4 Deals That’ll Turn You Into The Ultimate Web Developer
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Between the three course bundles and web development tool we have today, you’ll be a pro in no time!

ReactJS Programming Bootcamp

This bundle comes with eight classes, each of which will arm you with important skills in ReactJS, a popular JavaScript library that you’ll use to create stunning user interfaces.

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  • Modern React with Redux – This is an intro course that’ll get you on the road to developing websites that people will actually want to see.
  • Learn ReactJS from Scratch – Here, you’ll get into everything from the basics to the more advanced techniques that you’ll use to be successful working ReactJS.
  • Build Web Apps with ReactJS and Flux – With this class, you’ll learn to Flux (which is used by Facebook) to build responsive web apps.
  • ReactJS Course – This general course hits on all the key aspects of working with ReactJS.
  • Build Apps with React Native – Now, you’ll learn to use the skills you’ve gained so far to build beautiful mobile applications.
  • React for Beginners Tutorial – If you’ve never heard of React, then you need to start with this course!
  • Master ExpressJS to Build Web Apps with NodeJS & JavaScript – This course will teach you to organize your code, add more functionality and configure servers.
  • Hacking with React eBook – For the last part of this deal, you’ll get Paul Hudson’s eBook, Hacking With React, which will help you round out your skills in a big way!

Ultimate Web Design & UX Bundle

This giant bundle features 10 courses that hit on many of the most important topics you need to know to create websites that users will want to engage with. It’ll take you over 25 hours to make your way through all of the content, and once you do, your skillset will have expanded vastly!

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Here’s a quick peek at the topics you’ll learn about:

  • Learning Git – Git is the tool just about every developer out there uses for organizing a project, and this course will make sure you’re up to speed on it.
  • UX Design for Web Developers – This course is all about creating an enjoyable experience for users, which is really what web development is all about.
  • Learning CSS – If you want to create websites professionally, understanding CSS is important!
  • Mastering HTML5 Canvas – Learn to create graphics and animations right in a browser with this powerful tool.
  • Learning LESS – Learning LESS will help you spend less time working on CSS!  Less is more.
  • Building a Responsive Site with Zurb Foundation – Foundation takes the hassle out of browser compatibility, media queries, style consistency and more by allowing you to build from mock-up to production with minimal effort, and this course will show you the ropes.
  • Web Visualization with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript – You need to know all three of these if you want to design on the web!
  • Building Responsive Data Visualization with D3.js – Learn to use D3.js to display data on all devices.
  • Mastering D3.js – Take your D3.js skills to the next level.
  • Mastering Kendo UI – Learn how this tool can be applied to creating beautiful and functional web applications.

The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites

In almost all cases, the best way to learn a new skill is by actually doing it. Yes, theory and lectures are important to establish a baseline level of knowledge, but actually digging in and doing something helps to drill the ideas into your head. You’ll see the problems you’ll face when doing it, and you’ll figure out how to solve them.

Nowhere is this truer than in website development. You can learn HTML, CSS, PHP, and all the other languages, but until you actually put them all together and built something users will interact with, you’re really out in the cold.

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This bundle of courses will actually see you building 14 websites as you learn content. There’s about 28 hours of content in the courses, so if you spend a little time on Friday evening, and a solid two days on the weekend, you should be able to get through it.

It’ll be a bit of work, but isn’t it worth giving your time over to something that’ll teach you a valuable new skill? Who knows, it could lead you into a new career! It’s definitely a great way to spend $14.99.

Dragify Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription

If you’re only interested in designing websites, and you don’t want to mess with coding, Dragify is for you! If comes with all the features you need to create beautiful and functional websites without ever writing a line of code. This way, you can focus on the look and feel of the website, and let the app worry about the rest.

Know some code? You can use your skills to customize each drag and drop element of the site and make it your own. Either way, you’ll find it to be an effective tool for creating fantastic sites!

With this deal, you’ll get lifetime access for only $24.99. That means you can go nuts building all kinds of websites for life for a super low price.

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