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5 Creative Uses for Pinterest’s New Place Pins

Nancy Messieh 06-12-2013

Last week, Pinterest introduced a new feature, Roam The World One Pin At A Time With Place Pins On Pinterest Visualizing your dream vacation just got easier with the introduction of “Place Pins” by Pinterest. Pinners can create travel focused Place Boards with the help of Place Pins on an interactive map. Read More allowing its users to pin items to their boards along with a map. The location-aware pins are powered by the location giant, FourSquare, and have opened up a bunch of new possibilities both for users and business.


By adding a map to your Pinterest boards, this turning them into Place Boards, the ability to recommend places to go, or even create a bucketlist of the places that you want to visit is suddenly much more visually appealing. More important than that, however, is the usefulness the feature brings to the table. You can create a list of places you want to go on your holiday, or even create a list of your branches around town, if you’re a business on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great way to share recommendations with other users, or save items that you yourself are interested in, and the location specific pins fit perfectly within the Pinterest experience. Whether it’s mapping out a trip from your computer, or actually using the Pinterest mobile app to keep a record of your travels, there’s no end to how you can put this feature to good use.

Plan Your Vacation or Christmas Shopping

The most obvious use for the new Pinterest feature is to map out your next holiday. With the Christmas holidays around the corner, this could be a great way to create a visual map of where you plan to travel — whether it’s around a country, a continent, or even just within one city. You can even find interesting places to visit on Pinterest that you might have otherwise missed. If you’re going on a group vacation, create a collaborative board so that you can all brainstorm on what you want to see.


If you’re staying put for the holidays, you could use the Pinterest Place Pins to map out your plan of action for buying gifts for your family and friends. Pin the items you want to buy to a private board, and add the location of the shop where you plan to buy each item.


Recommend Outings in Your Home Town

While this is an obvious tool for a traveler, it’s also a great way for you to make recommendations for places to visit in your own hometown. Why not put together a list of must-see sights, great restaurants to eat at, and other special off-the-beaten-path things to do that tourists might otherwise miss? By adding the location of each outing, you’re taking all the hard work out of finding interesting places to visit in your own hometown. This is, of course, a feature that many a travel magazine has put to good use, recommending places to go, eat, and have fun in various cities.


Create a Treasure Hunt

Now that you can use Foursquare on Pinterest, why not make the most of the gaming feature the location app has to offer? You can use the new Pinterest feature to check in at locations and leave behind clues for a treasure hunt. Your followers on Pinterest can keep up with your Pinterest board, and go to those locations to find the clues. This is a great way for a business to get their Pinterest followers engaged and participating in Pinterest in a way they could not in the past.

Share Your Business Locations

Pinterest is a great marketing tool, and many a business has jumped aboard the social network to reach a pretty active audience. One handy way businesses can get more out of Pinterest is to use the new feature to create a board with all of their branch locations. This way, their followers on Pinterest don’t have to venture very far to find out where exactly the branches are in their city, and can see exactly where those locations are on a map. This is particularly useful for a small business with just a few locations to offer, but could become a little unwieldy with a better established business.


Map Out a Historical Event

There’s no reason to focus just on the present or future on Pinterest. You can also focus on the past. For example, create a board that maps out the history of a specific event — whether it spans one day or decades. One way in which this has already been done is by creating a board that maps out the locations of all the modern-day summer Olympics all over the world.


Still haven’t got the hang of Pinterest? Place Pins are another great reason to try. Start with our Unofficial Guide to Pinterest The Unofficial Pinterest Guide This Pinterest guide will quickly show you how to use Pinterest and all of its features. This guide outlines everything there is to know about Pinterest. Read More , and continue to these 5 boards to get you started Finally Joined Pinterest? These 5 Boards Will Get You Started Did you finally jump on the Pinterest band wagon? If you haven't got a Pinterest account just yet, go and create one. Then come back here, you'll be glad you did. Read More in the pinning social network.

Can you think of any more creative uses for Pinterest’s Place Boards and Pins? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Saikat B
    December 7, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Mapping out a historical event looks like a great use. Another potential use could be creating a "memory book" of places one has been to.