5 Apps to Find Halfway Points to Meet with Faraway Friends
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Want to meet up with a friend, but can’t decide on a place that’s fair? Today Cool Websites and Apps has four sites that help make things simpler, and another site that’s only kind of related but so awesome we just had to share.

Unless you live within a block of all your friends and family, you probably meet with them from time to time. You could head to their place, but if that’s too far picking a halfway point might be a better idea. So here are some sites that help with this problem, all just a little bit different.

Meet Halfway: Quickly Find the Town Halfway Between Two Places

Let’s start with something simple, shall we? Meet Halfway does exactly what the name implies: inform you of the city closest to half the distance between two other cities. Just type in your two cities, and you’ll see the results in a map complete with how many miles away the halfway point is.


It’s a quick tool for finding out how far you are from your friend, and roughly which place in the world you could meet at for a road trip. But it doesn’t tell you what to do when you get there.

A Place Between Us: Find Specific Kinds of Meeting Points

A Place Between Us, on the other hand, lets you not only find the halfway point between two places but also lets you search for something to do together when you do meet. If you want coffee, search for coffee; if you want a park, search for a park.

place-between-coffee-shopsA particularly nice feature is the ability to add more than two locations: I added as many as five and the site kept giving results, though obviously the more scattered your locations the harder it is to find a meeting place not in the middle of one ocean or another. But if you want to choose a place to meet with an internationally scattered group of people, this site can offer not only a suggested city but things to do when you all get there.

What’s Halfway: Browse Things to Do, Instead of Searching

While A Place Between Us makes you search for your activities, What’s Halfway lets you just browse. Just enter your two locations, and you’ll see a halfway point as with the other tools. This time, however, you can use checkmarks to browse specific things to do in given areas: food, yes, but also cultural destinations and accommodations.

whats-halfway-If you want to get an idea of the sorts of things you can do at your halfway point, this is the tool you should check out first.

Meet Ways: Another Solid Option for Finding Meeting Places

Honestly, you’re spoiled for choice at this point, but I kept finding similar sites with slightly different feature sets and really wanted to share. Meet Ways offers features similar features, but is better turned for finding halfway points in your own city. There are options to calculate your halfway point on driving, as with the other tools, but you can also calculate a halfway point based on walking or public transit.

meet-ways-localIf you’re both taking the subway to get together, calculating by driving miles doesn’t make sense. Meet Ways gives you a better tool for that situation. Oh, and if you’re using public transit, you really need the Transit app Get Transit Times Instantly With Transit For Android Get Transit Times Instantly With Transit For Android Find transit stops near you, complete with up-to-the-moment schedules. Read More . It’s awesome.

Antipodr: What’s on the Other Side of the World from You?

Tired of finding halfway points? Fair enough; here’s something completely different. If you live in North America, you might have dug a hole in the back yard as a kid and claimed you were going to dig to China. That was ridiculous, and your parents knew it: you could never dig that deep, and even if you could the molten core of the inner planet would eventually melt your shovel and/or kill you.

But here’s what your parents maybe didn’t know: China isn’t on the other side of the world. In most cases, the ocean is. Antipodr lets you enter your current location and see what’s on exactly the other side of the planet.

antipodrGo ahead and enter your current location: it’s a lot of fun. Maybe you could make a plan to visit the exact other side of the world one day? And check out our list of ways to compare your country to others 4 Interactive Ways To Compare Your Country With Others 4 Interactive Ways To Compare Your Country With Others Read More  if you find this interesting.

What Tools Do You Use to Find Meeting Places

If heading to Nebraska to meet up with a friend on the opposite coast doesn’t sound like a good time, there are alternatives. You could settle for Google Hangouts instead How To Use Google+ Hangouts To Meet With Friends How To Use Google+ Hangouts To Meet With Friends Google Hangouts is a key feature of Google+. If you are not using Hangouts already, you are missing out! Maybe you haven't yet joined Google+. Well, if you do have a Google account, then joining... Read More , at least until one of you happens to be near the other. You could check your Facebook map while travelling 5 Ways To See Your Facebook Friends On A World Map 5 Ways To See Your Facebook Friends On A World Map Facebook is now the world’s largest social network with more than 500 million users worldwide. Even if you have a fraction of that geographical spread in your friend list, it really helps to locate them... Read More  to get an idea of where people you know live while travelling. Or, instead of travelling to meet with friends, you could meet new friends while travelling 10 Effortless Ways To Meet Interesting People While Traveling 10 Effortless Ways To Meet Interesting People While Traveling When traveling, it can often be difficult to meet like-minded, interesting people to spend your days and evenings with. With the right tools and some enthusiasm, it can be an effortless exercise. Read More .

But those are just our ideas: we want to know about your ideas. What tools do you use to find meeting places? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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