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Craig Snyder 03-03-2013

In the middle of February, I dropped an article on you guys that introduced you to everything you ever wanted in Diablo III Why I love Diablo 3 & Can't Stop Playing It The dust has finally settled on Diablo 3. When it came out, things were crazy. Error 37s were happening all over the place and I felt lucky if I could even get in and play... Read More  – all in another game. That game is Path of Exile Path Of Exile Is A Free & Addictive Alternative To Diablo III [MUO Gaming] Despite breaking the single-day record for sales of a PC game, at 3.5 million, I feel as if Diablo III has turned out to be a bit of a flop. The game had a rocky... Read More , and since my article, the game has done nothing but grow increasingly more popular. I’ve played the game for about a month and, though I feel like it’s a pretty bold statement to make this early, I truly feel like Path of Exile is one the best games I’ve ever played on the PC.


We all know how the traditional loot game goes, though. There is a lot to learn. Taking one glance at that ridiculous passive skill tree could be enough to send one ARPG fan running away with no intentions of coming back. Don’t let this game scare you though. You should be thrilled with the depth and complexity that Path of Exile gameplay offers.

If you’re intimidated, here are a few websites and tools that you can use to make your gameplay experience a little easier.

Path of Exile Wiki [Broken URL Removed]

This one is really a no-brainer. Wikis have become an information sensation ever since Wikipedia, and they are a godsend to gamers. Many years ago, you’d have to rush to GameFAQs and depend on information to be available to you. Now, you just find the wiki!

path of exile gameplay

Be advised that Path of Exile is still a relatively new game, so a wealth of information has still yet to be documented around the web. Nonetheless, at the time this article was keyed up, the wiki boasts 690 pages in total. Here’s what kind of information you can expect to find:

  • Details on every class.
  • Details on every gem (skill and support).
  • A bestiary (separated by act).
  • Information on every drop in the game.
  • Specifics on some of the game’s mechanics.

For practically any game in the age of today, the wiki should be your first stop for help and information.

Path of Exile Subreddit

As a League of Legends Why Is League Of Legends The Most Popular PC Game In The World? [MUO Gaming] Earlier last month, news broke that League of Legends, the addictive rehash of MOBA games like DotA and Heroes of Newerth, has officially earned the right to call itself the most popular game on the... Read More player, I know exactly how Reddit has managed to weasel its way into the gaming community. I’m often finding that game-related subreddits offer even more information than official game forums.

path of exile game

Grinding Gear Games staff and official in-game moderators frequent this subreddit, and that gives it a lot of weight. Chris Wilson, the game’s lead developer, created the subreddit himself. The thing about this community is that, just by paying attention to it every other day, you could probably find each of the resources I’m going to list in this article. Reddit is always digging at information, analyzing the game, and updating you with news.


Path of Exile Skill Tree Planner

The Path of Exile Skill Tree Planner is a tool coded in C# that brings the passive skill tree offline and offers more extensive features and functionality. It is available only on Windows and there is a support thread on the forums if you’re having any issues.

path of exile game

Not only does this application let you manage your builds away from the dependency of the Path of Exile website, but it offers much more information.

As you select nodes through the tree, your total passive attributes are updated dynamically in the left pane. You can even load your character’s equipped items into the application and it can retrieve your item attributes and overall attributes. If you want to share a build that you made using the application with a friend, it can convert your build into a link that makes it compatible with the online skill tree editor.


Practically every serious player uses this external tool. It’s one of the best resources and it comes straight from the community.

Path of Exile Currency Exchange Rates

Path of Exile has no official currency and that’s what makes the economy so dynamic and crazy. In a busy atmosphere where prices are fluctuating constantly, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect.

path of exile game

As the website says, this is not official. It is updated as frequently as possible and the exchange rates are influenced by votes. Use this website as a mild guide for what you should expect to be fair. Knowing the game from experience is the only way to truthfully gauge and otherwise exploit Path of Exile’s economy.



Yes. Kripparrian, the famed Diablo III player turned Path of Exile expert, is to be considered a resource.

path of exile gameplay

Kripparrian is really a genius at these sort of games. He’s got a Twitch channel, where he has been actively playing Path of Exile, and a YouTube channel, where he constantly posts instructional videos that will make you better at the game.

Kripparrian is the reason classes and skills get nerfed in these ARPGs. He is excellent at math, loves theorycrafting, and is addicted to gaming. I guarantee that you will learn many, many things by casually watching his stream or just browsing through a few of his YouTube videos. If I had to pick a single brain to bring with me in the Hardcore league on Path of Exile, there’s no question it’d be this guy.

While these five resources are great and can improve your knowledge of the game, nothing beats experience. Play the game, learn the game, and you will find yourself beating the game. Have any other cool shares? Let me see them in the comments!

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