5 Cool Websites With Guitar Tuning Tones

Ryan Dube 18-03-2010

5 Cool Websites With Guitar Tuning Tones guitartuningRecently, I started taking guitar lessons The 6 Best Websites to Find Guitar Chords for Songs You can learn to play the guitar with only a few chords. Find free guitar chords for all the most popular songs on these websites. Read More . One of the benefits of learning how to play the guitar is that you finally have something to do to entertain people when they visit. The downside of playing guitar is that you have to maintain the thing, which most of the time just means learning how to tune it. Luckily, there are numerous websites that offer the guitar tuning tones you need to get your guitar sounding perfect again.


In my search for the best sites, I came across some pretty simple ones and some that are fairly unique. Ultimately, the function is really simple – you press a button and the computer should play the right note for that string. What I discovered is that a majority of the sites that offer guitar tuning tones play tones that aren’t quite “right” or at least they aren’t very clear.

So, if you want a quick tool to tune your guitar as quickly as possible, and you left your convenient electronic tuner at home, here are 5 awesome websites that will do the trick.

A Guitar Tuning Tone For Each String

The premise of these five sites is very simple. They just play the guitar tuning tone for that string. While the tone is playing, you just play the string and turn the tuning key until the sound of the string matches the computer tone.

The first online tool I’d like to cover is the Gieson tuner, because it appears to be the most popular. This is probably because the tool also offers an embed code where people can place the guitar tuner right on their website or blog.

guitar tuning tones


The front panel is creative. The little device features the five guitar strings, but you can choose to hear the sound as a tone instead (the tone option didn’t work on my computer though.)  You can manually flip each switch by clicking on it, and the sound of the guitar string for that note will repeat. When you’re done, turn off that switch and flip the next.

If you’re very fast at tuning, you can flip the “Auto Advance” switch, and the device will play the sound for each string a few times before moving on to the next note automatically. This allows for hands-free operation so you can focus on tuning your guitar.

The next guitar tuner is offered by ChordBook. This well-designed guitar tuner provides a variety of options to customize the tuner depending on the type of guitar you’re working with.

guitar tuning tones


There are a lot of features here. You can turn the tuning keys to adjust each note depending on how you want to tune your guitar, like turning D into D Minor, or E into E minor. Or, select one of the common alternative tunings from the list if you want to use something other than the standard. When you’re ready to tune, click on the “R” next to each key and the tone for that key will repeat until you’re done.

HotFrets offers a stylish little online guitar tuner app that isn’t quite as feature-filled as the first two listed above, but it does have some entertaining animation.

guitar tuning tones

Just click on each string and the note will play. Alternately, you can just press the number for that string and it’ll play as well. There aren’t any nifty features with this one, it’s just the standard tuning and what you see is what you get.


The next site with guitar tuning tones is actually one of the favorites, only because the designers used a unique style for the thing. It’s offered by Tune My Bass.

online guitar tuning

The presets tab lets you choose what type of guitar you’re tuning, such as a 5 string bass or a 7 string guitar, and custom tuning lets you choose your sound types and also save your presets to a file on your PC. When you’re ready to tune, just hover the mouse over the string and as the tone plays it also displays the note. While you’re busy tuning, the app plays all sorts of animation for you. Yes, those are underpants flying in from the right side of the screen.

The last site that I’d like to cover is aptly called Online Guitar Tuner. At this website, the first thing you’ll want to do is select the type of tuning that you require from the menu list on the right side of the main page.


online guitar tuning

In my case, I’m going to go for the Open G Tuning. Once you click on the tuner type, the next screen opens up with the strings and the tuner keys displayed graphically.

online guitar tuning

Just click on the note, and the tone plays in clear, crisp audio from your computer speakers. The only drawback with this tool is that the sound doesn’t keep playing automatically. You have to keep clicking on the button to hear the tone. If you are somewhat slow at tuning your guitar, this could become annoying – so you might want to consider using one of the online tuners above that offers a more hands-free approach.

Do you know of any other useful guitar tuners online that play accurate, quality guitar tuning tones? Do you have your own unique approach to tuning your guitar? Share your insight in the comments section below.

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  1. Gianni
    April 7, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    these are some great widgets...I had the gieson for a while on my site as you could embed it. if you want to download a good strobe tuner lookup seventhstring's java tuner. very precise and free (or donation based should I say?)

  2. Gianni
    April 7, 2010 at 7:28 am

    these are some great widgets...I had the gieson for a while on my site as you could embed it. if you want to download a good strobe tuner lookup seventhstring's java tuner. very precise and free (or donation based should I say?)

  3. Ryan Dube
    April 6, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Thanks for the great comment - it's nice to hear from another newbie like myself. I just started too - and I've only used acoustic so far. With enough practice and persistence, I'm sure you'll be a pro. Best of luck and keep up the strumming! :)

  4. guitar player
    April 6, 2010 at 7:14 am

    i am also play guitar and still learn by my own, but not play electric guitar yet... :(
    i always dreaming someday i can play as good as paul gilbert or other famous guitar player :D
    by the way its nice info... thanks