4 YouTube Channels for Masters of Disguise

Joshua Lockhart 14-08-2012

masters of disguise youtubeI have a confession to make. Everyone on MakeUseOf is the same person, and that person is “our” managing editor, Mark O’Neill. To be honest, I thought it would be a great idea! I just wanted to see if I could pull it off, and yes, I know this may be a surprise to some! I know there are a million questions running through most of your minds. How could this be? How could one man write so many articles in a day? Well, take it from me….you just have to have a certain level of talent How to Find a Creative Job by Showing Off Your Work Online Showcasing your best work via popular online communities can land you the dream job you've always wanted. Read More (and good looks).

No, no. I’m just messing with you. I’m just another MUO pawn – Joshua Lockhart. However, there are a lot of people out there that do pretend to be other people, and some of them make a living off of it. Some of them are right on YouTube, and today, MakeUseOf has found four channels worth watching that are all about disguise-based pranks! Stick around, for the videos you’ll find today are hilarious 90's TV Stars, US Phone Carriers Sucking, PC Gaming Growing And More [Best Of Reddit] This is the weekly column where we look at some of the coolest shenanigans taking place on Reddit and share them with all of you. This week we have an IAmA with a 90's Nickelodeon... Read More .

Uncle Floville

masters of disguise youtube

Uncle Floville is a character created by Wayne Spring of Albany, Louisiana. Spring apparently acquired a premium special effects mask of an elderly man, and after that, he did what anyone would do – starting pulling the funniest pranks ever with it. Spring goes around Albany dressed as a certain “Uncle Floville”, messing with friends and people he doesn’t even know. The pranks are good clean fun, and even though he used his disguise to steal beer money from a good friend, it’s worth watching (he gave his friend the beer).

Ed Bassmaster

masters of disguise

Ed Bassmaster is quite possibly YouTube’s most talented master of disguise. He has a wide range of characters that pull pranks on people from all over, and he always has a camera shooting the craziness from afar. Furthermore, he takes his characters to the phone lines, making insane prank calls to people everywhere.

In addition to this, his characters make frequent trips to fast food drive-thrus. If you only watch one YouTube 5 YouTube Channels for Must-See Movie Reviews The majority of us like watching movies. Sure, the genres we love differ, but there's still little better than losing yourself in a different world packed with a story, a setting, and characters for a... Read More channel from this list today, I would make it Bassmaster’s.

Random and Haggard

masters of disguise

Sometimes a disguise doesn’t have to be visual or physical. Sometimes all you have to do is disguise your voice. Random And Haggard – although no longer active 4 Websites for Socially Awkward People to Improve Their Skills Sometimes there are individuals who simply just don't do well with social situations that most people face everyday. Do you have trouble going through drive-thru restaurants? Have you ever had problems talking to people while... Read More – are some of the best telephone pranksters out there, and honestly, it’s a shame that we haven’t seen much from them in years. The pair makes calls to various fast food restaurants and department stores, putting on characters that are designed to cause sheer confusion.

I’ve always found myself coming back to their work, and they almost always get a laugh out of me.

Just For Laughs TV

masters of disguise youtube

I’ll be honest and say that I would not consider Just For Laughs TV to be necessarily a disguise channel. However, the videos always have various characters that are worth watching, and I guess that technically we can say that a disguise is merely a character, right? (I know I’m stretching it just a little.)

Anyway, this channel is great for watching series of pranks played on various innocent bystanders, and there is a lot of content to view on here alone. Each video is merely accompanied with its own score and a fabricated laugh track, but that doesn’t take away from their hilarity Love Is Blind, Batman, Winrar And More [Best of Reddit] Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; welcome to another fun-filled edition of the Best of Reddit. This week we have an IAmA with a guy who believes love is blind, some... Read More .


That’s all the fun we have for you today, MUO-ers. However, as always, we’d love to get some feedback from you! What other prank websites do you know of? Do you have any disguise stories of your own?

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