5 Of The Best Comic Artists On The Web

Angela Randall 21-02-2012

Comics are an acquired taste, and they vary quite wildly in style and talent – especially on the Internet. Sure, there’s plenty of funny comics out there with a simple drawing style (XKCD and the like), but this list isn’t for them. Sometimes it can be difficult to find new comic artists who create art which is as beautiful as it is interesting. We’ve therefore found a few of the best comic artists online for you who you really should check out.


No list of great artists will ever be complete – we can only really seek to enlighten you of a few artists worth noting and hope that your comic reading experience is better with the knowledge you’ve gained. And with this list of comic artists, we’re fairly sure you’ll love what you find! Note, these are deliberately not in any particular order.

Christopher Baldwin

Christopher Baldwin has written many a great comic which are all wildly different. Take for example Bruno (start here), Little Dee and his current project, Space Trawler. He also works for MAD magazine and has done many other smaller comics. Chris’s work is both wonderfully artistic and intensely enjoyable.

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Kazu Kibuishi

Kazu Kibuishi has a bit of variety you can explore. Copper is the comic to start with (start here) as it’s the most well known and easy to get into without reading every single strip. Newer comics include Flight and Amulet, which are stylistically completely different, but all of his comics are nonetheless very beautiful.

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Ramón Pérez

Kukuburi is the most well-known of Ramón Pérez‘s works (start here), but it is not updated very regularly due to his other work commitments. It’s always worth the wait, though as it’s always gorgeous.

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Karl Kerschl

Karl Kerschl‘s most famous online work is The Abominable Charles Christopher (TACC) (start here), but there’s a number of other works you can find from his homepage. The Abominable Charles Christopher has a wonderful gentle sense of humour, an epic story that slowly appears, and some moments of genuine heartbreak. And it’s all drawn with stunning detail and accuracy.

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Aaron Diaz

Aaron Diaz is most popular for Dresden Codak (start here) which is weird but awesome and pretty. It’s also very popular with a certain subset of geeks.

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Honourable mentions

Here’s a few more artists you should check out too:

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Now, we know we’ve probably missed your favourite artist – there’s too many! But, feel free to send them a little link love and introduce our readers to your favourite comic artist via the comments.

Image Credits With Permission: Christopher Baldwin: Little Dee, Kazu Kibuishi: Copper, Ramón Pérez: Kukuburi, Karl Kerschl: TACC

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