4 Super-Cheap VPN Subscriptions You Can Get Today
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If you use the Internet to do, well, anything, you should have a VPN to keep your information safe and secure (plus, a VPN offers plenty of other benefits).

Today, we’re going to look at 4 heavily discounted VPN subscriptions and even some bundles that come with bonus services. If you’re sick of spending upwards of $40 a year for a VPN (or more in some cases), then you need to check out the services offered on MakeUseOf Deals!

Dashlane Premium & Hotspot Shield Elite VPN: 3-Year Subscription Bundle ($69.99, 61% Off)

To start this off, we’re going to look at a bundle that has everything you need to create the most secure Internet enviroment ever. First, you get a 3-year subscription to Dashlane, a service that’ll manage all of your passwords for you. It has all the features you’d expect from a password manager — stores them securely, generates secure passwords, autofill forms, and so on.


Of course, you’ll also get access to one of the web’s premier VPN services in Hotspot Shield Elite. It makes getting around location-based restrictions a breeze thanks to servers in 20 countries.

If you worry about hackers and identity thieves, this bundle is perfect for you. It’ll keep both your passwords and connection secure, allowing to browse the Internet in peace. At $69.99 for 3-years of access to both services, you really can’t go wrong.

VPN Unlimited & To Do Checklist: Lifetime Subscription Bundle ($34.99, 94% Off)

This deal gets you lifetime access to a VPN service and a premium to-do list for just $34.99. To put it simply, you can protect your Internet browsing for an absurdly low price.

It’ll let you secure your public Wi-Fi connections, and you’ll get unlimited bandwidth, so you can freely use it as much as you want without worrying about going over any kind of caps.

There are also plenty of servers, with VPN Unlimited now offering choices in 53 locations in 39 different countries. This gives you tons of options for getting around any location-based restrictions, so you can watch what you want, where you want!


As a bonus to go along with your VPN Unlimited subscription, you’ll also get premium access to To Do Checklist, which is a great way to keep track of your busy schedule.

It will let you create tasks and organize them into lists, synchronize tasks across multiple devices, share tasks with others, give them geographic locations, and much more.

If you want a full-featured iOS application for keeping track of your stuff, this is a great one to have, especially as part of this deal that already gets you lifetime VPN access!

PureVPN: Lifetime Subscription ($79, 86% Off)

PureVPN is used by over a million people, so you know you can trust it to keep your connection secure. It has over 500 servers in 141 countries, so you can connect pretty much anywhere you need to. This means that intrusive geo-restrictions will be a thing of the past. Want to watch Netflix on a business trip? No problem. Want to watch Hulu Plus in a country where it’s not available? Done!


This service works with computers, smartphones, TVs, routers, and even game consoles. Basically, if you have a device that connects to the Internet in some way, PureVPN will be able to secure its connection with ease.

PureVPN also promises incredibly fast speeds, so you won’t even notice you’re using the web behind a VPN. You can connect up to 5 devices at one time, and you get unlimited bandwidth, so you can download, stream, and browse as much as you want.

TigerVPN Full: Lifetime Subscription ($49, 93% Off)

With TigerVPN’s full plan, you get access to 40 different servers spread throughout 25 countries. This will allow you to get around all kinds of location restrictions to watch the kinds of content you want. When choosing a VPN, you want to make sure you have options as far as servers go, and this one gives you plenty.

This service has 10Gbps servers optimized to limit latency globally, so you’ll keep as much of your full speed as possible. A VPN is always going to take away a bit of your speed, as you’re routing your connection, but TigerVPN promises to make that much less of an issue.

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For those of you looking to download torrents, TigerVPN does support it, but only on select servers. Of course, we don’t encourage using torrents to do illegal file sharing, but there are plenty of ways to use them that aren’t illegal.

Whether you want to use PPTP, L2TP, or OpenVPN encryption protocols, TigerVPN will support it. And while we’re talking options, you can use this on any platform. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as support for Windows, Mac and even certain wireless routers.

Another key thing you’ll get with the full plan is unlimited usage. This means you can get on and use the service as much as you want without ever worrying about losing speed or the ability to encrypt your connection.

Still not sure? Here are some other cool features offered by TigerVPN:

  • 256bit SSL encryption
  • 2 simultaneous connections to connect multiple devices at the same time
  • Doesn’t separate IP addresses of users so your browsing habits are secure

Be Safe Out There!

The Internet is a dangerous place, but with a VPN, you can make it much safer! Snag one of the above deals, and you can browse the web in peace and harmony!

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