4 Funny & Odd Search Engines That Work Off The Beaten Track

Saikat Basu 23-01-2012

odd search enginesIf we didn’t know better, most of us would have thought of Google as a really far-out and funny search engine. Well, sometimes it does prove itself to be just that. We all have been smirking witnesses to its oddball results now and then.


But this article is not about Google…it is about the other search engines out there that are also doing their little bit to raise the mood around the world. Search engines that are off the beaten track form a legion of their own. We saw a few when we listed 10 Offbeat & Alternative Search Engines You Might Not Have Heard Of 10 Offbeat & Alternative Search Engines You Might Not Have Heard Of These ten alternative search engines are offbeat in two ways – firstly, in the way some of them get to the data, and secondly in the way they display it. You should keep a few... Read More .

The search engine pile is far from dry; let’s check out a few funny and odd search engines that define the word – offbeat.


odd search engines

Feed the duck or massage the goose, this search engine won’t ever give you the right answer. Why? Because being always right is so boring. WackoSearch’s tagline says it all – “You’ll be amazed how wrong he can be.” Put in a search query and WackoSearch returns a list of completely irrelevant search results. But it’s not all nonsense, as a browse through the results could give you some nice finds. At least I got quite a few funny results which kept me searching for more with some wild queries.

Funny Google

weird search engines


The search engine’s About statement says it all –  Funny-Google is a search engine that uses the search technology of Google, the results are presented with the same effectiveness and speed with that the North American brand is recognized in all parts of the world.

So, what’s different? Well, you get to “play” with the branding as Funny Google allows you to set your name or any name for that matter in place of the usual logo. Check the screenshot. Put in your own “branding” and use it as a show-off homepage. The results page though, does not retain the customized name.

Create Funny Logo

weird search engines

A very similar search engine or more of a search engine interface that lets you customize a normal Google search with your own name. You can create your personalized search engine with your logo and then share the URL with friends.


odd search engines

This is a search engine you can really make use of (pardon the pun). Oh My God LOL! Is a cool search engine that trawls for funny pics of the query you put in. It is a funny pictures search engine and therefore quite useful, if you like a quick laugh. Try out Oh My God LOL! with a few weird phrases.

The uses you can put these offbeat and odd search engines to could be minimal. But they provide a diversion as long as they survive the churn of the web. These few were assembled after an intensive search. It seems that the number of offbeat and almost useless search engines is dwindling fast. Have you come across any that deserves a mention here? Let us know about your favorite odd search engine.

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