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4 Methods For Dota 2 Players To Keep Track Of Stats

Dave LeClair 01-10-2013

dota In the world of Dota 2 What Is Dota 2 & Why Should You Care? In the world of games, Valve Corporation has recently grown into one of the largest and most consistent game publishers (with the skyrocketing success of their Steam distribution network) and game developers (with the international... Read More , stats are incredibly important. Players obsess over numbers, both their own and those of the pros. Valve offers the ability to view your recent games and your wins, losses, and abandons in the client, but for most players, this just is not enough information.


Thankfully, plenty of third-parties have stepped up to the plate to provide users with the detailed statistics they crave. Whether you are looking for information about your own games, or you prefer to check out the stats of the professional players in recent tournaments, these websites have you covered. Perhaps the knowledge you obtain might just go a long way towards making you a better player.


This website is, without question, the best place to get your own personal Dota 2 stats. The amount of detail you can find is absolutely incredible.


On the main page of DOTABUFF you will find things like your most played heroes, latest matches, names you’ve used in the game, your performance with friends, and your overall win loss ratio. Any of those recent games can be clicked for more information on the stats of that game such as kills, deaths, gold per minute, XP per minute and so on.



If you want to dig deeper into your games, you can click the “Matches” tab on the front page and see every match in your Dota 2 history.

If you click “Heroes” you will see a breakdown of how well you’ve performed with each of the game’s characters. You can sort by the name of the hero, how often you’ve played them, and your win percentage.


The last tab, and my personal favorite, shows your records. In this area you can see key statistic like your highest ever gold per minute, most damage dealt to enemy heroes, and so much more. It’s a fun resource to look at, and it also gives you goals to strive for as you can try to beat your own records.


All of the information available on your own page is also available from other players, as long as they have enabled DOTABUFF to see their stats. This allows you to compete with your friends, and it goes even further towards giving you goals, which will help you become a better player.

This site is quite a bit smaller in terms of the features offered than DOTABUFF, but it’s still a great resource for players to examine some numbers. This site is aimed more towards only accessing your own stats, whereas DOTABUFF is built as a sort of stats-based social network.


What I do really like about this site is the fact that it compares the stats relative to the average in the Dota community. So if, for example, you were looking at last hits, you would see how many you average per game versus how many the average user of the website gets. This can be useful because if you are below that average, you know you have a part of your game that you need to work on.



Pubstats also features some stats that you won’t find elsewhere like how well you do based on how the game is. Are you a mid-game stomper, or do you prefer to take things to deep waters. This site will let you know.


This website, unlike the other two, is designed for you to look at stats in pro games. If you are new to the competitive scene 5 Websites For All The Latest Happenings In Dota 2 [MUO Gaming] Dota 2 is a huge game right now, and while it may not be as popular as League of Legends, it is hot on its heels with an ever rising player base. As a whole,... Read More , finding out which pros are good at what can help expand your knowledge base a great deal.



The stats section of Dota-Academy is divided into four sections; heroes, teams, players, and tournaments. You can click on any of these sections to see how well certain heroes do in pro games, who are the winningest players, what teams have the best win percentage and so much more.


All the data is displayed in sortable charts, which makes it easy for you to look over the different elements of the website and find out the information you need. It’s a simple layout, but from a pure data perspective, it’s one of the most robust resources on the web.

On Mobile


If you don’t want to resort to using the two websites mentioned above to monitor your stats on mobile, there are apps that can handle the job for you. On iOS, the best choice is an application called Dota 2 Metrics, which we’ve actually covered before in our list of Dota 2 iOS apps Love Dota 2? Here Are 4 iOS Apps You Need So, you've spent hours upon hours playing Dota 2. Now, for one reason or another, you are being forced to leave your home to face the scary outside world. This means you can't play the... Read More . For Android users, the most popular choice is called Dota 2 Statistics. It has very positive reviews on Google Play, and it’s definitely a great way to see how you’re doing while away from home


If you, like me, love Dota 2, the resources listed above will let you take your love to the next level. Whether you want to analyze your own stats or those of the pros, these websites and apps can handle it with ease.

How do you monitor your Dota 2 stats? Do you even play Dota 2? Do you want to? Hit the comments section below and let your voice be heard!

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  1. Dan
    January 19, 2016 at 6:11 am

    Dota metrics is us App Store only. There's another one for other areas of the world, the dotabase.

    This seems to have regular updates and new features.

  2. Anonymous
    June 26, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    I would also add