Do You Want to Start a Site?

I want to know: why do you want to start a website? Which tools do you think you’ll use? Let’s talk about all this in the comments below, and feel free to post a link to your site while you’re at it – especially if you used one of these tools. Let’s talk.

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