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5 Facebook Notifications That I Can’t Stand

Joshua Lockhart 21-02-2012

annoying facebook notificationsWe recently talked about an easy way to clear up email notifications, but that doesn’t mean Facebook notifications themselves aren’t still a problem. These notifications are great when they actually pertain to you and are relevant to what is currently going on in your life, but sometimes they simply don’t. It gets really annoying, and yes… this is all silly.


I could easily just delete my Facebook account, but I do like it for its other features – not this. So I bring to you yet another Facebook rant 4 Reasons I Hate Facebook’s New Timeline View Imagine what happened when I saw Facebook’s new Timeline feature. I’m still freaking out. Read More – the social sharing site I love to hate (but I still mostly love). However, this time it’s all about notifications, and perhaps there could be a way to improve them.

Social Gaming

annoying facebook notifications

Alright, alright. We’ve dealt with Farmville, Mafia Wars How To Block Only Facebook Games & Apps On Your Network Interacting with users and customers on Facebook is almost a requirement for any business that wants to maintain a competitive advantage. What this means is that many companies are no longer blocking their employees from... Read More … all that, and you probably know the typical rants by heart. However, I’m just curious – why are these games still popping up on my notifications? I know that there is the ability to turn off notifications or what-not for individual apps, but couldn’t there be another way to get rid of social gaming notifications altogether?

Here’s what I suggest – a shut-off feature for all gaming requests. Click it one time in your settings, and you’re good to go. When people play games, they would have a list of only people who accept gaming requests for whatever purposes they have. This would kind of be like the “turn off all apps” function, but since I use a few apps, I don’t want to do that (does anyone want to tell me that this already exists?)

Creeper Likes

facebook notifications tips


People like to “like” statuses, and I’m fine with that (despite my inability to understand how we can summarize everyone’s opinion into one single word). But even still, I have fallen victim to the “creeper like” way too many times. What is this? Glad you asked.

Basically, we all know that people creep other people’s walls – it’s a natural tendency to check up on others. However, what is weird is when you get a notification that someone has liked your status from a year ago. It is at that moment that you realize this person has been creeping that far into your history, reading each and every single thing that you have done. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

Publicly Private Messages

facebook notifications tips

Occasionally, you’ll get a notification that someone has written on your wall. That’s great – fantastic even. You are loved. But how many times has that wall post been better suited for a private message? Items such as “Hey wutz ur number?” and “I cant get the tv to turn on can u talk me thru it lol” are just a little better suited for the private sector of Facebook 5 Things People Do On Facebook That Drive Me Crazy How does one fall victim to Facebook fatigue? While that's a question that is conditional to the temperament of each individual user, I can bet that experiencing any of the following five antics will have... Read More .


Granted, I don’t mind a simple “hello”, and as I have been corrected before, I understand that some wall conversations are meant to bring others into the mix. But honestly, people need to realize that the Facebook wall is not meant for every single thing you want to tell a person.

Non-Event Event Invites

facebook notifications tips

Sometimes, people want to announce something to the world. That’s great, and Facebook 6 Fun Fake Facebook Walls & How to Create Your Own Facebook is the leading social network. As such it is a prime target for practical jokes and pranks. However, creating fake profiles and conversations on Facebook is rather tedious. With a bit of skill, imagination... Read More even has a tool for that – the status update. However, folks tend to have the need to enhance it. That ol’ status update just isn’t good enough. Instead of using something practical, they think to themselves, “Hey! I know. I’ll use the event portion of Facebook to let everyone know I’m pregnant!”

Practicality says that this is okay – perhaps the event could be used for a baby shower or a expected due date, but no. The person simply makes an event that tells everyone they are pregnant, and then they invite everyone to it, making the message public via borderline obnoxious notifications. It’s like using a screwdriver to do a hammer’s job – doable, but much more practical the other way. Besides, if the status update doesn’t work, why not just make a group and invite everyone you know to it?


Group Adds

annoying facebook notifications

Speaking of groups, I don’t like being forcibly added to them. I guess this kind of voids my statement about announcing stuff to the world, but I believe that it is at least the lesser evil. The reason I don’t like being added to groups is really petty. You start out with one notification, and that’s a little bothersome simply because it’s junk. The notification really has no purpose in your life. However, the notifications don’t stop there. Now, every single time someone posts, you will get a notification about it. Yes, it could be really easy to just remove myself from the group… but then I wouldn’t have anything to be frustrated about, would I?


So there we have it, ladies and gentlemen – the five Facebook notifications that I utterly, absolutely, positively detest. They really aren’t that much of an inconvenience in my life – honest. However, I just can’t help but be bothered by them.

What other annoying Facebook notifications can you not stand? Do you ever get bothered by the ones mentioned here?


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  1. Pay Per Keyword
    February 22, 2012 at 12:30 am

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  2. richmonsoon
    February 21, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    You can  stop people from posting on your wall. People have not been able to post on mine in ages. It's under one of the settings.

    • J. Lockhart
      February 21, 2012 at 7:24 pm

      I believe I've seen that, too.

  3. Pete Stean
    February 21, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    Joshua, I don't think you can account for people's behavour - you might think that contacting you privately is more appropriate but if they're going to post on your wall, they're going to post on your wall. I agree wholeheartedly about turning off 'gaming' notifications wholesale however - I don't have the time or inclination for games and I can't stand that slowly growing white number on blue over on the left hand side of the page...!

    • J. Lockhart
      February 21, 2012 at 7:24 pm

      Baha. I know, Pete. Just having a bit of fun with it. However, the game stuff just seems to keep growing!