5+ Awesome Food Blogs That Will Tantalize Your Senses & Might Even Inspire You To Cook

Yaara Lancet 18-07-2011

Cooking for ourselves is not always a top priority for most of us. We know we should, we know it’s healthier. But when we come back home from work, hungry, we just want to put something in our mouths and get it over with, even if it’s just cereal and milk.


Food blogs can provide some excellent inspiration and many times I found myself cooking simply because I found a recipe I really wanted to try. To be really inspiring, a food blog should look good, have a lot of good, informative pictures, and of course, interesting recipes! Below I mention several of the slickest, most inspiring food blogs I know. I hope these help you find some motivation!

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

For all you cowboys and cowgirls out there, The Pioneer Woman Cooks might be the last food blog you’ll ever have to visit.

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Along with numerous (really, there are lots of them) pictures and mouthwatering recipes, The Pioneer Woman provides stories about living in a remote farm somewhere in the US, and I found that her blog helped me pass long boring days at the office, and then inspired me to cook when I got back home. As I mentioned, each recipe is accompanied by a lot of pictures, so if you need someone to hold your hand while you cook, here you’ll get a picture of every single step.

The blog is very stylish, and there is a very accessible bar at the top that lets you browse between specific categories – even ‘Cowboy’ or ‘Cowgirl’ approved recipes! So even if you’re a real cowboy, The Pioneer Woman has some good original recipes for you. Don’t miss the holiday section for some specialized holiday cuisine, and the 16-minute meals for some swift cooking suggestions.


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Noble Pig

Not as styled as Pioneer Woman, Noble Pig is for those of you who want to cook, but are deterred by all those fancy blogs out there that make you feel like everything is really complicated.

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Using simple pictures and lots of good humor, Noble Pig provides some awesome recipes, and some of the best recipe names I’ve seen out there. I mean, how can someone not make something called “Ridiculously Addictive Lemon Squares” or “Hello Belgium, You Had Me At Waffles”.


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It seems to me that as time went by, the writer of Noble Pig got more serious, and a lot of the really fun recipes are older ones (make sure to browse through those!), but the recipes are still inspiring, and there are quite a bit of wine reviews as well, if you’re a fan. All in all, a good catch for some good food!

2 in 1: Cherry Tea Cakes and Hot Polka Dot

I initially meant to mention only one of these blogs, as they are both mainly aimed at desserts and are in general similar in feeling. But both these blogs are so fetching and so inspiring, I simply had to mention both of them, even if together.

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If you are very visual, you are going to love these two blogs. Cherry Tea Cakes even offers an all-picture index, so you can look for that special recipe while browsing food pictures. Both these blogs offer mainly dessert recipes, but very interesting and imaginative ones, and if you’re looking for a recipe for a birthday cake for someone special, or simply for a way to be a hit in tomorrow’s party, chances are you’ll find it in one of these two blogs.

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Hot Polka Dot is probably one of the best looking blogs I’ve ever laid eyes on, and it looks like someone is putting a lot of hard work into it. I just can’t wait to make some Heebee Jeebees!


Yes, there is actually a website by that name. And if you don’t know it yet, you’re looking at your favorite new time-waster (if you’re even somewhat a foodie). FoodPornDaily is not your traditional food blog – there are no actual recipes. But there are pictures. Beautiful pictures, and lots of them.


All you have to do is click the picture, and there comes a new one! You get the name of the dish laid out nicely over the picture, and many times there will be a link at the bottom that will lead you to the recipe.

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Aside from being a time-waster and a great inspiration, FoodPornDaily is also a great way to discover new and interesting food blogs. Click. Drool. Repeat.

Bonus – Pimp That Snack!

While not being a food blog, and not even aimed at inspiring you to cook, I couldn’t write about good food websites without mentioning Pimp That Snack.

If you ever aspired to re-create your favorite snacks in giant form, you’ll find all the advice and inspiration you need at Pimp That Snack, because this is a site that is dedicated to people who do just that. Aside from the sheer fun of seeing people’s adventures recorded, I actually found myself considering if I should make a giant version of a Cream Egg. There are actual recipes and methods of preparation, so maybe this could be a good activity for your next party!

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Just writing this post made me want to make so many things. Even if these food blogs don’t initially attract you, give them a spin, and browse a little bit. I’m sure you’ll find something in one of them that will make you get off the couch and run to the kitchen (and if not, you can always order in 5 Sites To Quickly Order Food Online Read More ).

Let us know in the comments how you faired!

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