4 Firefox Add-ons To Compare Movies And Get Critic Ratings From Popular Movie Websites

Saikat Basu 21-11-2011

movie ratingsI don’t care to remember the number of times I have taken a film critic at his word and ended up wasting lot more than the price of a movie ticket. A few ruined dates later I have become a ‘wise guy’. Now, I try to catch as many movie ratings and reviews as possible mixed with word of mouth before I plonk down money for a movie ticket.


With my trusty Firefox browser by my side I go in the hunt for trusted movie reviews across the length and breadth of the web. There are more than a few movie websites featuring reviews on the latest that have hit the theatre. There are also quite a few Firefox add-ons that help to shortcut the process Top 6 Firefox Add-ons For The Movie Freak Read More for movie freaks like me. And here are four Firefox add-ons that help you compare movies across the popular movie information sites.

CineMeter [No Longer Available]

movie ratings

To get a broad overview, you really need to be aware that each site rates a movie differently. IMDb gives a movie ‘stars’ according to the feedback it gets from users. Rotten Tomatoes uses a mix of reviews from certified film authors and major film reviewers to arrive at the Tomatometer score. Users also give feedback here on how a movie has fared. MetaCritic with its Metascore and MovieWeb also have their own rating systems.

The Cinemeter is a short and precise Firefox add-on that works from the right-click context menu when you select the name of a movie. It opens up a small window and displays the score from each of these sites. The ratings are hyperlinked and you can click on them to take you to the movie review page on each film site.

Film Info and Reviews [No Longer Available]

movie reviews ratings


A very simple but useful add-on that helps you read up the movie ratings and reviews from ten different websites. Film Info and Reviews opens up multiple Firefox tabs and takes you straight to the specific movie page on these websites – Wikipedia, IMDb, RottenTomatoes, Roger Ebert, Flixter, Allrovi, Metacritic, Netfli, BoxOfficeMojo, and Movie Reviews.

The Firefox add-on is visible on the add-ons bar. You have to click it once to open up the search box with the selection of the sites. You can select your choice of sites and that stays saved till you change them. The sites in combination give you all the dope on a release – from critical feedback to how it’s faring commercially.

Movie Reviews Finder

movie reviews ratings

Movie Reviews Finder is a simple search engine for film reviews. It is a search enabler for IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and other sites like Roger Ebert, Variety etc. Once you query the movie review search engine from the search bar, Movie Reviews Finder opens up a separate search results page with all the hits it could find for the said movie. You can choose to display only results from IMDb or RottenTomatoes by clicking the Refine results on top.


Eccellio Movies

movie ratings

This is again a very simple but interesting search tool for all things related to movies. It is based on Google Search, but it tweaks the interface to give you a set of filters that enables you to search for actors, film festivals, awards, soundtracks, theaters, and of course criticism. You can select a filter from the ones given and also limit the search to specific types of documents by clicking on the vertically arranged icons.

The above three Firefox add-ons are very simple in the way they implement their one sole function. But in the end they save me quite a lot of bother with their meta-searched movie ratings. To highlight their basic usefulness, I would say that these add-ons are timesavers. Which is your favorite movie information website? Here are a few more informational links:

Do you visit the web to catch movie reviews before you visit the theaters? Give us your take on these add-ons too.


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