5 Cool Word Games You Can Play On Google Chrome & Test Your Language Skills

Saikat Basu 12-07-2011

It is usually work and productivity with Google Chrome extensions and browser apps. But then it’s serving me well in my off-hours too as I continue to discover new cool games 10 Extensions for Playing Fun Games on Google Chrome Read More and ‘time wasters’.


For the purpose of this article, let’s take up the cause of language and words. Playing word games (and falling in love with them) starts with the normal bouts of Scrabble and crosswords. If you fall in love with words, rest assured you won’t stutter with the language.

Word games help to continue that love affair with the language. Let’s combine English, learning, fun, and games and go over to Google Chrome’s Web Store to checkout some browser games to pass time and jiggle our brains too.

Here are five free, cool word games you can play on Google Chrome.

Qbox – Wisdom of the Ages

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Do you like quotations and wisdom speak from the famous and wise? Then you would love to wade through nearly 1500 of them arranged according to three time periods – Old Times, Middle Ages, Modern Times. It is very challenging because the quote is shuffled and you have to beat the clock. Gameplay involves clicking on two letters positioned in the same column and building up the quote. You can use hints, but you lose points. There are bonus points for completing some words; and there are ‘locked tiles’ too which need to be unlocked before you can go forward. This game can make you tear your hair out.


Word Search Puzzle

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The word search game is one of the more popular ones you can find in the Google Web Store. The simplicity of the game hides the difficulty – search for hidden words between letters of the alphabet. Each game has 20 words from 1000+ words selected randomly in a list and you have to search them out. You can choose between two difficulty levels to start with. The advanced level places the hidden words in all directions.

Semantic Wars

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Semantic Wars is another guess-the-word game that you can play in Chrome. You have to guess letters of words from the given categories. Each correct word nets you some gold. Each error will decrease your limited wealth (or energy if you have no gold). Use your wealth wisely to train the 3 types of warriors and send them to enemy castles. With experience and victories, you open up new levels.


Draw My Thing

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This is a multi-player social word-guessing game with a twist. You have to draw something on a canvas and opponents have to guess what the word is from the drawing. Players take turns with their secret words in the form of drawings. The game is just right for kids as it helps to stimulate their creativity and make them adept with word associations. It’s not so easy for adults also as word images are only limited by creativity.

Great Big Fancy Word Game

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This word game playable on the Chrome browser is definitely for kids. Helping out the kiddies are Pinky Dinky Doo, and their little brother Tyler. This is basically a learning game for kids, helping them along with new (and fancy) words.


There are few more cool word games scattered around the Web Store. Start with these popular ones and tell us about the other cool Chrome based games you enjoy.

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