4 Epic Videos About Cheap Video Lighting

Joshua Lockhart 25-09-2012

video lightingOnline video is the way everything is going these days, and along with that, you’ll notice that people aren’t spending as much money on everything. With that said, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who has their own professional lighting kit (most people rent, and realistically, that’s how it has always been). However, there are a few markets out there catering to those of us who are wanting cheap light kits, and that’s fantastic!


The issue is that these light kits are often not as flexible as the more expensive ones. With expensive kits (such as Arri) you can focus the lights, set them up on C-stands, and even attach gels to them. However, the cheaper kits often do not have such luxuries. Below are a few videos 10 Of The Weirdest Japanese Pop Videos That'll Make You Say WTF I know I explained last time that real life in Japan isn't all that mad, but music videos is one area that they really excel (?) at. If you've ever seen a really weird music... Read More that will aid you in setting up your lower-cost solutions.

For Softbox Kits!

If you’re looking for cheap video lighting, you may be aware that softbox kits are one of the few common options that exist. However, you may also know that the lighting options can seem very limited and difficult. With these kits, everything is very diffused and soft, and there just doesn’t seem to be as much variety. However, that’s not exactly the case. In this video, you’ll be introduced to how softbox kits can be used to create basic interview lighting, “white space” lighting, and even noir lighting. It’s just a matter of getting a little creative I Have An Idea! Share Your Next Big Idea With These Brands & The World Today, at least you won’t be subjected to the Roman Inquisition for suggesting that the Earth revolves around the Sun. You can cross an ocean with an idea. And maybe make a product or the... Read More .

For Lighting At Night!

Lighting at night can be a little tricky for some. With daylight, you at least have some existing light (but then again, that can be a challenge). Furthermore, in dark rooms, you at least have some outlets nearby. However, this video will show you how to light a few scenes using one single light at night. The example that the creator uses is in a music video, and the setting is in a city 10 of the Best GTA IV Videos to Get You Excited for GTA V [MUO Gaming] Read More . Additionally, it’s very surprising how good the quality is with just the one. Is it an ideal situation? Of course not. However, it’s workable, gives quality, and is affordable.

For Interviews!

If you’re here, you probably know the basics of three-point lighting for interviews. However, the reality is that there is so much more than three-point lighting. What I particularly like about this video is that it explains details on how to get creative with your lights. It goes beyond the basics of three lights and into how you can make things look better. Furthermore, it explains how to handle situations in which there are two different color Paint.NET: The Best Image Editor Available That You Should Download We all edit images to some degree. Whether it’s a simple crop or resize, or maybe just adding some text, it’s nice to have an image editor that is reliable, fast, easy to navigate and... Read More temperatures present (very handy). The video is honestly worth the watch, and I’d pay close attention to this one.

For The Super Budget!

For those of you who don’t have much money and are wanting something to use for a temporary period of time, this video is a great showcase of the “poor man’s” lighting kit. The video doesn’t really show much on how to use the gear, but it does provide details on what you can get along with a few prices. Granted, the creator mentions some 5-dollar extension cords, and I can’t say that I’ve been able to find one at that price Where Can I Borrow eBooks From? If you have an e-reader, you will know how convenient eBooks are. I have a Kindle and I love it. It makes reading anywhere a breeze and I read a lot more too. However, the... Read More . Hopefully, you’ll find one (and if you do, let me know).



I’ll be first to say that the process and art of actually video lighting something well is super extensive, expensive, and time consuming. Furthermore, this is coming from a guy who doesn’t know much about it. However, if you’re looking for ideas on how to use what you have, then these videos should help.

What other lighting tips do you have? What’s your favorite cheap lighting kit?

Image Credit: hotblack

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  1. Joel Lee
    September 25, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    These videos are pretty cool. If only I'd known about them when I was in my short films stage of life a few years ago!