5 Amazing Ways to Get Inspired and Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

Mihir Patkar 21-06-2016

Good intentions are just half the job of achieving your goals. It can be difficult to form a new habit and stick with it How To Form A New Habit When It Seems Too Hard To Keep Going Habits don't form overnight. Every year, we make these resolutions that call for major changes. If you want a new habit, you need to be ready for pitfalls and how to overcome them. Read More . Temptations lie everywhere. To get motivated, it’s a good idea to visualize what you are going for, and perhaps even boost your self-belief with a quick comparison.


When the objective seems too daunting, it can help to see it be done by someone else. When you think it’s too late at your age, it’s inspiring to hear the stories of others who managed bigger things by starting even later. When the effort seems like too much trouble, breaking it down into a small amount of time can make it seem easier.

It’s time to get inspired.

Hours to Improvement (Web): Find What You Could Achieve in X Hours

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL, searched for the most popular goals people have, and figured out how to make them seem more achievable. Just tell TEFLSearch how many hours in a day or a week you are willing to spend on improving yourself.


For example, if you choose to spend four hours every week on a different activity, you could become a Samaritan or learn web design Want to Learn Web Design? 7 YouTube Channels to Get You Started YouTube has thousands of videos and channels for web design beginners. Here we look at some of the best ones for getting started. Read More . Once you set how many hours you’ll spend, a grid of goals pops up. Click any to find a few pointers on how to get started on this activity.


TEFLSearch helps avoid common goal-setting mistakes 5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Goals Goal setting is a great way to cut down on procrastination and boost productivity. If you don’t have goals, you don’t have direction. Without direction, it’s easy for you to feel lost and confused. Fortunately,... Read More , since you have a more realistic goal and a clear plan to get started.

Visual BMI (Web): Before-After Weight Loss Success Photos

Losing weight is among the most popular New Year’s resolutions Make Your New Year Resolutions Work with 9+ Super Tools Every year we need a few fantastic websites and resources in our quest to make a better self. For every new year resolution, you can find an online tool to guide you. We recommend some. Read More for people across the world. There are plenty of tools and helpful weight loss communities Shed The Pounds: Subscribe To These 4 Weight Loss Subreddits Have you made a resolution to lose a bit of weight? Reddit is a great resource for this, with plenty of subreddits for those eager to reach a healthier weight. Read More to shape up, but sometimes, you look in the mirror and lose hope. That’s when you need to head to Visual BMI.


Choose your sex, height, and weight — either current or target—and the site will spit out a large collection of before-after comparison photos of regular people who have successfully undergone a physical transformation. There are pictures of people losing upwards of 100 pounds!

By adjusting the height and weight, you’ll get a better idea of what your transformation can look like, which is all the motivation you might need to get back to the gym.

Giveit100 [No Longer Available] (Web): Inspiring Real-Life Videos of 100 Day Challenges

Scientists say it takes 66 days to form a new habit, so if you extend that to 100 days, you’re definitely going to see some real results. Don’t believe it? Check out the video stories of these real people who achieved a difficult task.

It started with Karen X. Cheng’s project to learn how to dance by practicing it regularly for a hundred days. When she realized her goal, she expanded that to others, asking them to take the 100 days’ challenge.

You’ll see videos of ordinary people trying to better their lives by recording themselves doing one task every day. From a push-up every day to learning to touch one’s toes, it’s like making a public to-do list to motivate yourself How a Public To-Do List Can Work for You If Nothing Else Does Can sharing your to-do list with others give you the boost to actually tackle all the items on it? Try leveraging the power of the public to get things done. Read More —and in this, motivating others.

Careers of Founders (Web): Timeline of Failures and Successes of Achievers

No entrepreneur got it right on the first try. Everyone has problems along the way. Some failures are big, some are small, but seeing the complete timeline of a famous founder’s career will give you a whole new perspective.


Fleximize’s little app, The Careers of The Founders, has plotted founders like Colonel Sanders, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Ariana Huffington, and many more. On a bar that represents their age, you’ll see red flags to denote failures, blue flags to denote successes, and white flags to denote when they founded a venture. It’s a big picture perspective.

Apart from this, you might want to check out some motivational TED talks to get inspired 10 Motivational TED Talks To Help You Chip Away At Your Mental Blocks The valuable lesson from the lives of achievers is that they chip away at their mental blocks more consistently than others. Ten TED Talks underscore one simple thing – it’s all in the mind. Read More similarly by the words of successful people.

Accomplished (Web): Find What Others Were Doing at Your Age

Often, we think it’s too late for us to chase our dreams. “I’m too old to go for that now,” you might say to yourself. Well, you’d be surprised at what age many of the people you admire started their journeys.


Accomplished asks you to write your age, and then quickly tells you what other significant achievements were accomplished at that age, or who started on their journey at that age. For example, if you put the age 35, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s the age at which Julia Child started to learn to cook!

The best way to use Accomplished, in my opinion, is to not put your current age, but an upcoming number which can serve as a target for you. Tell yourself that in another three years, you will accomplish something great, and then check what people three years older than you have done. It’ll be inspiring enough for you to create a vision board and meet your big goal How to Create a Vision Board and Meet Your Big Goals You can call them as big rocks or big, hairy, audacious goals. Some call it a bucket list. Emptying that bucket calls for action. This is where a visual tool like Trello proves useful. Read More .

Whose Story Inspires You?

When you look at the people around you or famous achievers, whose story has most inspired you? Tell us their tale in the comments, or add a link with their story to motivate and inspire others.

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