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Karl L. Gechlik 12-11-2009

So you got some free time on your hands do ya?  Looking to laugh so hard you will spit milk through your nose – even if you are not drinking milk? Maybe you want to see someone make a fool of themselves or even go nuts and hurt some people.


It’s hard to tell what people will enjoy or be revolted by. For instance I enjoy gruesome videos, my wife on the other hand like cuddly snuggly bunnies. So choose your videos wisely.

Here are 5 Internet video sites that I frequent to find videos that will entertain me! Let’s check each of them out.


The first one is called VeryFunnyAds. As you can imagine this website has only very funny ads, as in advertisements. It is a collection of awesomely funny commercials that have either aired on television or were mockups of what should have been aired! I worked for a company called Adforum way back when (10 years ago) and they catalogued advertisements as well –  but long story short – VeryFunnyAds has very funny ads!

best funny internet videos

From their homepage you can choose to see only the most recent videos or view them by categories. But come on, any Internet video site that has Kevin Nelon doing the introduction video has to be good right?  Just think of his amazing work on Weeds!

internet video sites

Here is a awesome ad with Coke as the subject. You see it plays onscreen in a flash player with the normal options like volume and full screen mode at the push of a button.

By clicking on the most watched tab you are guaranteed to find some awesome videos. Let us know what your favorite is in the comments!

funny internet video sites


The next Internet video site is Metacafe, located here. They also have similar categories as Very Funny Ad’s (and most other video sites) but here you can find the category Highest Rated and Most Discussed alongside Most Viewed and Most Recent.

free online video sites


Clicking on a video will bring it up also via flash in your browser window. I couldn’t resist the Never Look At Woman ad…when the woman smacks”¦.oh wait I won’t spoil it for you! Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

online video sites

Funny Video Shack

Funny Video Shack is online here and has – you guessed it – funny videos! The first video at the top of the featured ads is entitled NudeIT – New  iPhone app. The tag line says Do you want to see someone nude? Yeah, there is an app for that! C’mon how could that be bad?! Go waste some time over there viewing their top rated, favorites, popular, most discussed or recently added videos.

free online video sites

Let’s see what the most popular video on here is”¦ Hot Chick Eats Maggots? First off she isn’t that hot and after seeing this I could not scratch that.  I would not want to picture her naked. After turning off the lights you would think there were bugs crawling all over you – and maybe there would be.

video web sites

I stopped on What’s a HO? Gameshow style as you can see below:

video web sites


And of course we could not talk about video entertainment sites with out Google’s good old YouTube . This is the one site everyone thinks of whenever someone says “video online”. They have been around forever and have been the innovators of the industry. Today I clicked on Videos and the categories listing and chose Comedy.

video web sites

That brought me to a lot of scary looking videos but luckily one stood out. Good old Family Guy and the Roadhouse parody”¦

online video sites

YouTube clearly has the best interface for actually watching the videos.

online video sites


And last, but certainly not least, is Break which is meant as a video site for your breaks (i think!). I clicked on Videos at the top of the screen and was greeted by some strange ass videos!

online video sites

Romanian Lady Goes Crazy On Live TV? Maybe things like this are not strange in Romania but this lady is w-a-c-k-o with a capital W!

Checking out their top videos I found some winners. And then I clicked on High School Girls Soccer Brawl“¦.it did not disappoint.

free video sites

They have options to share the video you are watching via the popular social network buttons below the video.

free video sites

Where do you go to watch entertaining videos online? Share your sources in the comments!

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