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5 Inspiring Social Media TED Talks You Should Watch

Joel Lee 20-02-2014

There’s nothing like a good TED Talk to brighten your day and make you think. Whether you’re itching to be more creative 4 Must-See TED Talks On Creativity, Inspiration & Passion Creativity. Inspiration. Passion. These are all concepts of which we are very much aware, but not many of us can precisely pinpoint their source. Where does creativity come from? What is it that causes a... Read More , struggling to find motivation 10 Motivational TED Talks To Help You Chip Away At Your Mental Blocks The valuable lesson from the lives of achievers is that they chip away at their mental blocks more consistently than others. Ten TED Talks underscore one simple thing – it’s all in the mind. Read More , or wanting to strengthen your social relationships 4 TED Talks To Revolutionize Your Social Relationships The best TED Talks are the ones that plant seeds in your heart, which later grow into life-altering changes. These videos provide insights into social psychology and give you some food for thought. Read More , there’s a TED Talk for that. There are also several amazing TED Talks about social media.


Social media has taken over the Internet. Never before has the world been so globally connected, yet the phenomenon is still relatively recent and there are many out there who are actively trying to decipher the power of social media. Some of them have even given TED Talks on the matter.

We’ve covered social media TED Talks The Best TED Talks To Make Use Of Social Media Read More before but a few additional talks have been produced since then and they’re well worth the watch.

How to Make A Splash In Social Media

In this short five-minute presentation, Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of Reddit, gives a real-life example of social media’s power in our world. Think social media is just silly tweets, Facebook likes, and Tumblr GIFs? For the most part it is, but when channeled properly, social media can accomplish big feats like reducing the rate of Japanese whaling.

Social media is a way to channel the worldwide nature of the Internet to effect social action. The implications of this are vast and this is just a taste of what’s to come in the years ahead of us.

Your Online Life, Permanent As A Tattoo

It’s often been said that once something is on the Internet, you’ll never be able to take it down no matter how hard you try.  In six minutes, Juan Enriquez makes the case that social media (and Internet activity in general) is akin to an electronic tattoo: they say a lot about who you are and they’re effectively permanent.


What does this mean for us as we move into the future? What do the posts and tweets that we make today say about us as people? What will we think of today’s photos and videos ten years down the road? Often times social media feels fleeting, but it’s very much forever.

After Your Final Status Update

Here’s another short TED Talk, just five minutes long, that touches on the subject of social media after death. Adam Ostrow presents a thought experiment: in the not-so-distant future, what if technology could take all of the social media content that we’ve created, analyze it, and ultimately create a copy of who we were?

It’s a dark and morbid thought, but it does make you second guess how you’re currently interacting with social media. Is the legacy you’re leaving behind now the one you want future generations to see?

Why Privacy Matters

The Internet talks about privacy all the time and it almost feels like a dead horse by now, but don’t be desensitized yet. In this 15-minute talk, Alessandro Acquisti demonstrates with real-life examples just how little privacy we have thanks to social media. Unless you’ve uploaded and inputted absolutely nothing onto the Internet, you aren’t safe.


There’s no such thing as Internet anonymity Can You Really Be Anonymous Online? We all have things we'd rather not tell the world about. I think it's time we clear up a few things about anonymity online -- and answer once and for all, whether it's really possible. Read More .

It’s a terrifying thought and deserves a lot of attention. We don’t want to go so far as to become paranoid conspiracy theorists (though there’s a lot going on that could justify going in that direction) but the rabbit hole does run pretty deep.

Adventures In Twitter Fiction

Enough with the doom and gloom! Yes, social media is changing the landscape of the Internet in scary ways (as shown above), but it’s also making some interesting headway in a positive direction. For example, Twitter is changing the way that fiction is being written. Ever heard of microfiction Twiterature - The Art Of Literature On Twitter You can find Twitter users sharing their poetry, short stories, and even the work of famous writers, all in little bite-sized 140-character updates. If you're not sure where to start on your literary journey on... Read More ?

In this 12-minute talk, Andrew Fitzgerald explores what this new medium of fiction could mean for audiences worldwide. Historically, new mediums have ushered in new types of stories, so what sorts of stories exist in the Twitterverse?


Social media is still in its infancy and we’re doing our best to understand it. Take some time and watch these TED Talks with an open mind and you may be surprised at some of the insights therein. If you know of any other fascinating TED Talks on social media, please share with us in the comments!

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  2. likefunbutnot
    February 20, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    I think social media is almost entirely devoid of value, but I really think that Eric Whitacre's TED talk about using Youtube and Facebook to create a virtual choir is both fascinating and admirable, easily as much or more than the Twitter Fiction talk mentioned above.