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5 Fun Free Card Game Sites For When You Are Bored

Beth Ritter-Guth 13-03-2010

Is there a better way to kill some time than to play a free card game sites? If you love them as much as I do, bookmark these handy free places to play!


The absolute best place to find free games is on Facebook. You have access to many different card games from a variety of game distributors, and you can strike up some healthy competition amongst your Facebook pals.  Plus, you can bookmark all of these free card game sites and have easy access to them whenever you are bored.

The best Facebook card game of all is definitely GameHouse’s Uno.  I loved Uno as a kid playing in the neighborhood, and I love playing it at parties and while camping. But, sadly, how often do we REALLY get to play a good few hands of Uno?

In this ubertastic Facebook version, you play real live people OR you can start a game with some Facebook friends by meeting them in a virtual lobby.  The graphics are really bright, and you can earn tokens and send gifts to other players at the table.

free card game sites

On Facebook, Mindjolt has the best variety of card games.  One fantabulous game is their version of Three Tower Solitaire. While the graphics are a little chintzy, the game is quick to load and easy to play.  If you need a quick fix, it is definitely worth the real estate in your bookmark bar.


free card game sites

Another slightly simplistic game, MindJolt’s Pyramid Solitaire, is a lot of fun.  It gives you all sorts of stats on how you rank against your friends, and you can choose whether or not to notify them if you have kicked their score to the curb.

GameArena is another Facebook distributor and offers up the popular Scarab Solitaire game.  The graphics aren’t too bad for a simple game. The online (non-Facebook) site is called DiceArena and requires registration, so I prefer to stick with the Facebook version.

free card game sites


So what about our non-Facebooking fans?  Never fear, there are free card game sites out there for you, too!  I am weary of ones that require registration, so this is a round up of games that you can play without having to sign up and get bombarded with daily spam.

For non-Facebook games, MindJolt takes the prize.  All of the beloved Facebook card games are also available on their website.  What is most wonderful is that you can play without having to create an account.  They have scored and non-scored games, too.  Really, it is my number one hotspot for entertainment.

You might never leave MindJolt, but if you do, head over to GameHouse.  They, too, offer the same games on their site as they do on Facebook.  They also offer some other games that I truly love. has an excellent selection of games, but the best, by far, is Jewel Quest Solitaire.  I love the graphics, but it is also a refreshing twist on a very common game.


free card games

First, you play and win a round of Solitaire, and then you play a small version of Jewel Quest.  It is different than other Solitaire games because you are really playing two great games at once.

Shockwave also has a terrific assortments of games.  One favorite is the addictive Card Quest game.  It is both a card game and a brain teaser, and it really makes good use of idle time!  Like Jewel Quest, this game offers a spin from the ho-hum life of Solitaire.  You work on different quests as you progress through the game.

free card games


Shockwave also offers up one of my all time favorite games: Fashion Solitaire.  It is like Barbies for grown-ups.  You dress up models according to goals and then they go off to star on the catwalk.  Since I have no fashion sense, it makes me happy to inflict this pain on virtual models.  It is a great game for kids, too. It helps them match patterns and colors.

free card games

Playing at free card game sites can be a hoot.

What are your favorite card game sites?  Please share them in the comments below!!

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  1. JK III
    March 14, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Do you know of a website to play multilayer Hearts (no gambling)?

  2. Beth Ritter-Guth
    March 14, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Hi JK!

    There is a free site here for Hearts:

    Pogo also has free Hearts:

  3. Beth Ritter-Guth
    March 13, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    I have never heard of cardville spam :-) But, fear not, our editors will be sure not to let it filter through to our faithful readers!

  4. JoeShmoe
    March 13, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Great, here comes all the CARDVILLE Spam...