4 Free Sports Games To Play In Google Chrome

Dave LeClair 19-08-2011

play free sports gamesEver since Google Chrome took off in popularity, their app store has exploded with content as well. Chrome has always had extensions, but apps are a fairly new service from the Google browser. With any app store, there are always going to be lots of games 5 Cool Word Games You Can Play On Google Chrome & Test Your Language Skills Word games help to continue our love affair with the language. Let’s combine English, learning, fun, and games and go over to Google Chrome’s Web Store to checkout some browser games to pass time and... Read More and Chrome has lots available such as Angry Birds Play the Angry Birds Game in Your Browser Right Now, For Free Are you too productive working on your computer? Good news! Angry Birds is now available on every computer, so you'll never actually work again. Or, at least, never be able to. That's right, the infamously... Read More , Plants vs Zombies and Poppit. Many of these games have already made huge waves on the Android and Apple app stores, so it serves to reason that they would eventually arrive for the the Chrome web store as well.


Sports games are a very popular genre for any gaming platform. For Chrome right now there doesn’t seem to be a lot of sports games out there, but there are some that are good. There are games from many of the major sports, but some of them are just terrible. For all you sports fans out there I have dug through the trenches of the Google Chrome Web Store to find the sports games that are actually worth checking out.


play free sports games

This is a fairly simple game from the guys at MiniClip. It is an arcade baseball game that features two modes. There is the Bottom of the Ninth mode, and the Arcade mode. In Bottom of the Ninth you are the batter for your team, and your team is down by two runs. You have one inning to score three runs and win the game for your team. In the arcade mode you get ten pitches to rack up as many points as possible. There is a target on the field, and you have to try and hit the ball as close to the middle of the target as possible.

The hitting is simple and accurate. When the pitcher winds up to throw, the location of the pitch will appear on the screen. You have a couple of seconds to place your mouse over the ball and aim in the direction and height of where you would like the ball to go. You don’t have a lot of time to make this all happen, so you have to be quick.

WGT Golf Challenge & WGT Golf Game

play sports games


WGT Golf features two solid games on the Chrome App Store. They have a skins game where you are tasked with trying to get the ball as close to the hole as possible, and a traditional 18 hole golf game.

The mechanics behind both games are the same, it just comes down to what kind of golf you are looking to play. The full 18 hole game is going to take a lot longer since you have to take multiple swings on each hole, whereas the skins game is just one swing to see how close to the pin you can make it.

To swing you simply click near the club, pull back and release when you reach your desired power level. It is a simple swing mechanic that is perfect for a game played in your web browser.

The Champions 3D

play sports games


This is a soccer game that feels a lot like a throwback to the sports games of the past. It plays and looks like much like an NES soccer game. You use WASD or the arrow pad to control your players on the field, and X or N to pass and C or M to shoot. The games are very quick, so it’s great if you only have a couple minutes to kill.

It is not an advanced soccer game, but if you want to tap into that old school feel and have some fun playing soccer I would check this one out.

Canvas Rider

play free sports games

I’ll start by admitting that calling this game a sports game is a little bit of stretch. It is a biking game, and biking is a sport, but the main reason I’m including this game in the list because it is awesome. It is an arcade game, but I had so much fun with it I had to include it. It is a throwback to Excite Bike from back in the day. You ride your bike along a path and try to not to flip over.


What makes this game so awesome is the fact that the tracks are all created by other users. It is just an all round good time, and I would recommend checking it out.


The Google Chrome app store is still a fairly new service, and with any new service like this there is going to be a lot of garbage. If you are willing to dig enough there are some fun games on there. While these free sports games may not rival their Xbox 360 counterparts, they are still a lot of fun and worth checking out.

What sports games do you recommend for Google Chrome? Let us know in the comments.

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