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4 Ideas for a Fun Date Using a GPS Smartphone and Some Romance

Angela Randall 15-05-2012

Almost everybody has a smartphone with GPS 10 Fun Outdoor Games to Play Using GPS-Enabled Smartphones Using the GPS functionality that's built into all modern smartphones, you can now walk out the door and start exploring the world -- and make a fun game out of it. Read More these days, but they’re still sorely underused when it comes to creative days out of the house. If you’re a geek looking to impress a date with your creativity, passion for life and cool tools, then using your GPS to liven things up could be the answer.


If you have no idea what the words geocache, waymark or confluence mean, take a read of this article on 10 Fun Outdoor Games To Play Using GPS Enabled Smartphones 10 Fun Outdoor Games to Play Using GPS-Enabled Smartphones Using the GPS functionality that's built into all modern smartphones, you can now walk out the door and start exploring the world -- and make a fun game out of it. Read More , before you read this article. It will explain these things to you clearly, so you can make sense of these date suggestions.

1. Set Up Romantic Geocaches

A romantic geocache can easily focus on what is hidden in the cache. If you’re hiding things for your date deliberately, don’t use publicly known caches. Make your own caches and note the locations in your favourite application (e.g. Treasure hunt). Maybe confuse your date by searching for a combination of public geocaches and your own prepared caches.

romantic date ideas

Hide memorable trinkets, quotes, poetry, photographs, music, a massage voucher (given by you, of course!), flowers, candles, etc. Make sure you hide things your date will want to keep or that you will both make use of during your date, like a disposable camera or tickets to a play. And don’t hide anything too costly as someone else might find it first!

2. Plan A Romantic GPS Treasure Hunt

Use something like Locomatrix’s Treasure Hunt application to create the perfect GPS-based day out. Also check out Waymarking, Google Maps or Localscope 5 Cool Travel Tools to Get a Truly Local Experience True travelers know that a local's knowledge is the real thing. With the right travel tool, find a local person wherever you are going, and check out their city through their eyes. Read More to find the co-ordinates of some interesting things in your area.


For a romantic treasure hunt, it’s all about where you go, what you can see and what you can do there. If you’ve been together a while, you can use shared memories as both clues or part of the prize.

Consider these ideas – the beach, a secluded garden, fruit picking, fancy restaurant, boat rides, hiking, view points, volunteering, planetarium, festivals, lectures, dancing, zoo, bowling, open house inspection, feeding ducks, laser tag, wine tasting, flea market, art gallery, aquarium, library, watch a band, camping, forest, mini golf, rivers, ice cream parlour, waterfalls, luxury bar, bike riding etc.

romantic date night ideas

Consider mixing in some difficulty and give only vague clues to the next point you need to find. And don’t forget to end your treasure hunt with a prize! (hint – the prize could be you!)


3. Go Geohashing Or Confluence Hunting With A Picnic

Here’s an idea for the truly adventurous. Plan to have a picnic as close to a nearby confluence or the day’s local Geohashing point as possible. You could end up anywhere, so make sure the fun is in the adventure and not the end location. Bring along some cards, balls or a frisbee to play with just to keep it interesting – and plan something in a location you know is great for later that day in case things go awry.

romantic date night ideas

4. Mix It Up!

You’re in charge here. You can plan your date to involve a little adventure, some romantic locations, a fabulous meal, a few romantic geocaches and some pre-planned thing to do which you will find along the way. The more variety the better!

Why not plan a treasure hunt with a picnic, or hide a picnic basket as your geocache? Perhaps a kite could be hidden in a geocache nearby to your picnic? Or maybe hide a small present for your date in a geocache after your treasure hunt has led you out to lunch at a nice restaurant?


romantic date ideas

Try to find ways to do things you both love while you’re out. For instance, if you both love photography, why not try to ensure your date takes you to as many great views or interesting natural features as possible? Or if you’re both into books and literature, print out some romantic poetry 7 Sites To Find Great Valentine Poems For Your Date Read More and read it to each other while sitting in a boat or on the side of a hill? It’s the little things that make the date!

If you’re looking for more romantic date ideas (or people to have the perfect date with), check out HowAboutWe Suggest Romantic Date Ideas & Find Compatible Partners With HowAboutWe If you've ever spent any time dabbling in the online dating scene, you've probably realised that it has some huge limitations. Mostly, that it can be really hard to find someone who you're actually going... Read More . It’s a great source of date inspiration, whether you’re looking for someone to date or not.

What will you be doing for your next date?


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  1. Sublimation
    September 5, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Great article! I set up a geocache to propose to my fiancee. It was at the bench where we first kissed years before. I made her search around for a while, and waited for her to turn around while I was crouched down on one knee. She was soaked in her own tears in the middle of the small, quiet park as the sun was setting. Needless to say, it was the most slobbery kiss I have ever received. It was also the best! I surprised her with tickets to a Pink Floyd laser show, and finished the date camping in our favorite spot for the weekend.