5 Awesome Sites Full of Free Stuff to Print

Mihir Patkar 11-10-2016

It’s great to go digital and save paper. But sometimes, you really need a good old printout to make the most of things. After all, you can’t hang your iPad on a wall to make it a poster, right?


The internet understands your need. It is benevolent. It is giving. It has kindred souls who come together to bestow upon you the very printables you seek. From cheat sheets for your kitchen to details maps for any travel destination, here are some of the awesome things you can print for free.

1. Gifprint (Web): Turn a GIF or Video Into a Flipbook

Before the internet discovered the language of GIFs GIFs, The Language Of The Web: Their History, Culture, and Future Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of GIFs, how they've evolved, and their cultural impact and significance. Read More , kids everywhere had already found that joy in paper. Flipbooks are a whole lot of fun, and now you can make your own from any GIF on the internet.

Print Free Stuff -- Gifprint

Head over to Gifprint and upload your favorite GIF or link to it. The site will convert the GIF into a series of frames. The site arranges these frames on a standard A4 sheet, which you can then download. Print out that sheet, cut the frames, and arrange them in order. Boom, you have your own flipbook!

Remember, it’s easy to find and create your own GIFs from videos 5+ Best Sites & Apps to Find, Create, or Edit the Perfect GIF From hilarious memes to screencasts, GIFs are everywhere. But where do you find the perfect GIF? How do you make one yourself? With the few perfect sites and tools, you'll be set. Read More . So go get the exact GIF you want and turn it into a flipbook. It could be the perfect gift for someone.


2. Lonely Planet Maps (Web): Detailed Tourist Maps Worldwide

Lonely Planet (LP) is one of the best free international travel guides The Best Free Online International Travel Guides Read More , with its vast staff of travel experts who have gone anywhere and everywhere. Every LP travel book has several interesting maps to guide you. And now you can get those for free.

Print Free Stuff -- Lonely Planet

At the Lonely Planet eBook Maps page, you’ll find maps featured in each and every one of their ebooks. It is helpfully sorted by country, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Hikers and nature lovers will be especially happy to find special segments like trails. LP gets as specific as day hikes at Glacier Point in Yosemite Park.

All the maps are available as free PDFs. But before you print, just check the resolution once and preview it. Not all maps are optimized for standard A4 sheets.

3. Darebee (Web): Workout Posters for Any Exercise

It is helpful to have a visual reminder of your workout routine. It’s why we watch 7-minute workout videos Use Free 7 Minute Workout Videos To Get Into Shape [Stuff to Watch] There are lots of YouTube videos that can show you exactly how your workouts should be going, and they won't cost you a penny. Read More or follow along with TV instructors to get into shape. But video isn’t for everyone. Darebee lets you put on your headphones and pump away, while a simple poster guides your exercise.

Print Free Stuff -- Darebee

The site is full of workout posters that can be printed on standard A4 sheets, or on a larger A3 sheet too. You can choose from a variety of workouts, including some fun ones inspired by popular culture, like “the Batman workout” or “the Hunger Games workout”. Apart from exercises, you can download printable diet plans and recipes too. Things like this are what make Darebee one of those awesome tools to meet your healthy New Year resolutions Make Your New Year Resolutions Work with 9+ Super Tools Every year we need a few fantastic websites and resources in our quest to make a better self. For every new year resolution, you can find an online tool to guide you. We recommend some. Read More .

4. David Seah’s Productivity Printables (Web): For Every Productivity Need

Productivity tools aren’t one-size-fits-all. While the Pomodoro technique might work for some, others might need something like using Kanban boards. Designer David Seah understands that, and has collected free printable productivity planners 10 Free Printable Productivity Planner Templates Finding the perfect printable productivity planner is a time-consuming job. Let us help you get back to your work with this handy list of free planners you can download and use. Read More for everyone.

Print Free Stuff -- David Seah Productivity

Seah has helpfully broken down the printables into different categories: planning, research, scheduling, set goals, shop, tasks, and time. Depending on which part of your routine needs a boost, download the right template and start being more efficient.

Each printable is accompanied by a short writeup, where Seah explains the thought process behind the productivity technique and how to use it effectively. Since he has tried each of these himself, there are personal experiences you can learn from, and not just descriptions.

5. Food Infographics (Web): Printables for Your Kitchen

You’re in the middle of cooking up a storm. You reach for the cornstarch and suddenly realize it’s all over. What do you do now? If you had one of these printables on your kitchen walls, drawers, or the fridge, you’d know exactly what to do. Just substitute it with twice the amount of all-purpose flour.

Print Free Stuff -- Food Infographics

One Redditor set about collecting the most beautiful food-related infographics shared on /r/foodhacks and other popular and inspiring food blogs 5+ Awesome Food Blogs That Will Tantalize Your Senses & Might Even Inspire You To Cook Cooking for ourselves is not always a top priority for most of us. We know we should, we know it’s healthier. Food blogs can provide some excellent inspiration. To be really inspiring, a food blog... Read More . The result is a collection of 27 gorgeous posters that you can print out and stick inside cabinet doors or hang on walls.

From substitutes for common ingredients to guides for using spices, there’s a little bit of everything here. Figure out what you need help with, print it out, and you’ll be better in the kitchen than ever before.

Do You Still Print Things Regularly?

It’s surprising how little the printer gets used in most houses these days. As almost everyone accepts electronics bookings or even showing tickets on mobile screens, the need to print things on paper is reducing.

How regularly do you still print items? When it comes to being productive, do you prefer printed paper or do you rely more on digital tools?

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