5 Easy Ways to Make Awesome Videos and Images Quickly

Justin Pot 05-09-2015

Stop making memes A Brief Overview of Internet Memes & How You Can Quickly Create Your Own Read More : they haven’t been funny for years, and using them makes you seem out of touch at this point. Besides, there are way more creative tools out there for creating pure doses of Internet-related delight.


Today Cool Web Apps and Sites brings you five simple tools that let you quickly create something awesome to share with friends, loved ones, and even mortal enemies. Let’s get started.

Crumbles [Broken URL Removed] (Web, iPhone): Random Movie Characters Read Any Sentence

We begin with perhaps the easiest way to make a video that I’ve ever seen – all you need to do is type a sentence.


Do you remember, in art class as a kid, cutting out random words from magazines and gluing them together to make sentences? Crumbles is that, but for videos.

This thing can read a lot of words, but not all of them. Any word Crumbles doesn’t offer will be highlighted in red in the text field, and read by a Sir-like voice instead of a movie character. It’s a useful stop-gap, but the real fun is in finding sentences that don’t resort to it. What’s the best one you can come up with?


Star Wars Crawl Creator: Re-Create The Star Wars Intro

Everyone remembers the iconic scroll from the beginning of the Star Wars movies, but have you ever wanted to make your own? With the official Star Wars Crawl Creator, you can – all you have to do is type.


Make something hilarious about your friends, then share it with them.

Of course, some people go a lot further than just making an intro: some people make entirely fan-made Star Wars movies 10+ Star Wars Fan Films You Should Watch on YouTube Star Wars fan films tell some of the best stories in the entire Star Wars universe. Fellow fans of the space opera will love these 10 short films available to watch on YouTube. Read More . But if you’re not quite that ambitious, making an intro will do.

Emoji Mosaic: Your Photo, Re-Created with Emoji

Imagine turning a photo of your friend into a crazy collage of emoji. This site makes that process easy: just upload an image and the craziness will collect, becoming your image. I uploaded a picture of my favorite insane cartoon robot who disguises himself as a dog, and was delighted with the results.


Make sure you understand what all those emojis mean What Does This Emoji Mean? Emoji Face Meanings Explained Confused by the emojis in that text message you just got? Here are the commonly accepted meanings of popular emojis. Read More before using them in texts.

GIF Sound: Adds Sound to Any Animated GIF

And finally, we come to a site that combines two of the best things on the Internet: GIFs and sound. If you’ve yet to hear about this simple mashup service, I envy you: you’re about to have so much fun.


GIF reactions are the best 5 Reaction GIF Sites for When You Just Don't Know What to Say Reaction GIFs are a crucial part of Internet communication that help provide emotion where mere text cannot. Many people may say that they are over-used and tacky. However, where punctuation can make the difference between... Read More , but they’re better with sound. Combine two things and see what you can come up with – I bet it’s something hilarious. Share your creation in the comments below.

Wins The Internet: Congratulation Someone Properly For Being Awesome

Occasionally something so awesome is uttered online that keeping the Internet up and running feeds redundant – nothing can ever top what just happened.

Someone won the Internet.

When that happens, is a necessary tool. Enter your friends name or – even better – social media information and you’ll get a link to a screen congratulating them.


It’s animated, there’s music, an official time and date of the victory, and that house from the end of Mario levels even makes an appearance. It’s everything your friend deserves for an awesome sentence, so make sure the effort doesn’t go unrewarded.

Make and Share Something

Alright, everyone: you’ve got the tools to make something awesome. Let’s get to it, and see what we can come up with. Share links to your best efforts in the comments below, along with any other tools you know about.

Or, if none of the tools above quite work for you, know there are way more ways to make stuff online. You could quickly make a GIF GifCam - The Easiest Way To Make Animated GIFs Ever [Windows] Quickly make an animated GIF of anything. GifCam is a free, portable app for Windows that provides you with a simple frame. Resize and position it, then hit record - everything that happens within that... Read More , for example, or – if you’re feeling ambitious – you could even make your own text adventure game How to Make Your Own Text Adventure Games: 7 Tools Want to make your own text adventure game? These useful tools will help you create your own complex and playable story. Read More .

Let us know about any other tools for quick creativity in the comments below, okay?

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