5 Quick YouTube Shortcuts You Must Know About

Akshata Shanbhag 18-12-2015

To play, pause, forward, or rewind YouTube videos, you can reach for the mouse every time, locate the cursor, direct it to the right button/link, and click — but it’s so much more convenient to tap a single key Be Lazy: 3 Tips To Reduce The Risk Of RSI By Resting Your Hands Here are three tips that can ease the burden on your hands and make computer or mobile usage slightly more comfortable. Read More on the keyboard instead. That’s why you need to know these handy one-key YouTube shortcuts.

1. The J key takes the video backward by 10 seconds.

2. The L key takes the video forward by 10 seconds.

3. The K key allows you to play/pause YouTube videos, just like spacebar does. Sandwiched between the J and L keys, it functions like the Play/Pause button found in media player controls on various keyboards.

4. The 1-9 keys allow you to skip to certain percentages in the video, so pressing 1 takes you 10% into the video, pressing 2 takes you 20% into the video, etc.

5. The 0 key takes you to the start of the video. This works both when you’re playing the video and when you have paused it.

You can use these shortcuts on Windows, Mac, and Linux, across Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. They also work on YouTube videos embedded on other websites, but their behavior might sometimes be erratic.

Which other convenient YouTube shortcuts do you know of and use? Share them with us in the comments!

Image Credit: Modern flat video player by Tsibil Lesia via Shutterstock

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