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5 Reasons Snapchat Is Excellent for the Workforce

Joshua Lockhart 25-07-2014

Professional environments typically go one of two ways: they are either uptight and task-oriented or laid-back and easy-going. Neither one is necessarily good or bad, but it’s just the nature of the beast. However, as with any business, communication is key. However, communication doesn’t have to be all memos and emails – why not make it a little more interesting?


Snapchat, the app that allows users to take a photo or video, add some text to it, and send it to a friend, isn’t just for inappropriate images or goofy videos. You can use it for business purposes as well! Below are a few scenarios we recommend using Snapchat for while at work.

(And for those of you who don’t know much about the app, here’s a video that kind of gives a quick overview.)

Your Visual Walkie Talkie

Some work environments require walkie-talkies, right? But this doesn’t just have to be limited to places like construction sites or film sets. Sending videos to ask questions (or even using that “chat” function of Snapchat) is a quick and easy way to keep things more personal. Sometimes you may be picking up materials from a vendor – why not send a picture of it rather than awkwardly describe it in a phone call? That’s another thing we like about Snapchat – it’s fast. Unlike most messaging apps, things seem a bit more instantaneous, and there’s even face-to-face chat embedded in the app! Check out the details in the video below.

Asking About Lunch

Hey, this may seem silly, we know. But let’s say you’re the one designated with picking up lunch, and you aren’t sure if you’ve picked up the right meal. No names have been assigned to the take-out tray… so you could always send a picture to your coworker. Is this stretching the usage? We wouldn’t say so. Now if you were Instagramming lunch… well. That’s a little different.



Confirming Location Of Deliveries Or Pickups

Ever ended up at a location to deliver a few materials, and you just aren’t completely sure if you’ve arrived at the right place? It happens. Send a Snapchat of the area to a coworker who’s been there before, and this should easily help you identify your surroundings right away. Sure, the new Google Maps The New Google Maps Finally Comes Out Of Beta Back in May 2013, Google unveiled a new and improved beta version of Google Maps. Now everyone will be able to get the new Google Maps on their desktops in "the coming weeks". Read More is great, but sometimes a visual aid helps. As mentioned before, this is also a good method of confirming as to whether or not the materials you have picked up are the right ones. Send a Snapchat to home base, and surely someone can reach out and confirm that for you.


Keep Things Light

Work can’t just be work. We’re all human beings, and there’s definitely a social aspect when it comes to the workforce. You can be goofy, be fun, and be entertaining (just don’t be an HR nightmare). Snapchat is a fun way to build camaraderie among fellow employees. For instance, it’s pretty cool to know what your coworkers do outside the office. That’s why Snapchat’s My Story feature is fun to follow.

Replace Memos

Sending a group Snapchat is a fun and easy way to send quick notifications to coworkers about the current affairs of the office. Rather than sending a lengthy email that could easily get lost in the pile, a fast and easy 15-second video about the new detour to the parking lot due to construction is much more useful.



Keeping Work Fun With Apps

What other apps do you use to keep things conventional, yet fun at the workplace? Have you ever used Snapchat for your place of business? What other ways do you use apps like Snapchat for work?

Let’s hear your comments and suggestions!

Image Credits: Taeyhan Kim, Marc-Antony Macon, aimee castenellJessica B.


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  1. Kai M.
    July 27, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Thanks for the writeup this is useful information. Although with the recent mishandling of security and privacy breaches and other issues at SnapChat I'm not sure I will be recommending them to my business clients anytime soon...

    • Joshua Lockhart
      August 1, 2014 at 7:36 am

      ; ) Right on, and perfectly understandable. I should look into that a bit.