5 More Excellent Ways to Waste Time Online

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timeIn May last year, I wrote about 5 Excellent Ways to Waste Time Online 5 Excellent Ways to Waste Time Online 5 Excellent Ways to Waste Time Online Read More . Check it out if you haven’t already. A year has passed and I have come across many more ways to find entertainment online.

Here is a list of the 5 most efficient websites in keeping you busy and entertained in times of boredom. Besides MakeUseOf that is.

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you have some time to spare!

Google Image Labeler

I had mentioned this in the original post, but couldn’t quite remember the name of the game. Recently, I found the link! So here it is. One of the most addicting online team actions provided by Google.

label images

You team up with a second player, you’re provided with a random image and a few off-limits labels and then it’s your goal to guess the same alternative label for any given image during the time limit of 2 minutes.

This game actually has a useful background. It’s designed to improve the relevance of image search results.


Great blogs are always awesome time wasters. FAIL Blog is a prime example.

intelligence failure

You’ll find all sorts of funny images, stories and videos that document failure. Readers can vote for each post besides leaving comments.


Daft Punk rules! And now you can annoy your friends, family or co-workers with this idaft music station. Work the buttons using your keyboards or the screen. Makes for hours of fun!

Daft Punk

Goes right with this video here:
Now try that at home! :D


A website dedicated to randomness. Flip a coin, roll dice, play card shuffler, engage in a third-party draw (requires login), generate a Jazz scale or make a lottery quick pick – all 100% random.


Need to know more? Check out the background information and statistics, find some random quotations and view your quota.

Throw Paper!

The fan produces wind, the speed and direction can be seen on the paper basket, which is your target.


Can you hit the target?

Now if you just wasted too much time, maybe you’ll need some better tools to track the time you waste online. Check out Shankar’s article about 5 Tools to Track How Much Time you Waste while Online The 6 Best Time Tracking Software and Apps The 6 Best Time Tracking Software and Apps It's vital to track your time if you want to get the most out of your day. Here are the best time tracking apps you should try. Read More .

What are the online time wasters that you can’t get away from? Let us all know in the comments so that we can try it out!

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