5 of the Best GTA V Mods Available Right Now

Rachel Kaser 30-04-2015

So have you been finally enjoying Grand Theft Auto V on your PC, after all of the delays 15 Unmissable Video Games You Need to Play in 2015 All of these games are due to be released in 2015, meaning this is a list of games you should definitely be keeping an eye out for between now and the beginning of next year. Read More ? Congratulations to all one million of you and counting! The PC version has been out less than a month, but it’s already shot to the top of Steam’s list of top-played games. With that many players and with the PC community’s propensity to fiddle with their games’ files Switching From Console to PC Gaming: 8 Big Differences Explained Thinking about switching from console to PC? Here are some of the biggest differences between gaming on PC and console. Read More , it comes as no surprise that there are already several mods available for GTA V on PC.


Mods have not been officially banned in GTA V, but modders and mod users should be cautious. There is no word yet on what measures are in place to detect and ban mods, if any, but it is likely Rockstar will come down hard on any who try to use them during Online play. For that reason alone, I encourage everyone to think even more carefully than usual before downloading these mods.

Still, if you are willing to risk Rockstar’s wrath and have a little fun with one of the best games released in the last few years, there are already a few mods out there. Here’s the first batch of GTA V mods for use with the PC version.

Script Hook

Many is the time when a player was wandering the mean streets of Los Santos, that satiric mock-up of a vain and shiftless society, and thought to themselves, “I’d really like to do this in the form of a chimpanzee!” Or I assume that’s the case, since a new mod has sprung up that allows you to do exactly that.

Actually, I’m underselling it a bit. Script Hook, which can be found on the GTA Forums, is a trainer which allows you to change various elements of the in-game world in real time. You can change the weather, load your weapons with explosive ammo, make yourself invincible; or, yes, change your form into that of various animals.

Lingon’s Ultimate Cheat Mod

Cheats are already present in vanilla GTA V, though most are limited to a timer. You can be invincible, or have super speed for a set amount of time, but no longer. However, with the creation of modder Lingon’s trainer, those time limits are no longer a problem. It binds various cheats to the number pad, allowing you to turn them on at will.


Want to go without reloading? You can! Need infinite health and stamina? Have it! Want a bottomless bank account? Touch a few buttons, and you can have all the money you can spend. Sure this breaks any semblance of realism GTA V ever had clean in half, but I daresay it will fill a niche in the GTA community.

Lingon’s Superhero Mod

Speaking of Lingon, this is an addendum to the trainer above, which I feel merits its own entry. You can download it as part of the same bundle, though.

Everyone wants to be a superhero, so it’s not really a surprise that one of the first mods to show up in the GTA V community is a mod which basically gives Michael, Franklin, and Trevor superpowers.

This mod gives you super speed and super strength, allowing you to punch people so hard they fly into the lower atmosphere and race to catch them wherever they fall. It still pales in comparison to the superpowers in Saints Row IV, but the mod is still young.


Unlimited Snow

This mod might not sound like much. As mentioned, there’s already a mod for changing the weather in real-time. What good does it do to have everything in Los Santos blanketed in snow? It doesn’t sound like much . . . until you see it in action:

Look at that pristine snowscape! Unfortunately, this mod is the only one on this this list that Rockstar has put out of commission, albeit inadvertently. According to the mod’s creators, it has been broken by the most recent PC patch, so it’s not available at the time of this writing. However, they may rerelease it soon.

Field of View Mod

As mods go, this one fulfills a very basic need. The field-of-view slider in the PC version of GTA V has been criticized by some gamers for being too limited, and even when maxed out it is still arbitrarily narrow. This can be a problem for gamers with motion sickness who cannot find a comfortable point in the vanilla FoV range. This mod frees them from this restriction, allowing the player to expand their FoV by a good twenty percent, by my estimate.

This mod, made by DrDaxxy, can also be helpful for players not susceptible to FoV vertigo. Guns in GTA V’s first-person mode take up a huge portion of the screen, especially while you’re aiming. The FoV mod helps you to see a little beyond whatever iron sights you happen to be packing.


What Mods Have You Found?

Mods for GTA V are just starting to take off with the release of the PC version. Assuming Rockstar allows them to flourish in the same way they have on GTA IV, this is likely to be the first batch of many. So what mods have you seen for GTA V? Let me know in the comments below!

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    LinGon's Ultimate Cheat mod and LinGon's Superpowers isn't even a mod. It's a trainer!

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    Script hook isn't a trainer, it's something that enables scripts to be loaded into GTA V. He merely made a trainer to show it's capabilities.