4 Crazy Websites All About Crazy Food

Craig Snyder 03-01-2012

Although you can find pictures and news on just about anything online, as of recently I’ve become more of a “foodie.” It’s not much of a secret that we, here in America, are big on food. It’s slowly becoming more of a trend online though, and people worldwide are becoming more interested in seeing others’ crazy edible creations.


With that being said, I have four of the most unique and interesting food websites and blogs that you’re ever going to stumble across.

Epic Meal Time

If you’re a YouTube fanatic like I am, you knew this was coming! YouTube was (and still is) the very cornerstone of this rambunctious groups’ success. Their YouTube channel catapulted them to the front of the food world, where they make the craziest and most ridiculous dishes like their Meat Chtulhu, Fast Food Pizza Cake, Cheesy Grilled Cheese Tower, and so many more. These guys have created a business out of making food crazy. They were even on Jay Leno’s show recently.

They’ve managed to coin their own catchphrases, have their own shop, and have managed to gather somewhat of a cult following. Every week they put out at least one brand new video that we should all keep up on. You might even see a celebrity appearance here or there. These guys are big time!

This Is Why You’re Huge

TIWYH is a food blog inspired by the late, great This Is Why You’re Fat (which to my knowledge has ceased content development and is exploring TV deals). TIWYH is an extreme, visual food blog that will have you in a mix between drooling and holding your stomach in pain.


food websites

The blog is updated on a daily basis and currently features such monstrosities as the Southwestern Burger, The Real Manwich, and Mama’s Hill of Spaghetti. This website features a lot of bellybusters, no joke. Any fans of Man vs. Food? You’ll love this website.


Now this website is different. Foodbeast is like the TMZ of food culture. If you need interesting, shocking, and informative news and information about your favorite retailers, fast food restaurants, or food shows on television then you’ve come to the correct spot. This website offers a completely new look to online food culture.

crazy food website


The website categorizes content so that it’s easier for you to find interesting material on recipes, fast food, food trucks, and more. More than that though, this website just has some interesting and unique content. How about an article on a limited Domino’s Pizza Watch? Did you know Kraft is launching 70 new products in 2012?

The Worst Thing I Ever Ate

Opposite the popular Food Network show, TWTIEA is a refreshingly humorous blog that shows you, well, things you’ll never want to put in your mouth.

food websites

While it’s obviously an opinion blog and reviews come in from anyone and everyone, this website is both hilarious and pretty informative. Plus, you have a chance at finding some foreign snacks and foods that you never knew existed. Like this. This blog makes for hours of casual browsing and you might even save yourself from a gross meal or two.


If you’re looking for a few food blogs on the more tame side, check out these five 5+ Awesome Food Blogs That Will Tantalize Your Senses & Might Even Inspire You To Cook Cooking for ourselves is not always a top priority for most of us. We know we should, we know it’s healthier. Food blogs can provide some excellent inspiration. To be really inspiring, a food blog... Read More that are sure to send your eyes going insane. If you guys have any suggestions (that weren’t mentioned here or in the aforementioned article), let me hear about them in the comments!

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  1. Dave Parrack
    January 3, 2012 at 5:17 am

    I'd kill for a spicy Italian panini right now. Yum.

    • Joel Lee
      January 3, 2012 at 3:02 pm

      So I'm not the only one who saw that and drowned in a pool of his own salivation? Awesome.

      • Dave Parrack
        January 3, 2012 at 7:46 pm

        Definitely not! If it tastes as good as it looks then I want one now. Now. NOW!!!