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5 Fun Draw Something Videos for the Addicted

Dave Parrack 18-04-2012

Draw Something is the current darling of the mobile games industry, having achieved huge popularity around the world in a short space of time. In fact, it’s been crowned the fastest-growing mobile game of all time thanks to 50 million downloads in its first 50 days of being available. Zynga saw so much potential there it bought the company behind the game just to get its hands on this one title.


In many ways Draw Something is the new Angry Birds. A simple premise executed exceedingly well to the point that mainstream phone users became interested. And with OMGPOP now part of the Zynga empire, Draw Something could be around for a long time to come. It has already been around long enough to generate some awesome videos, five of the best of which are featured below for your entertainment.

Types Of Player

Draw Something may be based on a simple premise – one player draws their interpretation of a word, name, or phrase, the other player guesses what it is – but there are a host of different ways you can achieve success in this task. This isn’t a game that you have to play in a particular way to do well at, and there are a number of different types of player.

This video suggests nine different types of Draw Something player, but I’d suggest that’s an entirely arbitrary number chosen seemingly at random. If you wanted you could probably list dozens of different types of player. The worst from this list have to be ‘Writers’, purely because they take all the fun out of the game. While the best have to be ‘Rebus’. As long as you’re able to think along the same lines as them.

As An Old PC Game

It’s often easy to forget how lucky we all are in this day and age. We own mobile devices capable of connecting to the Web, taking decent photos, and playing great games on. A reality that I could never have foretold growing up in the 1980s. Or even in the 1990s when I was using a PC and learning about email. What if Draw Something had existed as a game back then?

This video shows how Draw Something may have looked as an old PC game 5 Sites Where You Can Download Old PC Games for Free Want to try downloading some old PC games for free? Here are the sites where you can find the best games of old, free to download. Read More . We get to experience the long loading times, the crap attempt at imitating speech, and the limitations of the drawing software available at that time. In other words Draw Something would have sucked as an old PC game. But as a modern mobile game, it works extremely well. That’s progress for you.


Annoying Subterfuge

Here’s an idea if you really want to annoy your opponent: Take the word you have been given, change one letter in that word around to give you a different word entirely, and draw a picture representing that instead. Because that’s not a really lame thing to do at all. And won’t make you look like an idiot that’s only playing Draw Something to be a source for anger.

The example given in this video is ‘BREAD’ and ‘BEARD’. Two entirely different words separated by just letter placement. Making it perfect to fool your opponent with, as they will see all the right letters and just place them in the wrong order. I wouldn’t recommend this. It isn’t fun or funny, and will only lead your opponent to calling you names you wouldn’t want your mother to hear uttered in your direction.

Angry Opponent (NSFW)

This video is rather fitting following on from the last one. Because if you do decide to play silly games with your Draw Something opponent they may get a little hot under the collar. If that does happen they could then spend the next round explaining why you are all kinds of stupid before paying you back with the lamest drawing known the man.

Essentially this guy gets ripped on for not drawing a good enough representation of a computer keyboard. Complete with swearing and name-calling aplenty. Oh, and not forgetting the picture of his mom about to get, well, you can see for yourself. An overreaction? I’d say so. Although Draw Something is clearly more than just a mere social mini-game…


Spoof Above The Influence PSA

This video, the last in our selection, shows the dangers of playing too much Draw Something. This guy’s friend has been changed by the experience, with Draw Something now all he can think about. Who needs food stamps when you have pictures you drew of celebrities that need showing around?

This is a clever and well-produced parody of the ‘Above The Influence’ public service announcements, putting Draw Something on a par with drugs. We’ve already seen how addictive 5 Reasons Angry Birds Is So Damn Addictive My name is Dave Parrack, I'm a 34-year-old freelance writer from England, and I have a problem. I'm addicted to playing Angry Birds. Being hooked on catapulting feathered weapons of mass destruction into smug pigs... Read More Angry Birds can be, so this isn’t all that over the top. Not that any of us is meant to take it seriously. Although a day off the grid occasionally – and that includes mobile gaming – can only be a good thing.


Draw Something is the perfect blend of accessible and addictive, meaning people will give it a try and struggle to break away easily from playing it with friends. I suspect the five videos featured above will soon be superseded by dozens more. But for the time being they’re the best I could muster up.

What do you think of Draw Something? Are you addicted to it yet? Or is it merely still a mobile title you can dip in and out of without too much trouble? Have you encountered the various types of player as set out in the first video? Or an opponent angrier than that in the second to last video? As always we’d like to hear from you on the subject, so please feel free to add to the conversation by commenting below.


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