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5 Amazing Things That Are Happening On Twitter Without You Knowing

Mihir Patkar 05-11-2013

100 million daily users. 215 million monthly active users. 500 million tweets per day. We hope you’re already using Twitter 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter Twitter has now been with us for seven years and counting. This was seven years to the day since Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet in 2006, at a time when the micro-blogging social... Read More . But with that much information floating around, you can’t be blamed if you miss out on a great story that takes place on the micro-blogging network.


The bigger events still make the news around the world, just like when Janis Krums first tweeted a photo of a plane crash-landed in the Hudson river. But there’s a lot more happening in 140 characters than you thought. And it’s pretty amazing.

Have Twitter, Will Travel

Can you travel around the world using Twitter? Paul Smith sure seemed to think so and at 33 years old, he set out on a project that would go as far as the kindness of people on Twitter would take him. Paul is the world’s first Twitchhiker.

In 2009, from Gateshead in England, Paul set off on a challenge to see how far he could go in 30 days. The travel and accommodation could only come through people who offered it through Twitter, he couldn’t make plans beyond 3 days, and he has to move on from any location in 48 hours. On his journey, Paul found himself in Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, finally culminating in Air New Zealand offering him a flight to Auckland. Halfway around the world in 30 days, without spending a dime on travel or stay. Jealous? Go ahead and find your travel inspiration through Twitter How You Can Use Social Media to Save on Travel By keeping up with social media trends, applying for the right gigs, and knowing what social sites and apps are best, you can fund your next adventure with ease. So, read more, save, and travel! Read More .

Carjacked & Rescued

A guy in a car gets hijacked and the assailants speed off with him locked in the trunk. But they forgot to take away his mobile phone! The guy sends a tweet to his friend, Tanisha Reddy, who immediately posts this on Twitter:

@PigSpotter has over 100,000 followers and that RT puts Tanisha in touch with local private security forces. Working together, they get a trace on her friend’s cell phone and with the aid of local police, intercept the car and rescue her friend. One tweet made the difference between life and death.


A Game Of Catch With A Pro

What happens when a professional baseball pitcher doesn’t have a throwing partner? Colorado Rockies star Jeremy Guthrie just asked his 60,000+ followers if anyone is up for a game of catch. And luckily for fan Woody Roseland, he had his glove with him.

In 15 minutes, the two were throwing down at Coors Field. Moral of the story? If you’re in Denver, always keep your mitt with you — you never know when Guthrie will come calling again!

Live Collaboration With House Music Icon

Progressive-House music producer and icon deadmau5 is huge on Twitter. And sometimes, he streams his work so that his 2.5 million+ followers can listen in on the studio. On one such occasion, vocalist Chris James really dug the grooves and sent out this tweet:

It blew away deadmau5, who soon tweeted out to everyone:


He eventually asked James to send over a full vocal set for the track. Who would have thought you could jam with one of the biggest music producers around through a couple of tweets?

Tweet Your Way To Your Dream Job

Jerry Rizzo loved the Philadelphia 76ers. So when he saw that they were asking fans to vote for a new mascot among two choices — Phil E. Moose and B. Franklin Dogg — the 23-year-old and his friend decided to create Twitter accounts for both and really rally the troops to vote for them.

The tweets really took off, and soon the NBA team got in touch with the duo to take over the accounts in exchange for season tickets. But the real cherry on top came when Sixer’s CEO Adam Aron was so impressed that he offered Rizzo a job as the official Social Media Coordinator for the team, which he still holds. Not bad for a few days of tweeting, eh?

Do You Have A Story To Tell?

People use Twitter in ways you can’t even imagine These People Use Twitter In Ways You Can't Imagine Where you and I might see a box for 140 characters, these people see a blank canvas that they can turn into anything they want. Who would have thought Twitter could be used like this? Read More . So here’s your chance to tell us about that cool thing that happened to you on Twitter. We read every single comment, so have at it!


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