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5 Awesome iOS Apps for Starting & Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Bakari Chavanu 26-05-2014

Keeping a gratitude journal can result in higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy – and we can all be grateful for that.


Traditionally, gratitude journals are kept using pen and paper notebooks, but there are now several well crafted digital gratitude journals for iOS devices that allow us to cultivate a habit of recording that which we are most thankful for in our lives. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Gratitude Journal ($2.99)

Billed as “The Life Changing App”, Gratitude Journal is a universal app that uses iCloud to sync journal entries across devices. Its traditional paper diary appearance includes various font styles, ratings, daily quotes, and the ability to add multiple entries (with time stamps) per day, with up to three photos per journal entry.


Gratitude Journal automatically puts your content into a bulleted list, which begins with a “Today I am grateful for…” heading. This set up makes for quick, but also thoughtful entries.

Gratitude Journal for iPhone / iPad ($0.99/$2.99)

Gratitude Journal is one of the most popular (if a little outdated) apps in its genre, and it it’s sold separately for the iPhone and iPad [No Longer Available]. Gratitude Journal includes inspirational quotes, a daily reminder, custom fonts, passcode protection, and the ability to add a rating and attach a photo to a journal entry.

Gratitude journal

The app’s Quickhand font provides a casual handwritten style, with all the advantages of a digital app. Entries in the app can be emailed and shared to PDF, or sent straight to your printer. You can even use daily quotes as inspirational prompts for writing. Entries are organized by calendar date, but they can’t be filtered by entry ratings, nor is there a tagging feature – and the app hasn’t been updated for a while, so lacks optimization for newer iPhone screen sizes.

Gratitude Diary (Free)

Gratitude Diary is a free simple to use journal app that allows for multiple entires per day. For each entry, you are required to provide a specific title followed by details of what you’re grateful for. Unfortunately the app doesn’t include quotes or the ability to add photos, nor can you export or share entries.


Gratitude Diary keeps entries organized by calendar date, and it may be useful for users who don’t want or need lots of features.

Gratitude Journal 365 ($1.99)

Gratitude Journal 365 challenges users to create daily entries for a year, and it includes a very straight forward user interface for simply tapping to create a new entry (only one per day) and adding automatic bulleted content. The free lite version of the app allows for 7 days of journal entries, after which you will need to purchase an in-app upgrade for ($1.99) for unlimited days, social network sharing, and the ability to edit and add filters and frames to photos.

Gratitude 365

Gratitude Journal can be used as well for recording progress on goals and keeping a daily photo log. Entries in the app are organized by calendar, but there are no tagging or other management filters. Gratitudes Journal does include password protection, and the ability to backup via iTunes sharing, and restore those entries should you need to. There is no optimized iPad version of the app.

Day One ($4.99)

We’ve already taken a good look at the Day One journal app Keep a Digital Diary with Day One for Mac OS X and iOS Everyone has a story to tell. It's not always a story in need of an audience, sometimes a story just needs to be told. You may want to continue the journal you started when you... Read More , but one thing we haven’t explored is using its tagging feature for keeping a gratitude journal. As with other tags, you can filter and export all entries by tag to PDF for further backup and sharing.

Day One gratitude

Day One also has a Publish feature that allows for sharing links to selected entries online from the iPhone and iPad version of the app.

The Benefits of Gratitude Journal

Even as we weather the rainy days and storms in our life, keeping a gratitude journal can help to remind us to focus more on the sunshine days and lemonade moments. It can also help reduce depression, daily stress, and encourage a sense of empathy for others.

If you have never tried digital journaling, check out our beginners guide on digital journaling The Beginner's Guide to Digital Journaling  Maintaining a private journal is a great way to build your writing skills, spill out your thoughts, desires, worries, and reflections on paper. The very act of writing itself can often help you think through... Read More , as well as these four journal apps for daily writing 4 Awesome Journal Apps To Write About Your Day [iPhone] Journal and diary writing have a long rich history, and now thanks to very crafty software developers, there are digital shelves of seductively rich apps that inspire you to write down your memories and daily... Read More .

Let us know what you think about keeping a gratitude journal and what platform you use to do so.

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