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5 Awesome Laptop Decoration Ideas: Stickers, Cases, and More

James Frew Updated 25-06-2020

You’ve probably noticed that most laptops look the same. The rectangular devices have cosmetic differences and sometimes feature the company’s branding. However, there’s little that differentiates your laptop from all the others.


Whether you need to identify your laptop in a crowd or let your personality shine through, there are plenty of ways to pimp your laptop.

Here are five of the best ways to customize your laptop.

1. Cases & Skins

itsaskin1 Laptop Skin itsaskin1 Laptop Skin Buy Now On Amazon $11.88

When you last bought a smartphone, the first thing you likely did was to put your new device in a case. It may seem counter-intuitive to cloak your expensive new phone in cover, hiding the aesthetically-pleasing hardware and branding. However, we use cases to protect our devices, but also as a way to express ourselves.

The same is true of laptop cases and skins. Hardshell cases add some level of protection to your laptop were it to fall or get knocked. Ultimately, though, the main reason you choose a case is to decorate your laptop. Cases come in a wide variety of styles to suit all needs, like the LuvCase MacBook Pro Hard Shell Case. There are cases in solid colors, neon shades, and some even with artwork, cartoons, or other graphic designs.


Laptop skins offer similar possibilities but integrate better with your laptop. That’s certainly true of the itsaskin1 Laptop Skin. The idea of a skin is to look as though it is the laptop’s original design, rather than a third-party add-on. Skins are often coated to add extra grip and to fit tightly onto your laptop. They are also ideal if you don’t intend to change your laptop’s overall look that often, and many companies can even produce custom skins as well.

2. Webcam Privacy Covers

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If you’ve watched a movie or TV show where one of the characters was written to be the computer geek, you’ll have noticed that there’s an entire aesthetic that accompanies it. They are often suspicious of authority and prefer to control their tech, opting for open-source software, Linux operating systems, and customizable devices.

They may even mention the Edward Snowden leaks and campaign for privacy and security. You can mark yourself out as a security-conscious laptop user by installing a webcam privacy shield, like the EYSOFT Webcam Covers.


These inexpensive products protect your privacy by adding a physical cover to your webcam. Using the sliding mechanism, you can easily open and close the shutter. Webcam covers are dual-purpose; they protect your privacy, but also make a visual statement about who you are and the issues that matter to you. If online rights are essential to you, consider supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation by opting for a pack of EFF Camera Covers.

3. Decals and Stickers

Minecraft Laptop Stickers Set Minecraft Laptop Stickers Set Buy Now On Amazon $8.95

For many years, stickers have been a great way to express your interests, beliefs, and hobbies—there’s a reason Apple includes a decal of their logo in every purchase. Decorating your laptop with stickers and decals is an inexpensive and interchangeable way to pimp your laptop.

Stickers are opaque designs stuck to a surface with a light glue, like the Minecraft Laptop Sticker Set. They are relatively cheap to produce, and, as a result, are often given away for free at events, meetups, and other gatherings. Partly, this is a relic of the experience, but it’s also a handy bit of marketing. In many ways, they are an analog version of the “People who enjoyed this also liked…” recommendations.


Apple aside, decals aren’t often given away for free. These (usually) transparent designs aren’t attached with much glue, relying on the material and some static to stick to a surface, like with the G Ganen MacBook Decal. Given the more complex design, they are also slightly more expensive. Adding a decal to your laptop shows that you care enough about the design, company, or topic to spend money on it.

4. Headphones

Apple AirPods Pro Apple AirPods Pro Buy Now On Amazon $214.99

Despite appearances, Apple isn’t a technology company; it is a lifestyle brand. Its products are a part of a marketing campaign designed to show how your life could be better and easier if you invest in Apple devices. The relative merits of the tech aside, there’s a reason that people often go all-in on the Apple ecosystem.

Combining your laptop with some well-matched tech accessories and gadgets is a great way to make your laptop look cool. For instance, if you have a MacBook, you could either opt for the Apple AirPods Pro or Beats headphones. There’s a wide range of well-designed headphones that could make the perfect companion to your Windows laptop, too.


While style plays a part in the overall look, so do the features. Noise-canceling headphones, like the Jabra Elite 85h, suggest you don’t want to be disturbed while you’re working. In-ear or true wireless headphones make it clear you want to remain engaged with the outside world, but may also take a lot of calls or video chats.

5. USB Accessories and Peripherals

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse Buy Now On Amazon $59.95

The previous laptop customization ideas we’ve covered focus on how your electronics look, both to you and others. However, pimping your laptop is also about optimizing it for your needs. Although, in theory, laptops are complete devices, including screens, touchpads, and keyboards, they are designed for portability, not experience.

You can customize your laptop by adding peripherals and USB accessories that make your life easier. For instance, not everyone finds a touchpad simple to use, and some prefer a dedicated mouse, like the Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse, instead. Likewise, your laptop’s limited keyboard may not suit your needs either, so a wireless keyboard could be an option.

Outside of those replacement accessories, you can further improve your setup with other USB accessories. For example, during the hot summer months, you may find it useful to have the KEYNICE USB Fan by your side to keep cool. Alternatively, USB hubs, laptop docks, and cable tidies can make your experience that much easier.

The Best Ways To Decorate Your Laptop

We express ourselves online through our choice of social network, profile pictures, and the sites that we visit. But once the screen is off, little of who we are remains physically on the laptop. Using one of these laptop decoration ideas, you can display your interests, hobbies, and personality in the offline world.

Once you’ve physically customized your laptop, it’s time to personalize your digital experience, too. If you use Microsoft’s operating system, you can change the look and feel of your Windows 10 desktop How to Change the Look and Feel of Your Windows 10 Desktop Want to know how to make Windows 10 look better? Use these simple customizations to make Windows 10 your own. Read More .

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